5 Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples, Check it out!

By | April 12, 2022

Examples of minimalist house ceilings – Are you finishing the construction of a minimalist house that is almost complete? If so, then you should pay attention to the design of the ceiling design. In addition, don’t forget another important thing, namely choosing a good quality ceiling material. If you can try to choose the best.

Why does this ceiling need to be considered when building a house?

Because the ceiling has several important functions. Some of the ceiling functions include:

1. Withstand the heat and cold that comes from the roof of the house. With the ceiling, the air in the house is not too hot during the dry season. On the other hand, it is not too cold during the rainy season.

2. As a regulator of air circulation and also to protect the room underneath so as not to fall objects or dirt from the cracks of the tile. With this ceiling, all falling objects/dirt will remain stuck on the roof.

3. As a place to put and hide home electrical installation cables. So with this ceiling, the house installation cables will look messy on the roof, because they are hidden behind the ceiling.

4. To beautify the appearance of the interior of the house. With this ceiling installed, the appearance in the house will be much more beautiful. Try to imagine if a house roof has no ceiling, as a result it will definitely look empty. It will even look very messy once the roof of the house.

From the previous description above, it can be concluded that the use of ceilings for minimalist homes is indeed important. In addition to the 3 functions above, in my opinion the most important function is point number 4, which is to add to the aesthetic value of a room. With a ceiling installed, the room will look more beautiful and elegant.

Well, because the function of this ceiling is so important, it is necessary for you to know the best example of a minimalist home ceiling. Read on for the following explanation.

The Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Materials

In the past, many people knew the ceiling as a ceiling made of plasterboard. Now, the more sophisticated the technology, the more variants of materials used. In fact, the material used is stronger and also easier to shape. Thus, it can bring aesthetic value to the house.

The types of materials used for the ceiling of the house for now are:

  • Ceiling With PVC Material
  • Gypsum
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • plywood
  • GRC
  • Acoustic Material

Some of the Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples

After knowing more about the various types of the best materials for ceilings. Of course, it will be curious to know that this material is applied in the form of a ceiling.

Here are some sample images of each ceiling material, which can be used as a reference.


1. Examples of PVC Ceiling Materials

5 Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Centerplafon.com

This example of a minimalist home ceiling with PVC material, looks more elegant to use in a room as shown in the picture. The choice of colors is also very diverse, depending on the tastes of the homeowner. Thus, it can be adapted to the shape of the room. Although in the past, this material was widely used to make paralon.

2. Example of a wooden house ceiling

5 Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Piluledrx.over-blog.com

This ceiling model is very suitable for use in homes with a natural touch. The house will look cooler because of the use of this model. The use of wooden ceilings is widely used in modern minimalist homes with an artistic touch, with the concept of returning to nature, without compromising the elegant side.

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3. Example of a house ceiling with gypsum material

5 Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Renovasi.co.id

Currently, many houses use gypsum ceilings. Naturally, considering some of the advantages. In addition, the use of this material has many variations of motifs that can be selected according to taste.

Thus, the appearance of the house becomes more elegant. This material is also widely used for examples of minimalist home ceilings.

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4. Example of a plywood house ceiling

5 Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Remodelista.com

The advantages of this ceiling that use plywood is easy to modify. Unfortunately, the use of plywood is not durable and easy to mold because this material is not waterproof. Termites and rats can easily damage the ceiling with this material, as a result the ceiling is damaged more quickly and must be replaced as often as possible.

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5. Examples of Metal House Ceilings

5 Best Minimalist Home Ceiling Examples, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Homify.co.id

The use of metal ceilings has many advantages compared to other materials. The model can be seen in the picture. The house will look more classy, ​​with this ceiling design idea. In addition, the use of ceilings with this material is more durable. For examples of minimalist house ceilings with metal materials, you can see in the picture.

The use of the ceiling in a house is no less important than the use of other materials. Especially for minimalist home owners, you should know more examples of the best minimalist home ceilings.

Thus, the appearance of the house becomes more elegant and neat. First, make sure to choose the right ceiling material. Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.