5 Best Apps For Buying and Selling Used Books

By | March 1, 2022

This app will help you make money by selling books you no longer need, or getting a low price when you buy a new book.

We’ve all come to the point where we have a pile of books we’ll never read, but don’t want to throw away. While some enjoy rereading books again and again, most of the time reading is more than enough, and then you’re stuck with stuff you no longer use.

Also, many of us book lovers are hesitant to pay a premium price to read well. So, what if we told you that there are a number of great apps that let you buy and sell books from the comfort of your home? Check out the list below of the five best Android and iOS apps for buying and selling books.


BookScouter can identify and price your books quickly and easily using the barcode scanning feature. Once a book is identified, the app will set a price and add it to your trading cart. However, if you don’t think the app is offering a fair price, you can always edit the cart to remove the book.

Keep in mind that the app doesn’t let you trade under 10 items, or trade under fifteen dollars, so make sure you have enough books to trade.

Once you have enough books in your trading cart, and you have confirmed your trade.

Download: BookScouter for Android | (Free)


Along with fashion and beauty products, Depop also has a wide range of books for sale from hundreds of individual sellers. These used books can be purchased for less than the original price, and most are still in excellent condition.

Depop allows you to communicate directly with the seller, where you can ask questions about the product, or get in touch if you have a problem with your item. You can even negotiate the price a bit.

In the app, you can favorite items, or save them if you don’t want to buy right away, but transactions are quick and simple via PayPal if you want to pick them up right away.

Depop also makes it easy for you to sell your own books, be it textbooks, classics, cookbooks or something else. The sales process is quick and simple, and you can referensi your PayPal for easy payments.


ThriftBooks is a great app to easily find some good used books. You can simply use the app’s search bar to find what you’re looking for, and you’re sure to have no shortage of options, with over 13 million titles available for purchase. These titles also include LPs, video games, and DVDs, all of which are sold at a discount.

You can also earn points in the app for every purchase. If you collect enough of these points, you can even pick up some free books yourself. You can also earn points by joining gift schemes, referring friends to the app, or even on your birthday!

ThriftBooks has a blog that you can access via the app’s category bar, where you can read about some interesting topics. Learn about the history of cookbooks, all about a particular author, like John Green, and find out about new releases in different book genres.


We all know that eBay is great for buying and selling a number of different products, including books. You can find a large selection of used books on eBay at discounted prices. Many of these books are in great condition or have not even been used, and you can pick them up quickly and easily via PayPal.

You can check reviews for sellers on eBay, and you can message sellers directly to discuss a product. And if you’re looking for a real bargain, you can change your product preferences to find slightly older books at a huge discount.

eBay also makes it easy to sell your own books. You just type in the title of your book, and the app will give you a range of suggested products that may be identical to the item you’re selling. It will then suggest a selling price, and offer stock photos of your book if you’d rather not take the pictures yourself.

You’ll need to add some specifics to selling your item, such as conditions, language, and shipping options. But eBay also makes this process quick and easy. You’re sure to find buyers looking for your exact item, so sell right away!


Shpock is similar to eBay, where you can find a wide variety of used products at discounted prices. You can find hundreds of books in this app, including classics, thrillers, cookbooks, and more.

Shpock also allows you to message sellers directly, and check if the seller has a good or bad rating from a previous sale. You can also negotiate a little with the seller if you want to lower the price.

You can easily sell your book on Shpock, however, unlike eBay, the app won’t suggest a price for your book, so you may want to check other similar products to make sure your price isn’t too low or high. You also won’t be offered stock photos of your products, so you’ll have to take your own.

Making Money From Unused Books Has Never Been This Easy

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