5 Best Free PDF Reader Apps For Android

By | August 5, 2022

Turn to this app when you need to open, search and share PDFs on your Android device.

Having a PDF reader on your Android device is useful in many cases. This application includes various functions such as viewing PDF files, creating PDF forms, and editing PDF documents.

Whether for work or school, you need a quality PDF reader if you access this file regularly, such as to read ebooks. We’ve compiled a list of the best easy-to-use and free PDF readers for Android that you can try today.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you quickly view, sign, edit, export, and comment on documents using your Android device. You can safely store your files online and access them on the go with Adobe Acrobat Reader after each reading. With single and continuous scroll mode options, you’ll have an easy time scanning your documents.

You don’t have to worry about viewing in low light, thanks to the dark mode in Adobe Reader which also helps you save battery. Adobe’s special AI-enabled “Fluid Mode” makes it easier to navigate PDFs on mobile devices and learn from you over time. The advanced search function allows you to find any word in the text without reading the entire document.

Adobe Acrobat PDF reader works on Android 5.0 and up, with in-app purchases available for additional functionality.

Google PDF Viewer

The Google Drive app always lets you open PDFs. But if you don’t want to install the full Drive app, you can use Google PDF Viewer as a standalone app. With it, you can view PDFs, print them, and search for text in your documents all in one place.

While you may not see the icon on your home screen, the app launches when you open a PDF from a download or other location on your Android device. One of the main advantages of this app is its speed. As long as you have a modern device, Google PDF Viewer will quickly display your PDF files of any size.

Google PDF Viewer is optimized for portrait and landscape views, so no matter how you hold your phone, the app will adapt. Unfortunately, it lacks a highlighting tool, but other features make it suitable when dealing with confidential or sensitive documents. It also won’t take up much of your storage space.


This PDF reader for Android lets you view PDF files for free, just as you’d expect. To help it stand out from the rest, All PDF is an independent offering with lots of fantastic tools for reading PDF documents on your device. With it, you can merge and split files, which is a function commonly found in paid apps.

This software is easy to use and fast to work with PDF. Quickly control sharing options after viewing, and print if your device is connected to a printer. You can organize the PDF files you open according to your style and needs. Choose between a list view and a grid showing thumbnails in All PDF.

You can launch PDF files from your file manager or other apps like Gmail and WhatsApp in seconds to read in All PDF. After you close the file, you can reopen it later and go right back to the last page you read. You don’t have to scroll down to find where you left off.

Download: All PDF (Free, in-app purchases available)

Xodo PDF Reader

With Xodo PDF Reader, you can view, edit and sign documents on your Android device. This app makes reading PDFs quick and easy. You can manipulate your files to better suit your needs by inserting, deleting, and rotating pages.

With a high zoom factor and full screen mode, you can focus on your work with minimal distraction. Read more clearly in dark environments with the night mode feature.

An important component of Xodo PDF Reader is collaboration with other services, such as your Google account. You can view and merge PDFs from your Android device and on Google Drive. With the option to connect to other cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, you can access your files from wherever you work. It also syncs changes with source files, so you get the latest version everywhere.

The app is completely free on all platforms, with no paid plans available. By the way, the Xodo web application also lets you combine multiple PDF files if you need to compile resources into a single file.

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Foxit’s mobile offering is a fast and direct viewer to use on your Android device. With Foxit PDF Reader Mobile, you can open files quickly and control the flow of text to fit your screen. You can change the brightness and background to make your reading experience more enjoyable.

Simple tools to highlight text and add notes or images to pages make it fun and interesting to read with Foxit. While Foxit Mobile PDF is free on Android, you only get access to certain features like file merging and password protection once you subscribe.

Collaborate easily with your teammates by sharing files. This is a great choice for cross-platform use, as Foxit is one of many PDF reader available on Windows too. Integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive offers increased flexibility; You can also use privacy features to protect sensitive information.

Lastly, Foxit lets you export PDF files to PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word.

Quickly View PDF Files Anywhere

With the apps listed above, you can quickly open and use PDF documents on your Android device. If you regularly use PDF forms or ebooks, one of these handy tools will allow you to read comfortably.

In-app features like highlight and search tools are great for advanced use, and once you’ve found the right app for you, you don’t have to another app for the job.