5 Minimalist Open Kitchen Designs, Take A Peek!

By | March 17, 2022
Minimalist open kitchen design – For a housewife, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. From that place can create a variety of delicious dishes for the entire household. Now to be able to mix and mix spices properly, of course, it is also influenced by a supportive atmosphere. One of them is the atmosphere that arises from the design of the kitchen itself.

If the kitchen design is attractive, then a housewife will feel at home to cook there. How not? If the kitchen room is open and spacious, clean and comfortable, of course a housewife will feel at home there. When that sense of comfort has emerged, it will affect the concentration in concocting cooking spices. And in the end, this is where the delicious cooking process can be created.

So, what kind of kitchen design can increase cooking creativity?

This minimalist open kitchen design is believed to help improve the mood of a housewife when cooking. Of course, the design mode must also be adjusted to your interests and tastes as the owner of the house. In addition, if you have a certain design concept that you like, then it can be applied to your kitchen.

Here I give some examples of minimalist open kitchen design concepts. Of course, this example can be applied to your kitchen room.

Among them:

1. Open Kitchen Blends With Nature

The open kitchen concept above is inspired by the comfort provided by the natural atmosphere so that it is very supportive to improve the cooking mood. By utilizing several meters of the backyard area, an open kitchen can be built according to a concept similar to a green house.

See an example in the photo below.

5 Minimalist Open Kitchen Designs, Take A Peek!

Yes, like in the green house, the concept of this kitchen uses a glass roof with a dark steel frame. With ornaments and a kitchen table design that tends to use dark stone colors, it is very suitable if it becomes an exciting place to cook.

2. Industrialist Concept Kitchen

First, the open kitchen design with industrialist and minimalist concepts. This concept follows the development trend of interior design, namely industrialism. Designs that adhere to industrialists mix and match masculine colors that suggest a strong and simple impression.

For example, the gray color of the walls that have not been perfectly painted, the metal material that is painted black, and the color of the wood on the cabinet panels. These three elements are the basis for presenting the industrialist concept in an open kitchen. Don’t forget to give details on all-stainless steel cooking utensils to make it look more industrial.

See the illustration in the photo below.

5 Minimalist Open Kitchen Designs, Take A Peek!

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3. Kitchen with Wooden Shades

A minimalist kitchen with wooden nuances is identical to the kitchen in the land of Sakura. The elements of wood and pastel yellow that are displayed in this kitchen design reflect the atmosphere of summer and autumn in Japan. Thus, a warm atmosphere emanates from the kitchen of the house.

See an example of the kitchen below.

5 Minimalist Open Kitchen Designs, Take A Peek!

4. Monochromatic Kitchen

The next concept is an open kitchen concept with monochromatic shades between dominant black and white colors. The white color tends to be the basis for the kitchen wall background and porcelain in the kitchen. Then, black is the primary color for furniture that complements the kitchen and silver is displayed by stainless steel kitchen utensils.

See the illustration in the photo below.

5 Minimalist Open Kitchen Designs, Take A Peek!
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5. Modern and Minimalist Open Kitchen

The kitchen is identical to the many kitchen utensils that are displayed in the corner of the kitchen room. However, this is not the case with the kitchen with this modern and minimalist concept. Kitchen utensils do not appear to be displayed in the kitchen area, but are stored in kitchen cabinets that have become an integral part of this kitchen set.

See an example in the following photo.

5 Minimalist Open Kitchen Designs, Take A Peek!

Minimalism and modern is a neat and clean impression. The distinctive white color and very minimalist arrangement without any kitchen ornaments placed above the kitchen make this design a favorite for singles. Then, the placement of the kitchen takes advantage of the open space behind the house, by providing a clear fiber roof that makes the kitchen look brighter, clean, and tidy.

Well, that’s the top 5 minimalist open kitchen inspiration that can be applied immediately. If you really want to try new things, just try to mix and match existing concepts. Don’t forget to post the work of a minimalist open kitchen design on social media to inspire others.

Hopefully this article is useful and see you again in the next article.