5 Best Business Apps For Windows That Can Boost Your Business

By | April 29, 2022

In this new world of working from home, it’s important to use the best business apps for Windows out there. Here is a selection of them.

The days of paper invoices and having a translator are long gone. Everything is now done through the app, and while they can make you and your team more efficient, they can also save you a lot of time. But with so many out there, which app is worth your time?

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of apps that can help you manage your invoices in one place, offer remote customer support, translate documents you receive from overseas, back up data, or simplify internal business communications.

Invoice 360

With Invoice 360, business owners can create and manage all their invoices in one place. They can add new customers, add new items to their inventory, and set prices for each item at any time, and they can also refer back to invoices they have created previously in the history section of the Invoice 360 ​​app.

All this is done through a simple “Cards-and-Paper” interface where Cards containing information about your customer list, inventory items and prices are on the left. At the same time, Paper, which is in the right pane, refers to the actual invoice which you can effectively make by referring the Card data on the left.

To manage your orders, the app offers two different views; Portraits and Landscapes. Choose the look that suits you best. After you create an invoice, you can print it, share it as a pdf, or send a soft copy by email.

When you tap the three horizontal lines at the top of the left sidebar, you’ll see several options for adding and removing information on your Card. While you can change inventory information in the Inventory section, the Customers area allows you to add or change details for new or existing customers.

In the same way, you can select an invoice template or change your parent company information in Settings. By default, the Quotes and Estimates option is disabled, but you can enable it in Settings. The app is free to download and offers in-app purchases.


TeamViewer is another useful Windows application for service-based companies that provide technical support to their customers. If the user is unable to solve a serious problem with the service by following the textual instructions provided by the customer support, TeamViewer is a fantastic alternative.

Your customers can share their IDs and passwords with your customer support team, so your team can remotely connect to their computers and examine issues more thoroughly and resolve them as soon as possible. This app is quite safe to use, and the connection is secure.

However, as a customer, you must ensure that the person you are granting access to belongs to a legitimate company, and that you should not step away from your computer while they are troubleshooting a problem with their service.


Without a team of translators, no international business can survive. If you can’t afford to hire a translator for your customer support or sales management team, you can use the Windows Translator app. And T-Translator is one of the most popular choices.

The app offers text translations in over 89 different languages, and your manager can use the preloaded dictionary to look up translations for anything from single words to long phrases. Apart from textual translations, this app allows users to speak texts and receive their translations. However, voice recognition-based translations are only available in 21 languages.

Furthermore, any information you translate in the app, whether spoken or written, is saved in the app history, and you can bookmark important documents for future reference. Further enhancing your communication, this app lets you share the translated text via email, SMS and social networks. The interface of the app is quite user friendly and can be customized within a few days.

Using the app is free, so you won’t have to spend a penny if your entire staff starts using it. So, if you are thinking of expanding your business across borders, let T-Translator help you.


Internal communication tools are necessary for the smooth operation of any business. While there are many options to choose from, Slack is one of the best. It is the only tool you need to enable your team members to communicate with each other effectively.

While your managers can create private chat groups to tackle specific projects, they can also set up separate channels for each department. Collaboration between departments can happen instantly in separate rooms, and a single search can direct anyone to the people they’re looking for within your company.

Plus, a useful search tool allows team members to find specific information in one-on-one chats, private groups, or company-wide. Sending an email invitation is all you need to do when you take on a new employee. It only took them a few minutes to adapt.

Therefore, if you still use email to communicate, you need to switch to Slack. Using Slack will streamline the workflow of your entire team. See prices for Slack’s Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid on the Slack pricing page.


You should have a backup of your confidential data in case of a disaster, such as a ransomware attack on your PC or a clever hacker infiltrating your network. If you lose this data, you lose your entire business. In such cases, you need a backup service that you can rely on to retrieve the data to get it back up again.

IDrive is a favorite choice for individuals and businesses around the world. You can use this service to back up your entire fleet of computers, where files and folders sync in real-time, and by keeping nearly 30 previous versions of your data, you can go back as far as you like. AES 256-bit encryption ensures your privacy and security.

IDrive backs up your data as you modify it, and you can also restore files that you’ve been deleting for a month. If you’re compromising your company’s security without backing up your data, check out IDrive.

For free, IDrive offers 5 GB of backup storage, and prices for Personal, Team, and Business IDrive plans can be found on the IDrive pricing page.

Boost Your Business With These Windows Apps

Hopefully, the apps on the list will simplify your business processes. They will make you and your team more efficient, as well as increase the security of your business.

And if all of your employees work remotely, be sure to read about the best ways to handle your work team from home.