5 Free Christmas Apps For Kids to Enjoy Celebrations in Your Home

By | December 5, 2021

Running out of ideas to make Christmas more fun for your kids? Try these interactive apps, games and websites for Christmas-themed activities.

Kids deserve a happy and happy Christmas, right? Try these free ways to spark Christmas joy for kids with interactive apps, games and websites.

Christmas in 2020 is a little different than others, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun. When you can’t do the usual Christmas activities, you need to adapt and improvise so the kids don’t miss out on the party mood. Start with planning a stress-free vacation, then use these amazing sites and apps for kids to enjoy Christmas.

ChristmasVillage.io (Web): Remotely Control Toy Christmas Village

Everything about ChristmasVillage.io makes you love the internet. If the kids can’t visit the cool Christmas village in your neighborhood this year, they can check it out online. And they can even control lights and trains!

Some enthusiastic geeks made a model of a Christmas village with a model train surrounding it. It has two cameras: one looking over the village, and the other mounted on the train for perspective on the field. Everything is broadcast live via YouTube.

You can control the lighting in each house separately, and start or stop the train as well. The makers have even prepared several light shows that change the lights and music, such as discos, witches in winter, and so on.

Your kids (or let’s face it, you) can play around with the different light shows, and switch between camera views for an entertaining time. You can even cast this to your TV for celebration time.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, Macy’s is turning Santaland’s annual in-store experience into a virtual one. Visit the site from a desktop or mobile browser. If you are using a computer, use a computer that has a webcam.

Parents need to register with the site and start the interactive app, and at some point, you’ll get a notification that the kids can take over. You can set up the experience for up to three children to use it at once. You can also choose from three diversity-oriented experiences: Caucasian, African-American, Spanish.

The experience is a mix of online videos and mini-games. Fairy Santa Claus is on his way to meet him at the North Pole, and you join them on their journey. Along the way, they’ll meet other fairies, spread holiday cheer, and play web games like decorating a Christmas tree.

At the end of the trip, the kids will meet Santa in a short video, share a holiday wish list with him, and then have their picture taken with Santa. You can download this photo and share it.

Tubi, Vudu, and Mr. Bean (Web, Mobile): Watch Christmas Movies Online Free

Collection Tubi Holidays at Home features full-length legal movies to watch online. There are almost 150 movies that you can watch for free just by registering an account. Sometimes there are commercial breaks, but that’s normal. If you’re watching it on your phone or tablet, grab the Tubi app, it’s a better experience than a browser.
As well as, Vudu offers lots of free Christmas movies for online streaming. There’s no dedicated section for that, so search for Christmas and then look for the movie with the red “Free With Ads” banner on it.
Then there’s always YouTube, where you can find great entertainment for free. Mr. official page. Bean has compiled full episode playlist Mr. Christmas themed beans. Rowan Atkinson’s popular character is a guaranteed laugh riot for kids and adults alike.

Christmas Monopoly (Print): Printable Board Game for the Holidays

Christmas is all about spending time together as a family, and board games are a fun activity that everyone can enjoy together. North Pole Express is a Christmas-themed version of Monopoly by Noella Designs, which you can download and print at home for free.

It’s a full-fledged recreation of the classic Monopoly, with properties replaced with things like a reindeer stable, candy cane factory, elf workshop, etc. There are decks for picture cards, penalties, and items, and even Christmas-themed money that you can print outside. It’s a great way to replay a classic board game while you’re in a party mood.

Noella Designs offers several other Christmassy printable board games for free, including chess, dominoes, scrabble, and penny slides. Give it a try, here are some best family board game to enjoy over Christmas.
Meanwhile, Powerful Mothering also has a free Christmas board game, which is much simpler than Monopoly and better for younger kids. It’s also easier to print and can be played with more people at once.

Video Call Santa (Android, iOS): Recorded Video Calls to Entertain Kids

Since kids can’t visit Santa Claus at the mall and ask for gifts, the next best thing for free is the Video Call Santa app from Dualverse. This app simulates a video call with Santa Claus for your child, playing pre-recorded videos.

The video has several pauses that the child is meant to respond to. For example, Santa will ask if they are doing well this year, and what they want for Christmas. Given the feedback from people on the Play Store and App Store, this works well for most kids. The best part is that all video calls are recorded in the app, so you can watch them later to see how your child reacts when they talk to Santa.

Parents can customize the app a bit in Settings, which is the section of the app that is password protected so the kid doesn’t accidentally stumble into it. In the settings, you can choose from three free videos (regular, follow-up, and off-season), or unlock more for a certain price. You can also ask Santa to name your child for a small fee.

Download: Video Call Santa for Android | iOS (Free)

Try a Zoom Call With Santa

These different ways are sure to bring some holiday cheer into your kids’ lives, especially if they’re stuck at home. It’s amazing how people innovate to bring Christmas home when they can’t celebrate it outside. But in the end, nothing better than Santa Claus can bring a smile to a child’s face.

A new trend during the COVID-19 pandemic is Zoom calls with Santa. Professional Santa Claus sets up short, low-cost video calling sessions, while “calling from the North Pole” to keep the kids entertained. You can find some at Santa Zoom and Zoom Party, or search the internet to find even more that tailor it to your liking for your children’s experience.