5 Reasons Why You Need A Mouse Pad

By | December 31, 2021

Not everyone uses mouse pads, but maybe it’s time to reconsider, if only to improve your PC gaming.

For some, mouse pads are a relic of the past. For others, a mouse pad is an essential computer accessory. Is a mouse pad required? Do they provide benefits?

We’ll explore the advantages of owning a mouse pad, along with why you should have one.

More Comfortable Mouse Pad

Do you feel your hands are stiff after a long day of using the mouse? If so, maybe your wrists don’t like leaning against a hard table or being at an awkward angle.

A standard mouse pad is great in itself, as it’s much better to place your wrist on a soft surface than on a table.

However, you can take it one step further and purchase an ergonomic mouse pad. It has a cushion at the bottom that elevates your wrist to a more natural angle. This means you don’t have to bend over to use your mouse, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Mouse Pad Protects Your Desk

Dragging the mouse across the same part of your desk for hours each day will eventually tire the desk.

If you have a quality countertop, such as thick wood, you will probably never experience this problem. However, the cheaper the tabletop material, the more likely it is that your mouse will scratch or wear its top.

Of course, the mouse pad is also unbeatable. After a while, you may notice some scuff marks as well, but it’s much easier and cheaper to replace your mouse pad than your desk top.

Mouse Pad Keeps Your Mouse Clean

Over time, your mouse will pick up dirt on your desk, dust, skin, and all that grime. It will attach itself to your desk, the bottom of your mouse, or both. Whatever the case, it will degrade mouse accuracy and Plus, it’s disgusting.

A mouse pad can help with this. The pad contains your mouse to a specific area. While the dust and dirt won’t magically go away just because you’re using a pad, you’ll most likely remember to clean the pad.

It’s also very easy to clean the mouse pad. For most of them, you will need water, soap and a little elbow grease. Rinse, then let dry for at least 24 hours. Some mouse pads can even be thrown in the washing machine (check your manufacturer’s information before doing so).

Mouse Pads Improve Your Game Performance

If you like to play a lot of games that require fast and precise mouse movements, such as first-person shooters, then a mouse pad can improve your performance. You can even purchase a player-only mouse pad.

Mouse pads can have different surfaces, but the important thing is that the texture is consistent and that’s the key to an optical mouse. The pads don’t have any imperfections your desk might have, which could interfere with mouse movement.

The mouse pad is also designed to stay in place and provide the necessary friction, so your shots won’t swing unexpectedly because the table surface is too slippery.

Of course, a mouse pad won’t suddenly turn you into a professional gamer, but you might be surprised at the difference it makes.

Mouse Pads Can Charge Your Mouse Wirelessly

Wireless mice used to be considered inferior to wired mice because of their slower response times. Right now, as long as you’re willing to pay for it, it’s not a problem. You can even get wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Wireless mice are great because you don’t get annoying cable tugging, which increases the weight and affects the smoothness of the mouse. They are also more portable and versatile.

However, the biggest drawback of wireless mice is that they require constant charging. If you forgot to charge the mouse overnight, then you need to plug in the cable while you are using the computer and you are stuck with the wired mouse for a while.

This is where the mouse pad is used. You can purchase mouse pads designed to wirelessly charge your mouse while you’re using it, meaning you won’t have to worry about manually charging it again.

There are pads like the Logitech G Powerplay (note that this is only compatible with some Logitech mice) and the Corsair MM100. All the benefits of a mouse pad plus wireless charging, this is a certified win.

Do Mouse Pads Have Disadvantages

There aren’t many downsides to using a mouse pad. That there might not even be a problem for you.

The first is aesthetics. Mousepads can dominate the look of a desk, especially if you are using a mouse pad that is very large to support the keyboard and mouse. If you have a quality workbench, you will most likely want to look at it rather than covering it with a mouse pad.

Second, mouse pads are not suitable for a portable lifestyle. If you work from a laptop and are constantly on the move, it doesn’t make sense to bring a mouse pad with you. At the time, it was just extra stuff to pack that wouldn’t prove useful.

Lastly, mouse pads do require maintenance. You should keep the mouse pad clean, although you should still do this for all of your computer’s peripherals. However, you may be disappointed by how quickly some mouse pads wear off, which means you’ll need to replace them frequently.

If you go cheap it may not be a problem, but if you have large specially designed bearings.

PC Peripherals You Need

Final question: do you need a mouse pad? Technically, the answer is no. This is not an essential purchase, as you can happily use and play games on your computer without the device.

However, give one a try and you will most likely enjoy the advantages it brings. It’s a low cost upgrade to make your PC life.

If you are new to PC gaming, a mouse pad is just one of the peripherals you should consider. There are also specialist mice, keyboards, headsets and more.