5 Best Health Journal Apps For Android

By | May 8, 2022

Track symptoms, sleep, mood, medication and more with this health journal app for Android devices.

Keeping a health journal can help you communicate with your care provider. This can help you answer questions like “when did the symptoms start?” or “what activities did you do that day?” with more confidence. It can also help you see trends in your health and identify triggers for your symptoms.

Medical journals cannot replace doctors. But it can improve your health care, make medical records accessible, and help you take control of your health. Here are some of the best health journal apps for Android.

Healthily: Self-Care & Health Journal

Healthily is a tracker app that helps you see your health trends. It offers eleven health trackers to work with, but you can’t add any new ones. You can add notes at any time. Once you have a few entries, the app will show you how different parts of your life impact your health.

This app is best as a learning tool. Healthily offers health information from the UK’s National Health Service and other medical resources to help you make an informed choice. You can check the source and author credentials in each article.

These articles and tips can give you advice on everything from getting a good night’s sleep to dealing with anxiety. Healthily can also find care providers in your area, including pharmacists, therapists, and yoga studios. This locates them using Google Maps.

The app also includes a chatbot that can help you reach specific information for your issue. This is not a diagnostic tool and does not provide direct medical advice, but the chatbot can ask you about your symptoms and suggest possible causes. It also tells you what type of care provider you should turn to if you decide to seek treatment.

Healthy can help you keep a general health record. But it’s great at helping you make informed choices, both in your general lifestyle and in your health care decisions.

Health Log

Health Log is a symptom tracker. It comes with trackers for common issues like headaches, backaches, and allergies, but you can also add new categories. You can detail each entry in the tracker with information on severity, treatment, duration and more. You can also add custom notes.

This information can help you get better treatment from your doctor. It’s hard to remember how severe the pain was once it went away, or other details like how long the symptoms lasted. But with Health Records, you can create health records that are accessible and easy to review at the doctor’s office.

You can see the average duration and severity of certain symptoms on their summary page. The app also displays all your averages on the home page as a summary. Using averages, the Health Log can see trends in your data. For example, the app can find the most common triggers for a symptom, helping you avoid them.

The app is minimalistic and focuses on tracking symptoms so you can measure their impact and identify triggers. It also pays attention to effective methods of assistance. This is great for creating simple medical records that you can access from your phone, and can help you better manage your symptoms.


Bearable is the most powerful and customizable health journal on this list. While there are many great health apps that focus on specific aspects of health like symptoms or sleep, this app does it all. It has several customizable features. You can even set custom reminders for your medications and switch them separately from the app’s check-in reminders.

Bearable lets you update your tracker throughout the day. This allows you to capture more detailed information than if you had to choose an “overall” rating. For example, you might record a headache in the morning, but note that it goes away in the afternoon. Most factors offer descriptive tags, and you can add new tags too. The extra details help you create a precise and accurate record of your health.

In the Insights tab, you can add up to three trackers to see how they affect each other. Data is displayed in easy-to-read charts. It makes trends, like headaches after skipping a meal, very easy to see. Premium users can get more insights that the app generates for you.

This application is easy to learn, despite all its specifications. It’s also easy to customize — you can remove entire categories from the view if you’re not using them, or add new ones. Premium users get access to more specific insights, but free users still have a lot to work on.

Download: Bearable (Free, subscription available)

jDay: Health Journal & Planner

jDay is a combination of health journal and planner that relies heavily on user records. Premium users can add new categories and tags, which makes entry faster. Free users can rename existing categories and add notes.

The planner feature lets you add and track appointments, and includes that data when analyzing your overall trends. For example, the app could tell that you tend to log allergy symptoms after visiting a dog park, or that you often feel low on yourself after hanging out with certain contacts.

Premium users can track additional factors. For example, jDay can help you quit smoking by learning what triggers your craving for nicotine. Entering today’s info for any tracker is simple, and premium users can add customized tags instead of typing notes.

jDay specializes each tracker for a specific need. Sleep tracking benefits from a timer. You can start the timer when you go to sleep and stop it when you wake up for an accurate record of how long you slept. For treatment, you can adjust the dose.

jDay has powerful analysis tools in its Insights tab. You can analyze overall negative or positive trends in your health and mood. You can also separate specific tags to track. It all adds up to a highly personalized report. But because jDay stores your information locally, it’s easy to control who sees it.

Overall, the app relies heavily on custom tags (premium features) to make tracking quick and easy. But if you don’t mind the subscription fee, take a minute to set up the tags and enjoy a health journal tailored to your specific needs.

mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker

My symptom is a health, mood, food and fitness tracker. Its food tracker is the most powerful feature. But it also tracks mood, sleep, environmental factors, and everything else you need. The Analytics tool will compare all trackers to see how they affect your health.

Very detailed food journal. You can scan foods by barcode, create recipes based on ingredients, or search for popular foods in a database. You usually see this attention to detail only in calorie counters, so it’s a nice bonus here.

The mySysy symptom does not log nutritional information. But you can categorize your foods and recipes with the “type” tag. For example, you might record a cheeseburger as “a type of fast food.” Symptoms I will use these categories to suggest a informasi between your health and your diet.

You can export all your information as an organized PDF to show your service provider. The Analyzer is also useful for educating your doctor. It can provide a detailed record of what you eat and do when you experience symptoms, as well as the long-term impact of your activities.

Take control of your health by keeping a journal

By monitoring your health, you can better control it. You can see what triggers your symptoms and what relieves them. You can refer to specific information when consulting with the service provider. And, because of this control, you can feel more organized and confident with your health record.

Try a health journal that fits your needs. If you prefer to journal on pen and paper, there are several printable options too!