5 Best Thank You Journal Apps For iPhone Users

By | April 26, 2022

Keeping a gratitude journal can result in higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy. Those are values ​​for which we can all be grateful.

Traditionally, thank-you journals were kept using notebooks and paper. However, there are also some well-crafted digital thank you journals for iOS. This allows you to cultivate the habit of recording what you are most grateful for in life.

Here are the best thank you journal apps for iPhone and iPad.


Grateful is an excellent choice of gratitude journal with features that let you truly make it your own. You’ll start each entry with a prompt like “what are you grateful for?” and “what makes you laugh?” today. This is a helpful way to start journaling if you are new to it.

Grateful standout features:

  • Set a reminder to write an entry every day.
  • Customize the prompt entries from the built-in options or create your own.
  • Add notes, include photos, and use tags for all entries.
  • Sort entries by date, tag, prompt, or random.

With an intuitive and attractive interface, customizable features, and helpful hints, Grateful is a very solid journaling app for iPhone and iPad. You can try Grateful for free with 15 journal entries and if you like it check out the subscription plans. Among other features, it lets you back up your journals to cloud storage.

Download: Grateful (Free, subscription available)

Gratitude Happiness Journal

Another great iPhone app in this area is the Gratitude Happiness Journal. Similar to Grateful, you can use prompts to help trigger your entries for the day. You can also write a thank-you letter or write down what you are grateful for. Everything is up to you!

Best features of Gratitude Happiness Journal:

  • Tap to write in your Journal, type in a daily Affirmation, or receive a Daily Zen offer you can share.
  • Set reminders for your journal entries, affirmations, and daily quotes.
  • Use a passcode lock to keep your thoughts private.
  • Add pastel colors to your journal entries and include photos.

Gratitude Happiness Journal gives you a view of the journal for a day or a month. Plus, you can see how consistently you journal with doodles. This app provides most of its features for free, which is great. But if you want to add search functionality, export options, or the ability to add more than one photo to an entry, look into a subscription plan.


Reflectly is a neat gratitude journal that walks you through sharing your feelings. This is great way to start if you are new to journaling. Start by ranking your day, move on to your main activity, and then finish with how you felt throughout the day. Reflectly calls your entries “stories.”

Reflectly’s main features:

  • Follow helpful questions to create your story.
  • Edit your story, add notes, and include photos.
  • Sort and filter your stores by date range, activity or feeling.
  • Create six stories to unlock your writing stats.

With Reflectly, you get a beautiful interface that you can customize with your favorite colors, reminders for the morning and evening, and a passcode lock to keep your feelings to yourself. If you’re interested in additional features like unlimited text, new daily questions, and personalized insights, check out the subscription plans.

Download: Reflectly (Free, subscription available)

365 Gratitude Journal

With the 365 Gratitude Journal app, you get more than just a simple journal. You’ll read inspiring quotes and stories, get help from happiness coach Joy, be able to share with the community, and capture quick moments with Gratitude Jar.

Main features of 365 Gratitude Journal:

  • Add your mood for the day, read inspirational stories, and follow prompts to express your thoughts.
  • Fill your Gratitude Jar by including the moment when it happened.
  • Join the Gratitude Game to earn points, win medals and unlock rewards.
  • Set daily reminders, create passcodes, and take assessments to learn more about yourself.

If you’re looking for a gratitude journal that goes beyond just daily entries, 365 Thanksgiving Journal is the app for you. To access the meditation library, sync with your other devices, open Joy Coach, and more, you need a subscription.


Another thank you app for iPhone and iPad to check out is Happyfeed. This journal lets you add up to three entries per day and can give you hints for something to write if needed. Plus, you can add emojis to sum up the mood for your day.

Happyfeed main features:

  • Add photos and locations to your entries to remember what you are grateful for.
  • Review your entries, edit them, and share them with others if you wish.
  • Set daily reminders to keep up with your journal.
  • Create private groups, called Pods, to share your progress and selected moments.

Happyfeed keeps a gratitude journal easy with a simple interface, the ability to add photos of what you’re grateful for, and a quick way to view past entries. Happyfeed is free, with subscription options available to get an in-app calendar, use offline mode, make more entries per day, and more.

Download: Happyfeed (Free, subscription available)

The Benefits of the Thank You Journal Application

Even as we face rainy and stormy days in our lives, keeping a gratitude journal can help remind us to focus more on days of sunshine and lemonade moments. It can also help reduce depression, everyday stress, and encourage empathy for others.