5 Best Android Apps For Housework

By | April 22, 2022

Need to complete some tasks? This Android app will help you get it done and maybe even make it fun.

This is not going to be a fun post. Sorry, but it’s about getting the job done. If there’s something fun about getting them done, they’ll have different names. However, having an app that lets you organize those tedious little jobs so you can complete them more effectively might make the job less tiring.

If you, your family, or your roommates are struggling with daily household tasks, there are tools out there that can help. Here are five apps you can install right on your Android phone or tablet.


What if doing chores was as much fun as playing games? Well, OurHome is trying to make it happen. Create a to-do list, assign a point value to each, and watch as your kids, significant other, or roommate finish work.

And no, they’re not going to do this just to get the highest score. They chase the rewards you make. Want a new video game? 200 points. Want to host another stay? 150. Sure, you could call it a bribe. Depending on your circumstances, you might as well call it effective.

OurHome is not just a task manager. You can also use the app to create shopping lists that sync across devices. With the ability to like or comment on anything someone does, the experience might even feel like a small social network. This is enhanced by the ability to send private messages to any household member.


Tody is a simple but useful app that lets you organize your tasks effectively. The app allows you to select specific rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, and then gives you the option of creating a custom to-do list for each room. You can also color code each room for convenience.

On your to-do list, you will see a bar indicating whether the task is due or not. The app will also provide a daily to-do list that will notify you of the tasks that need to be done on a given day. You can choose which days to view so you know which assignments are coming up.

The app does offer a premium version, but it’s only for those who own multiple properties, such as vacation homes.

Download: Tody (Free, in-app purchases available)

Clean House

So you’re selling the idea of ​​using an app to organize your tasks, but you can do it without gimmicks. In that case, try Clean House. No points here. No reward whatsoever. You simply create a to-do list and set how often they repeat it. Notifications will appear when it’s time to finish the job.

Note that Clean House does not sync across some devices. It’s a tool to keep you in control. If more than one person intends to use the app, each of you should keep your own list. Can you trust them with that responsibility? Otherwise, scroll back to the top and choose from the options above.

Download: Clean House (Free, in-app purchases available)


Nipto works well for all users, but especially for families. Nipto allows you to associate points with assignments so kids will feel like they are getting something while they are doing their assignments. However, it can also be used in sharing a house, or even with your spouse, to boost general morale and make work a little more enjoyable.

Nipto will keep you updated on which tasks have been unfinished for a while, and will provide you with task calendar so you can see which assignments are coming and which ones are late.

You can also categorize each task into rooms, or task groups, such as those for the kitchen, living room, or those involving clothes or trash. You can actually organize your tasks to make sure everyone is doing their part, and no part of your home is being overlooked.


The Sweepy app lets you organize tasks by room so you can do them more effectively. With each room, you can add relevant tasks, either from the app’s suggested to-do list, or through customized task options.

The app will also give each room a cleanliness rating, based on which tasks have been added and which tasks have been completed. You can also perform tasks by completing several tasks each day. Luckily, the app will also give you a “wildcard,” which gives you days off to complete tasks without losing track.

There are some features of the app that you can only access through the premium version, such as schedule tasks. The premium version of the app is quite affordable, only a few dollars a month, but you can get a lot done just by sticking with the free version.

Download: Sweepy (Free, premium version available)

Use the Common To-Do List

You don’t need to select a specific app for the task. If you’re already using a to-do list app to organize your life, it’s pretty easy to add your to-do to the rest of your to-do list. Evernote, Google Keep, Todoist, and many others can get the job done just fine. Here’s a list of some best to-do list app for Android if you need help selecting it.

Or if you want to keep it retro, we’re not against simple paper-based to-do lists! You can even find to-do lists and task notebooks online which have predefined categories that you can fill in according to your cleaning needs.

Are You Ready To Work With This App

Work can be monotonous and frustrating, and this often causes us to avoid it. So why not try turning things around and turning to technology to help you keep your space clean? Organization can help massively with getting things done, and you’ll probably end up with the cleanest house you’ll ever own!