5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)

By | December 6, 2021

Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room – Decorating a house is indeed a pleasant sensation. Especially if it’s a new home. It feels like all things are bought and put in the house. Eitss,,, But wait,,,, before you buy this and that furniture, then you should first pay attention to how wide your house is.

Don’t get too excited, so you buy furniture that doesn’t match the size of your home. Often people who have a new home make the wrong choice when buying furniture.

For example, when buying a sofa for the living room at home. Eh, he chose the sofa with the largest size, even though the interior area of ​​the living room was small in diameter. Well, because the large sofa had already been bought, it was finally forced to be stuffed into the living room. As a result, the living room seemed cramped, cramped and uncomfortable.

5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)
Illustration of a narrow living room. crumpled and messy.

And this result can be fatal.

What’s the reason?

Because if the interior of the house is too narrow, let alone other people (who come as guests), the host himself will definitely feel uncomfortable with these conditions.

One important part of the interior of the house is the living room. In this room, the host will welcome his neighbors, friends, colleagues and relatives to stay in touch. So it’s hard to imagine when they all came, instead they were faced with the atmosphere of a cramped and cramped room.

As a result, of course it can make them feel uncomfortable. As a result they will not feel at home stopping for long and immediately rushed to leave the house.

So that all the above incidents do not happen again, then below I will describe some tips and tricks in decorating the room of the house. Especially in homes that have limited space.

Some things to consider when decorating a small living room

How to decorate the right living room needs to be considered for houses with limited land. Indeed this will be something challenging, but that does not mean impossible to do. Need a special trick so that the living room does not feel crowded and messy.

So that things like the above don’t happen again, then avoid the following actions when decorating the living room:

1. Putting Too Many Pillows

5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)

Some people put pillows on the sofa as a characteristic of their living room. This is not something wrong and can still be done in a small living room. Just pay attention to the size of the pillow and the number. Do not choose a pillow that is large because it will make the sofa look full. In addition, the number of pillows that are too many can also make the room feel crowded and messy.

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2. Putting the Sofa in the Middle of the Room

Placement of the sofa in the middle of the room is not recommended for a narrow living room. How to decorate a living room like this will make the room narrower. People will find it difficult to pass by so it is uncomfortable to linger there.

Just put the sofa in a position against the wall so that there is room to move. Please note that with the distance between the sofa and the wall, it can make the room seem small and cramped. Therefore, do not place the sofa in the middle of the room, unless your living room is large. For example, a spacious living room like the photo below.

5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)

3. Lack of Lighting

5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)
Illustration of a living room that lacks lighting.

Not many people understand the function of light when decorating a room. Lighting is not only useful to make the room bright, but also to create a certain impression. For a narrow living room, make sure there is enough lighting to give a broad impression.

If the living room is not near an open door or window, it will feel cramped and stuffy. Avoid dim lighting because people will not be comfortable with a room that is not so spacious.

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4. Choose a Dark Furniture Color

5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)
Illustration of dark and gloomy living room furniture.

The choice of furniture colors is still a lot of mistakes by some people. They think dark colors will look elegant and classy. On the other hand, in a narrow room, dark colors should be avoided or kept to a minimum.

Dark colors will give the impression of being gloomy and narrow in a limited area. Choose light colors, such as light
gray, beige, or white. Bright neutral colors are suitable for a not-so-large room.

5. Displaying Too Many Photos and Decorations

5 Mistakes How to Decorate a Living Room (Narrow & Crowded)

Displaying photos and hanging wall decorations can be done for a narrow living room as long as the number is limited. Don’t post a large photo that covers one wall or a large number of small photos. This will make the room look crowded.

Pick some of the best photos and leave the walls looking clean. That way, you can decorate it, but it doesn’t create a claustrophobic impression. So until your living room is too crowded like the photo above, yes. ️

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How to decorate a living room with a small area cannot be arbitrary. Every decision taken must consider the comfort while spending time there. Nothing wrong with giving some special touches. However, you must also be aware that you cannot fulfill all desires with limited land.

Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.