5 International Food Business Ideas and Opportunities, Check It Out!

By | March 23, 2022
5 International Food Business Ideas and Opportunities, Check It Out!

The culinary field is still an attractive business niche to manage. Tends to be stable in dealing with any situation, making this business never lonely and continues to grow. One of them is about how to find international food business ideas and opportunities.

Indonesians tend to easily accept new cultures from outside, especially culinary matters. That is why restaurants that carry the concept of international food on average can survive and have loyal customers.

If you want to join in this business, how about finding ideas and analyzing the opportunities? Check out the following article, yes.

International Food Business Opportunity

Indeed, the culinary business always has a great opportunity because it is a basic human need. However, for international types of food, the segment and target market is certainly different when compared to the daily Indonesian food menu. In this niche, the market is subdivided and narrowed to a specific target.

The reason is, not everyone likes international food. Then, the need to consume international food is not as big as typical Indonesian food, which is generally more familiar to Indonesian tongues.

Enjoying international cuisine is part of a trend and not a staple. So, people who follow this trend should be the target market.

Because it is classified as a trend, it is necessary to first know what segments and targets will be targeted.

For example, if you want to open a Korean food restaurant, instead of opening it immediately, it’s better to do an assessment first so you can calculate the capacity, both budget and ability to run it.

The opportunity for international culinary itself is still quite large in Indonesia. Some types of international food that Indonesians like are Japanese, western, Korean, Middle Eastern, and Chinese.

So what if you want to open a food restaurant in another country? It’s okay as long as a previous assessment has been done about who the target market is.

International Food Business Ideas

Opening an international food restaurant has its own prestige. Not to mention that Indonesians tend to easily accept new trends. The more unique, the more interesting. Moreover, if it is supported by good exposure, it is not impossible that the international food ideas and opportunities that are implemented will produce profits.

Then, what are the food ideas that can be tried?

Here is the list:

1. Japanese food

This country has a very rich and diverse cuisine. Interestingly, all of them are unique but the taste is not too “extreme” for Indonesians. That’s why, on average, Japanese restaurants are always crowded with people.

Call it one of the Japanese restaurants Sushi Tei which focuses on selling sushi and sashimi, but also provides other menus such as ramen which is always crowded with visitors.

Well, this concept can be imitated. Sushi itself has been favored by Indonesians because it tastes really good. Some restaurants have even modified sushi to suit Indonesian culture by adding flavors of rendang, curry, satay and so on.

Try to focus first on one menu from Japan, for example Takoyaki, sushi, soba, udon, or other menus that don’t exist at all in Indonesia. Don’t be afraid, the average Japanese recipe is easy to make because it doesn’t use a lot of spices.

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2. Western Food

It is the most selected international food ideas and opportunities. Indonesians tend to like western food menus because of their delicious taste, many variants, and also unique. You can see how many burger, taco, and steak outlets there are in Jakarta alone, not in other cities.

Western food tends to be liked because Indonesian people also like western culture. Western culture is considered to represent progress, modernization, freedom and all that is new. Therefore, European and American food will be very attractive to Indonesians too.

Some of the menus that can be tried for sale include various pastas, pizzas, steaks, tacos, burgers, to salads. For recipe creations, look for the most unique. References can be found easily on the internet or by looking at street food menus from Uncle Sam’s country.

3. Korean food

As pop culture is dominating all walks of life, trying out international food ideas and opportunities from Korea is well worth checking out.

What’s the reason?

Because everyone is addicted to K-Pop and wants to try everything related to this Ginseng country. What’s more, Korean cuisine is well received by Indonesian tongues.

If you feel overwhelmed to have a big restaurant that sells all Korean specialties, you can focus on one menu first. For example, by selling tteokbokki, odeng, gimbab, dakkochi, or other menus such as delicious and healthy Korean soup.

You could say, all Korean specialties are being loved. K-Pop fans want to be involved in all that has to do with it.

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4. Middle Eastern Food

As a country with a majority Muslim population, Indonesians also like food from the Arabian peninsula and the Middle East. The connection from a religious perspective makes it easy for people to accept culinary from the area. Not to mention the spices used are almost the same as in Indonesian cuisine.

Processes such as kebuli rice, biryani rice, Maryam rice, kebabs, to the typical goat curry also have their own segments. For example, kebabs are like Indonesian people’s daily food.

Food from the Middle East is popular because of its strong, spicy, and spiced taste. Well, this can be a menu choice for international restaurants, you know.

5. Indian Food

This country is unique, especially for culinary matters. There are not many Indian restaurants in Indonesia, but the average community is familiar with the food from the country of Bollywood.

For example, roti cane, curry, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, rogan josh, and also samosas. The strong and varied spices give Indian cuisine a delicious taste.

In Indonesia itself, the people also tend to be able to accept Indian culture well. For example, Indian cuisine is also widely adapted to Indonesian menus by people living in Aceh. So, if you want to open an Indian restaurant, or sell Indian food, the chances are pretty good.

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How To Be Successful?

International food business ideas and opportunities can be managed into profits as long as they are done correctly. The first thing to do is determine who the target market is. This is important for assessing marketing strategies, production processes, determining menus and prices, as well as business concepts.

After knowing who the target market is, it is also necessary to analyze the internal capabilities. This includes how much capital is owned, how is the quality and capacity of resources to carry out production. All of this needs to be studied so that the restaurant business or selling international food can run smoothly.

Then, research on the menus also needs to be done. Considering that this is not food that comes from another country, it needs to be conditioned so that the taste and presentation is according to the country of origin. Even if modifications are made, it is still necessary to maintain the points of authenticity of the cuisine. Focusing on one type of menu is highly recommended for this business.

So, that was the discussion about international food business ideas and opportunities. This business can be successful when managed with good management. The market is always open with certain segments for each type of menu.

Good luck!