5 Dictionary and Vocabulary Apps to Learn New Words

By | January 11, 2022

Increasing your vocabulary will improve your communication, which is an important skill to progress in any part of your life. Whether you want to look up the meaning of words or learn new ones, this app is a must-have for English speakers.

For Android users, we have found the best dictionary app. The iPhone already comes with a dictionary, so you don’t need much for that. There are some excellent reference apps for smartphones that you can use offline as well as online, so check them out too.

Word of the Hour (Web, Android, iOS, Chrome): Hourly Words, With Translation

Word of the Hour is a Reddit community dedicated to helping you learn new words on your quest to expand your vocabulary. The application updates every hour with new words and their meanings, and their use in sentences.

Word of the Hour also has translations in more than 10 languages. Currently, the app supports Assamese, Bengali, Catalan, Esperanto, French, Galician, German, Hindi, Italian, Kazakh, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Welsh languages. Some languages ​​also get example sentences.

The app has support on multiple platforms, ensuring you get those updates no matter what you’re using. This includes mobile apps for Android and iOS, experimental desktop programs, Chrome extensions, and even Slack bots.

If you are serious about adding new entries to your mental dictionary, this is the app to install.

Download: Word of the Hour for Android | iOS (Free)
Download: Word of the Hour for Chrome (Free)

Aard 2 (Android): Offline Dictionary, Wikipedia and More

Aard 2 is arguably the best offline dictionary or reference app for Android. It is a complete tool for multiple dictionaries as well as an offline Wikipedia reader.

Think of Aard 2 as an offline client. You can customize that client by adding different dictionaries as database. Aard’s list of dictionaries has official download links for sources such as WordNet, FreeDict, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Uncyclopedia, The Collaborative International Dictionary of English, and many more. Download anything to your phone, refresh your Aard 2 to find it on your phone, and you’re good to go.

Similarly, Aard 2 also lets you add to the Wikipedia knowledge database. So in one client, you can get the meaning of a word from different sources, as well as what Wikipedia has to say about it. Cool, right?

Aard 2 is completely free. The design is a little dated, but considering how much you get in one client, it’s well worth it. The only problem is that the dictionary doesn’t update automatically with new entries, so you have to download it periodically.

Download: Aard 2 for Android (Free)

Treegle (Web): A Tree-Like Dictionary for More Words

Treegle is a new take on traditional dictionaries, which actually seems like a logical way to create dictionaries. See, when you visit most of the popular dictionary applications, you will find the definition of the word you are looking for. But if the definition itself has words you don’t understand, then you should look it up, then go back to your original reference. It’s a messy way of learning.

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Treegle turns the dictionary into a tree-like system. So your original word and its meaning take precedence. Then you can click on any word in its meaning, and it will branch off to that word’s meaning only. You can again click on any word in the new sense, or in the original sense, for further branches.

The end result is a tree of different words and meanings, but this time you are sure what the definitions mean. Treegle isn’t as informative as dictionaries like Oxford or Merriam-Webster, but it seems like a more organic way to look up words.

Word Chain (Android, iOS): Create and Learn the Longest Words

Word Chain is a single or multiplayer mobile game with a focus on learning new words. The rules are simple. In turns, you are assigned a random letter of the alphabet at the start of each round. Make the longest word you can with it.

It follows some of the rules of a game like Scrabble, in that you can’t use “s” to turn a word into a plural and increase the number of letters. There is limited time to create words and type them, so you have to think of something fast. Each letter counts as one point. The first to reach the target score wins.

At the end of each game, you will get a complete list of all the words used in the game, along with their meanings and pronunciations. It’s a great way to test your own vocabulary while learning new words together. And periodically, Chain Word sends notifications with new words and definitions.

Download: Word Chain for Android | iOS (Free)

Eunoia (Web): Foreign Words Without English Equivalents
English does not have words to describe every thing in the universe. But there are phrases and terms in other languages ​​that describe some things perfectly, and there are no equivalents in English. Welcome to Eunoia, a searchable untranslated word directory.

Eunoia has a database of more than 500 words in more than 50 languages, of which there is no perfect English translation. Sample some of them:

Eunoia: (Greek) Kind or beautiful thoughts

  • Kretek: (Malay) The sound of dry leaves or twigs being trampled
  • Fahrvergnügen: (German): Love only drives
  • Chai-Pani: (Hindi) Literally “tea and water”; but used to mean money and help given to someone to get something done

Eunoia is full of experiences and these things that cannot easily be put into a single word in English. But English has a history of adopting words from other languages. So why is all this different

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