5 Geography Quiz and Learning Apps

By | August 24, 2022

How much do you know about the Earth you live on? Countries and capitals, great oceans and rivers, mountains, and lands of geography are essential to being a citizen of this world, and there are easy ways to learn about our planet.

There are free online academic courses for studying geography, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. You may have learned the basics and forgotten about them. It’s time to relearn or test your knowledge.

Even Google jumped into the game with last year’s Google Earth Natural Wonders Quiz. But that’s not enough. The world is a big place, so let’s explore.

Globehead (Web): Learn Countries and Capitals With Repetition Spaces

You have more than 200 friends. And you know enough things about them that you can easily remember them. So why can’t you learn the names, locations, and capitals of the 195 countries in the world today?

The Globehead web app uses a spaced repetition system to teach you the three basics of every country in the world. Faced with a world map, you can click on a country or ask the app to select a country. Through a series of questions, you will find out where it is and the capital.

These questions are repeated in different ways, so you can drill them into your memory. Each time you log in, Globehead will ask you these questions again, complying with the principle of repetition of spaces. It might be a good idea to make Globehead your homepage, so that you continue to learn about some new countries and improve your geographic knowledge.

GeographyNow (YouTube): Learn Geography With Cool Videos

Geography Now isn’t just for kids. Paul Barbato, better known as Barby, is an engaging and entertaining host of short videos to learn everything you need to know about every country in the world, as well as continents, regions, and other formations.

Videos are usually 10 to 20 minutes long and include a lot of interesting information about the country. It covers how the country was formed, current geopolitical issues, prominent geographic details about the land and its surroundings, and much more. Barby tells all this through funny and cool videos, often acting with friends to convey historical facts.

Along with that, there is also a short video dedicated to the flag, which explains the history of the flag. If you’re not already interested in how countries make flags and the meaning behind them, Barby’s videos will awaken a new thirst for knowledge.

Darron Gedge (YouTube): Educational Geography Channel

Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel is a fantastic resource for educational videos about geography. Gedge focuses on geography rather than geopolitics, which means more about the natural formation of the Earth.

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That doesn’t mean he ignores the human role in it. His latest video, for example, is about coastal erosion and the methods we can use to reduce it. The previous video talked about the causes of water pollution.

Through live demonstrations, infographics and illustrations, and simple language, Gedge is able to turn complex geographic information into easy-to-understand videos. This is great for kids, but also for adults who don’t know where to ask for fear of looking stupid.

Seterra (Web, Android, iOS): Best Geographic Map Quiz

Nothing comes close to Seterra as a simple geographic game of finding locations on a political map. It’s not limited to just the globe, as you can browse through continents and countries, finding states and provinces, major cities, or other important points within them.

The US is best covered in the app, with maps for states, capitals, native colonies, cities, rivers, geophysical regions, and even civil wars. Each continent has maps to test your knowledge of key physical features, and some other countries have supplementary material as well like the US.

Plus, Seterra provides printable PDFs of most of these maps so you can share them in your classroom, or simply test yourself against your friends as a party game.

Seterra has everything free on the internet, but the mobile app has some limitations in its free version. Give it a try, and if you like it, the $1.99 price is well worth it to unlock all maps and quizzes.

Download: Seterra for Android | iOS (Free)

NatGeo GeoBee Challenge (Android, iOS): Addictive Geography Quiz

Much like the Bee spelling test, National Geographic organizes an annual competition for students to test geographic knowledge. Whether you’re a student or an adult, the GeoBee Challenge app is a great way to test your own geography and learn more.

There are 15 quiz rounds, with five questions in each round. Each question has multiple choice answers and a time limit. Once you choose an answer, the app takes you to the correct location on the map. This is a cool interactive way to test your knowledge, and even apply lateral thinking.

For example, one of the questions might be, “Which city, known for its Cajun and French influences, was destroyed by a hurricane?” In choice, even if you knew New Orleans was hit by a hurricane, now you’ll also find out that it has heavy Cajun and French influences.

Download: NatGeo GeoBee Challenge for Android | iOS (Free)

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