5 Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions You Haven’t Used

By | January 14, 2022

Reddit has so much that even if you’re an expert you might not know how great it is. These apps and extensions promise a better Reddit experience than ever before.

Reddit is the internet’s unofficial discussion forum for almost any topic you could want to talk about. The tools in this article are more useful for casual Reddit users. But if you’ve never been to the site, or if you’re feeling a little overwhelming, try these other sites and apps for casual Reddit users and users.

SubSrv (Web): Explore Multiple Subredds at Once

SubSrv is a simple dashboard that places multiple subreddits side by side. This way, you can see the latest trending posts across all your favorite subreddits, at the same time. And you can discover new subreddits too.

You don’t need to be a Reddit member, nor do you need to register on SubSrv. Just type the name of the subreddit in the box, and it will instantly create a new column that fetches the most recent 3-100 (customizable) posts from that community. Add as many as you want to create a “subpack”. Each subpack has its own unique URL, so you can bookmark and revisit whenever you want to get a list of new posts on the dashboard.

SubSrv also offers recommendations for popular subpacks, such as “history geek” and “awkward cringe”. This is a neat way to discover new subreddits you may not have visited.

RemindMeBot (Chrome, Firefox): Reminder to Check the thread Later

Reddit is often most useful only when the thread has a lot of comments. If you came across a thread or comment early and thought it would be worth reading after getting more comments, you should check it out later. RemindMeBot is a simple way to set a reminder for it.

The famous Reddit u / RemindMeBot allows you to reply to a comment or post to create a custom reminder with the words “ReminMe 5 days!” (without the quotes). Obviously, you can convert days to weeks, months, or years, and the number is whatever you want.

The extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, makes it easier for anyone to set reminders. The RemindMe button now appears in every post title and comment, and a single click will let you quickly set when you want an alert. No need to type.

The calendar widget lets you pick a date quickly too. And you can also check all the reminders you have set. This is kind of an awesome Reddit extension that makes for a better browsing experience.

Download: RemindMeBot for Chrome | Firefox (Free)

Reader for Reddit (Chrome, Firefox): Clean, Better Reading Pages

Reddit has some great written content. From those who write compelling fiction on r/WritingPrompts to subreddits to true stories from real people, you’ll want to read them all. But the standard web interface makes for an uncomfortable reading experience.

Reader for Reddit is a free browser extension that beautifies and declares chaos. In each post option, next to the permalink button, you will find a “read” button. Click to turn the post into a clean reading interface.
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Reader uses a better font in a larger size, and puts it on a distraction-free background. Looks and feels a bit like reading Reddit on a Medium post. You also get a dark mode or light mode, and the ability to adjust basic readability settings.

Download: Reader for Reddit for Chrome (Free)

Notes: The official Readr website says that there is also a Firefox Add-on, but at the time of writing, it has been removed from the Firefox Add-ons market. If you are a Firefox user, please try the info from the official Reader page.

Removeddit (Web): View Deleted Posts on Reddit

Often while browsing Reddit, you’ll see a sign on a post that says [dihapus]. This means that the moderator or administrator deems the comment or post inappropriate and deletes it. But you can still view the post in its entirety with Removeddit.

Removeddit is one of the few sites that goes against Reddit’s censorship so you can read deleted comments on Reddit. So the next time you see a flag like that in a thread, change the URL from “reddit.com” to “dihapusdit.com” while keeping things the same. You will be moved to the Removeddit site, where it displays all deleted posts and comments in that thread.

Removeddit also has a handy bookmark that you can click on instead of changing the title. And if you go to the homepage of the website, you will find a list of recent threads that have been deleted or deleted by moderators.

Minimalism for Reddit (Web): Fastest, Barebones Reddit Browsing

The Reddit website, especially after the new redesign, has become slower and heavier, not to mention more cluttered. If your internet connection isn’t fast, you might want to try this alternative for the Reddit website.

It doesn’t load the sidebar or other junk. This removes the username to replace it with an emoji. You also won’t get options on posts. It’s as minimalistic and clutter-free as you can get on Reddit. And all that also makes it faster than any other extension or web application.

Plus, the entire page doesn’t look like Reddit, so you can also use it to browse Reddit at work, because no one will suspect you’re wasting your time.

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