5 Best Apps For Hair Stylists And Hair Lovers

By | April 25, 2022

Want to take good care of your hair? Want to try an all-new hairstyle? These iPhone and Android apps can help.

Your hair defines your entire look. Many people often cut or color their hair as a form of expression.

But the days are gone when you had to walk around with the wrong hair experiments or bad haircuts, waiting for your hair to grow back because this app will let you do all of that, and much more virtually.

Whether you are a hair stylist, a hair care enthusiast, or just someone who wants a new look every once in a while, you should download this app on your phone to start your hair journey.


This app is an excellent platform for customers and professionals to get acquainted. This is a marketplace that allows you to search through hundreds of professionals to order beauty specialists and hair stylists.

For a professional, this is the perfect platform to discover, expand your network and increase your income. Marketing programs allow you to get promoted, take advance deposits, create the perfect profile with photos of your work, manage your calendar and availability, and track order records and history.

For customers, StyleSeat is your go-to place whenever you want a new hairstyle or weave. You can browse reviews, photos and different rates to make the perfect hair appointment hassle-free. It also sends appointment reminders so you never miss them.

Using a StyleSeat is a great way to prevent the time wasted usually on haggling, researching, and booking appointments.

Moreover, professionals don’t even have to worry about canceling appointments. If a customer resigns at the last minute, StyleSeat will contact the client to help you fill the position.

Think Dirty

Use Think Dirty to scan an item’s barcode and learn about the toxic ingredients present in the product.

If you are deciding between the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair, this app is your best friend. You can study all the ingredients in your hair products and determine which one works best for your hair.

At the time of writing, the app has a database of over a million products. You can compare products and choose the cleanest option yourself with just one tap. You can also add products and submit them for review.

There are also other great features that Think Dirty offers:

  • The Dirty Meter rate your product and provide you with an in-depth review of its health hazards and certifications.
  • My Bathroom Rating helps you record products in your bathroom and gives you a cleaner alternative for the future.
  • Shopping Lists allows you to save all the alternatives the app refers to on a shopping list for later reference. You can also buy them by accessing Amazon and Sephora directly through the app.
Download: Think Dirty for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

The days of flipping through magazine pages and scrolling through tutorials to find the perfect hairstyle are gone. HairStyles for Your Face Shape is a fantastic app that identifies your face shape and recommends the best hairstyles for you.

You can try many different hairstyles to see what you like best.

Once you get started, the app tells you all about the six basic face shapes: round, heart, diamond, oval, square, and oval. How do you know which one is yours? Take a photo of yourself, and the app will quickly identify and tell you what your face shape is.

You then get a list of hairstyles that you can try on the image you have taken of your face. Click and drag to expand or minimize the hairstyle of your choice. You can also change the color and tone of the hairstyle you choose.

Sliders are here for maximum accuracy in a variety of shades and colors. Get your friends opinion by sharing your final look as a photo on your social platforms.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for iOS.

Download: Hairstyles for Your Face Shape for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Natural Remedies

Natural ingredients can help remove toxins and harmful substances. Many chemicals are released into your hair from over-the-counter products, which is why natural remedies are so effective in providing various solutions to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

The Natural Remedies app serves as an excellent educational resource. You can learn about different types of plants, fruits, and essential oils and their benefits, along with targeted treatments for specific scalp-related ailments.

You can also read the latest news from the scientific world, relevant to lifestyle, nutrition and health. In addition, this application has many convenient haricare tips and tricks.

Want a healthier lifestyle in general? The app has a separate section for healthy recipes, along with clean products that you can order. Bookmark or favorite them whenever you want.

Download: Natural Remedies for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is an app that focuses on hair, nails and beauty. Need to restock hair products? You can shop everything at Sally Beauty. You also earn points that you can use to redeem Sally Beauty Rewards or buy discounted items.

Apart from being an online shop, Sally Beauty has various other hair-related features. You get alerts and notifications for all the latest trends, creative hair inspiration, and tons of how-to tips from popular experts right inside the app.

This app has a fun how-to quiz that gives you recommendations on the best hair colors and grooming products. Still not sure if a certain color would look good on you? Use their ColorView feature to try out different colors and avoid a hair disaster.

Dive into Your Hair Journey With This Great App

Trying out new hairstyles and hair colors is much easier with the benefits of advanced technology and artificial intelligence. You can also book appointments on the go from the best hairdressers around the area.

Buy amazing hair products from different brands, study the ingredients and find out what suits your hair texture best with this app. What more could you ask for?