5 Best Tarot Apps To Read Your Spiritual Side on Android

By | April 7, 2022

5 Best Tarot Apps for Android

Get in touch with your spiritual side and discover your future with this tarot card app for Android.

There are many different ways to connect with your spiritual side, be it meditation, yoga, or even the elusive world of divination. Tarot, or specifically tarot apps, can be useful for those who want to get started with tarot, or simply to make their reading quicker and more acceptable.

So, here are the five best Android apps for tarot reading.


Tarot is a truly comprehensive app that can offer you a variety of different readings, regardless of your level of knowledge. You can choose one of the reading types, and choose to shuffle your cards, then accept your reading.

After this, the app will interpret the readings for you. You can also click on each card to see what it means for yourself. Keep in mind that the variety of reading types is somewhat limited in this app. For example, you cannot accept traditional Celtic spread readings.

However, this app is great for beginners and those who know what kind of reading they prefer.

Download: Tarot (Free, in-app purchases)

Labyrinthos Tarot

Labyrinthos has a wide reading range to choose from, making it suitable for most tarot enthusiasts. You can choose from a basic one-card or daily three-card reading, or you can get more in-depth readings, such as the Celtic cross, and past, present, and future readings.

You can also choose different categories with the app, each of which has its own set of readings. You can choose from categories such as love, career, spiritual, and general.

Each card displayed in each reading will give you its own interpretation, unlike the overall interpretation given in the previous app, Tarot. This can give you a more extensive and informative read, which is great for those looking for more detailed results.

Tarot Divination

The Tarot Divination app also has a large selection of different reading types, similar to Labyrinthos, although the list isn’t very extensive. You can accept basic one or three card readings, but there are also much more in-depth reading options, such as the 10-card relationship spread, and the 7-card chakra spread.

If you feel that one of the readings or interpretations you received is wrong, you can also edit the card descriptions of all the tarot cards available in the app, so that your own reading is slightly more accurate and suitable for you.

Trusted Tarot

Trusted Tarot, while a bit simpler than the others mentioned here, still offers some really interesting types of reading, such as yes-no, romance, and relationship spread. You can also get a more in-depth Celtic cross reading using this app as well.

You can also view your reading history if you sign up for a free account with the app. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the premium version. This gives you access to unlimited reading, and gets rid of any ads you’d see with the regular version. You can get this version for under $10 per month.

Gizemli Tarot

The Gizemli Tarot app gives you the option of receiving real tarot readings, or those generated by artificial intelligence. From here, you can choose from a number of different reads, from dumb spreads, to relationship spreads.

Keep in mind that the app asks you to enter your date of birth, relationship status, and employment status before accepting the reading, just so the app can narrow down its reading more efficiently.

You can also check out the tarot encyclopedia, where you can read about the meaning behind various cards, symbols and numbers, and learn about the different types of spreads.

The Gizemli Tarot limits your reading to the number of coins you have, but will give you the option to buy more if you need a higher number of readings.

Tarot Reading Can Be Fast and Easy With This App

You no longer have to pay big bucks and look for a tarot reader to receive readings. While this is, of course, always an option, you can read much faster using this app. You can still have a passion for tarot and use it every day without wasting too much of your time or money. So, carry on, and happy reading!