5 Designs of a Family Room that Combines with a Dining Room, Check it Out!

By | January 20, 2022

Do you have a house with a minimalist style? How is the concept of room design in your minimalist home? Incidentally, this article reviews the concept of room design in a minimalist home.

Minimalist home owners usually like to specifically design one of the rooms in their house. Usually the selected part is the middle room. Why was the middle room chosen? Because usually this room is quite spacious. Now that’s the middle room that is designed to be two functions. Namely as a family gathering room, as well as a dining room.

What is the purpose of combining one large room into 2 functions? And what are the benefits of the design of the family room blending with the dining room?

The goal, of course, is to foster warmth, togetherness and harmony within the family. If there is a special large room to gather and eat together in the house, then of course each resident of the house can communicate with each other, exchange ideas, and joke with each other in the living room.

So that a warm and harmonious family is created

Compare the conditions if a house only has a narrow dining and living room. Each family member can only gather at mealtime. After that each of them was just busy with his own business.

The eldest child is busy locking himself in his room, his 2 younger siblings are only busy with gadgets in their hands, while the mother and father are also busy with their respective work matters. There was hardly any time to gather, eat and chat together at the house. How gloomy, lonely and lonely the family atmosphere is.

So, between the two conditions above, which atmosphere will you choose?

Yup! Of course you will choose the family atmosphere first. 
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