5 Free Apps To Turn Photos Into Art

By | December 21, 2021

Similar to Instagram filters, there are now apps that can turn photos into paintings. From Munch’s Scream to geometric genius Mondrian, this artistic effect filter app is easy to use, and available for mobile and desktop.

Prisma (Android, iOS): The Best Art Filter App

You may have seen this app mentioned on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Prisma is crazy about art style filters because they are so easy to use, and do some things that no other app does.

With Prisma, once you select a photo and a filter, it will immediately apply the filter (takes about 10-20 seconds) and show you a preview of your final image. You can then slide your finger left or right to show the intensity of the filter, from 0 to 100 percent. And there are the usual image editing options like exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.

The free version only works with SD quality images and already has lots of great filters. If you want to unlock HD quality images and over 300 filters, you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium plan for $1.99 per month.

If you like tinkering with turning your photos into art for your social media, then the premium version will be worth it. Prisma is the easiest to use of all these apps for turning photos into paintings.

Download: Prism for Android | iOS (Free)

If you specifically want a full-size image and don’t care about the number of filters or how well it turns a photo into a painting, you can also take a look at Vinci.

It’s free, and you get high definition images with watermarks. But the effect is not as good as Prisma.

Download: Vinci for Android | iOS (Free)

Dreamscope (Web): No Waiting, High Resolution Images

You don’t always need a smartphone to turn your photos into these brilliant paintings. If you want to know how Pablo Picasso turned your photos into watercolors, find out on Dreamscope.

This web app uses the same DeepStyle generator and has several different styles that you can use as filters. In fact, after Prisma, I think DeepStyle has the largest collection of styles.

More importantly, Dreamscope does not compress your images. You can upload a high resolution photo and get a high resolution photo instead, whereas all other apps will shrink to a smaller size. A high resolution will be required if you want to print one of these “painted photos” and frame it.

You can also browse the gallery of the latest Dreamscope creations by other users to see the cool creative possibilities of this photo painting app.

DeepArt (Web): Create Custom Styles

DeepArt is a web application with the option to turn any painting you see online into a filter style. And the results are great, even if you don’t use famous paintings.

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Let’s say you came across a beautiful unfiltered image that someone shared on Instagram, after they changed the settings to make it just right. You can download that Instagram image and turn it into a filter for yourself on DeepArt, as long as you sign up for it.

Then upload your own image, choose your new filter, and watch DeepArt marry the two. I recommend checking the “Recent Images” tab for inspiration from what people are making, so you have an idea of ​​what you want to do.

The final “painting” is 500×500 pixels in size, and will take some time to create. You can get your painting faster by paying a small fee.

NeuralStyle.Art (Web): The Most Powerful Artistic Filter App

If you are a professional or a designer who needs more control over DeepStyle effects, you should head over to NeuralStyle.Art. This web app is the most powerful photo art app among all that I tested.

The free version has the same limitations as the others, such as SD resolution output and can only do three jobs a day. But the amount of tinkering you can do with painting style, brush size, intensity, and other parameters is unmatched in any other app.

NeuralStyle.Art really shines when you go for the pro version, which starts at $1.99. You can then apply filters to videos, remove watermarks, get stronger filter levels, and even process multiple images.

r / deepstyle (Web): Discuss All Things Filter Art

Want to know when a new deadly app is available? Want an app like this that works with video? Want to create your own app? Want to see what other people are making? Reddit has a whole forum for this.

At r/deepstyle, you’ll find everything related to this new algorithm, from papers on how to build your own apps to existing software and galleries. The community is quite helpful with all aspects of this technology, and will even give you suggestions and critiques on how to make your images better.

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