5 Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants, Make Your Home Fresh & Healthy

By | December 13, 2021

Bringing plants into the house can make the atmosphere fresher and cooler. There are many types of plants that can be used as ornamental plants, but choose indoor plants that produce oxygen. That way, your home will be fresher and more beautiful to the eye. This is due to the presence of these ornamental plants.

Who doesn’t like ornamental plants? Surely everyone likes it, including me and you. Let’s beautify and make our homes healthy with various oxygen-producing ornamental plants.

In choosing ornamental plants, make sure to also choose plants that are not difficult to care for. Keep in mind that the plants will be placed indoors so they are not exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, plants still need to be watered so that they are moist and can grow well. So choose plants that can grow easily but can also produce oxygen.

For those who are confused about choosing the type of oxygen-producing indoor plant as well as being an ornamental plant, then the following can be an option.

Among them:

1. Betel Ivory

5 Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants, Make Your Home Fresh & Healthy
Photo by Kliksehat.com
Plants that can be used with soil or water media are ivory betel. With these advantages, ivory betel can be an indoor ornamental plant that can also produce oxygen. So, if you don’t want to bother, use the soil as a planting medium.

Another advantage of the ivory betel is its green-yellow leaves. This color is certainly different from the color of the leaves in general which are only green. So that it can give additional color to the room in the house.

2. Paris Lilies (Spider Plants)

5 Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants, Make Your Home Fresh & Healthy

Many people know this plant as the spider plant because of its long, hanging shape like spider legs. Even so, this is precisely what makes this plant unique and beautiful compared to other plants. Besides being beautiful, this plant is also able to produce oxygen and remove toxins from wall paint and furniture.

How to care for paris lilies is very easy because it does not require a lot of water or sun. It can also be placed anywhere as long as it is watered regularly every 2-3 times a week. In order to keep getting sunlight, then put the plant outside once a week for 10 minutes.

3. Chrysanthemum Plants

5 Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants, Make Your Home Fresh & Healthy

If you are looking for a versatile plant then buy a chrysanthemum plant. This plant is able to produce oxygen and clean the air around it. So, all harmful substances in the room such as ammonia, benzene will be cleaned by the chrysanthemum plant. Therefore, this type of plant is highly recommended for those who live in the factory area that emits harmful substances.

Chrysanthemum plants can also be used as a useful supplement to prevent various diseases such as phosphate cancer and diabetes. So do not be surprised if chrysanthemum plants are widely used as indoor ornamental plants.

4. Sri Fortune

5 Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants, Make Your Home Fresh & Healthy

The next oxygen-producing indoor ornamental plant is Sri Fortune. NASA has determined the Sri Rejeki plant as one of the effective plants capable of removing household pollutants such as benzene. So, this plant is highly recommended to have in the house.

Not only its function, but the color of the Sri Fortune plant is also very beautiful and unique. If many only know the colors are yellow, green, then some are red-green. So, choose a unique plant color so that the atmosphere in the room will also be different.

5 Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants, Make Your Home Fresh & Healthy

If you have trouble sleeping, then try using your mother-in-law’s tongue in the room. Researchers state that the oxygen produced by the mother-in-law’s tongue can improve the quality of one’s sleep. In addition, oxygen and fresh air from these plants can reduce the level of stress and prevent shortness of breath.

Ornamental plants have many benefits other than as a decorative garden in the room. One of them is a producer of clean air oxygen. With oxygen-producing indoor plants, owners can get two benefits at once. Namely a healthy and fresh home atmosphere, as well as a beautiful view. Let’s beautify our homes with various oxygen-rich ornamental plants! 
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