5 Apps For Medical Students or Professionals You Should Use

By | March 15, 2022

Medicine is one of the toughest fields to study and work in, but you can make your life easier with these iPhone and Android apps.

If you find yourself struggling as a medical student or medical professional and have given up on books to help you, it may be time to look in a new direction.

Here is a list of the best apps every medical student and professional should have on their phone to help them become better healthcare professionals.


Whether you are a first-year medical student or a seasoned healthcare professional, this app is for you. Medscape has many features that aim to provide you with news, information, and clinical answers.

You can get a personalized experience by choosing to receive the latest medical news and updates in your area of ​​expertise. You can view further expert comments and discussions regarding the latest developments. This app also has 400+ medical calculators available to use whenever you want.

Medscape Decision Point It also provides you with reliable research and evidence-based answers and treatments for clinical conditions in the fields of cardiology, dermatology, allergies, and more. Need to check the validity of a drug? Up-to-date safety information for thousands of medications and prescriptions is available. Other features include Pill Identifier and Drug Interaction Checker.

Suppose all the news and information may be difficult to sort through and you still fail to find the answer. In this case, you can interact with the app’s large network of doctors and medical students using the features Consult or watch some step by step procedure videos for visual understanding. This app is completely free to use too.


This app uses a visual approach to better teach and help medical students or professionals make therapeutic decisions. You can use it for help with diagnosis, differences, and access to quick treatment guides.

You can view good medical images to see the spread and variety of a disease or infection in humans. This app specializes in medical images for the skin of people of color. Images will help you understand specific medical reactions and teach you how to identify infections and travel-related illnesses. Its library consists of more than 3,200 diagnoses and more than 45,000 medical images.

You can also access therapy and learn about the best test options available to patients. This app and its visual tools will help with any clinical decisions you need to make, so you can gain insight into the human body from a different perspective.

An important use of the app could also be to educate and reassure patients by showing reference pictures of the diseases they may be diagnosed with.

Download: VisualDx for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)


One of the most challenging tasks that a person faces in the medical field is time management. There is always too much to do and not enough time to cover it all. This can cause you to feel confused and as a result a general loss of motivation.

Todoist is the app that solves that problem. It is ranked as one of the best to-do list app and used by more than 25 million people to organize and plan. It is very important to complete your busy routine.

You can instantly enter any task that comes to your mind and set a reminder or deadline for that too. If you have an extensive to-do list, you can set a different priority level for each. If you forget something over and over again, you can also set due dates and recurring reminders.

It has an excellent visual board for creating and assembling projects as well. Need to info a document, paper, or project with a classmate or colleague? You can integrate Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, and more. If you have an Apple device, this app offers even more with multiple user interfaces on iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch.

Being in healthcare doesn’t have to be all work and no play if you learn to manage your time properly with Todoist.

Download: Todoist for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Medical Dictionary by Farlex

Memorizing many new, never-ending terms is quite a challenging task. Well, no need to worry if you have this app on your iPhone or Android device.

Medical Dictionary by Farlex offers a library of over 180,000 medical terms, more than 50,000 audio pronunciations, and over 12,000 images collected from trusted sources such as Gale, McGraw-Hill, and Elsevier. In-depth terminology and definitions cover various fields in medicine, e.g. Anatomy, Physiology, Disease, Nursing, Dentistry and many more.

If you come across a term and can’t remember where it came from or what it means, all you have to do is type it in and run a quick search. The app even runs offline for more than 40,000 entries. You can view your recent searches and add bookmarks as you go. Abbreviations and acronyms are also available.

Can’t seem to remember a term? Use the Advanced Search feature, which includes options like “Starts With,” “Ends With,” “Contains,” and “Wildcard.”

Download: Medical Dictionary by Farlex for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

MDCalc Medical Calculator

This is a clinical calculator created by reliable doctors to assist in medical diagnosis. It consists of 550+ tools, including formulas, algorithms, classifications, drug dose calculator, and risk score. There is a search option that you can use to search for and access new calculators, which you can then add to a customizable list, such as favorites and recently used ones.

This app works offline, unless you are tracking CME. The feature usually has updated literature citations and research-based evidence, distinguishing it from other similar applications available. MDCalc is renowned for its powerful advice, insights and capabilities to help you create efficiencies in your workflow.

Its clinical decision tools support more than 35 specialties, including emergency medicine and infectious disease. Reference values ​​are always provided, taking into account possible errors.

Download: MDCalc Medical Calculator for iOS | Android (Free)

Make Your Life Easier With This Great Medical App

Medicine is one of the most difficult professions to work in. It requires long hours of study, and the work can be strenuous at times. Nonetheless, many people choose to pursue it because of its clinical significance and interesting studies.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling in the medical profession, there are lots of great apps out there to help you. From dictionaries to calculators to professional drawings and clinical diagnosis, this app has it all.