5 Android Apps To Send SMS Messages In Bulk

By | December 17, 2021

Need to send a message to hundreds of recipients quickly? Here’s an Android app for the job.

Have you ever wanted to send one text message to multiple people in your contact list at once? You can do a copy and paste for each contact, but that is quite time consuming.

While you select multiple recipients in the SMS app, most limit you to 100 people at a time. This means you need extra flexibility if you want to text more people at once.

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that will let you text a larger audience with your Android device.

Multi SMS Sender

Multi SMS Sender (MSS) is a compact application that allows you to send SMS to more than 6,000 contacts at once. MSS gives you complete control over how you send your messages, with the flexibility to delete or update the created contact groups.

This is an instant SMS app that organizes your messages by date and time they were sent, while showing you the exact time each recipient received your SMS. It also comes with personalization and signature features that let you customize your text.

When you open the app, you have the option to create a contact group with a unique name. You can send one message to all the groups you create, or select a specific group that you want to send SMS to.

If you decide not to create a contact group, you have the option to select contacts manually. This option does not create a group, but sends messages only to the people you select for that instance.

Bulk SMS Plans

Bulk SMS Plans is another SMS solution that gives you various interactive features. It lets you send your custom text to up to 5,000 contacts with a single tap.

One of the strong points of this app is that you can create reusable SMS templates for different groups of contacts. Message delivery depends on your internet connection.

It’s a feature that lets you send texts in a single tap instead of in groups, offering instant speed and delivery. And if a contact has multiple phone numbers, the app will sort them out to avoid duplicates.

In this app, you can manage sender ID, SMS templates, and SMS display history reports. It also includes the ability for senders to add customized URLs and voice notes to their texts. That’s a rare feature for most SMS apps.

The customized URL and voice notes feature can be accessed when you open each option URL Shortner and Manage Media.

Apart from having the option to send bulk SMS, there is a dashboard that gives you the opportunity to send a quick SMS. You can also monitor the cost of sending your texts and track your balance on the dashboard.

While the app is free to download, you must purchase credits to send messages. Visit website Bulk SMS Plans for more information.

Group Messaging

Even though the interface looks a bit ugly, if you want to send thousands of messages at once, Group Messaging does a great job of that.

When you create a contact group in the Group Messaging app, your messages are sent via the default SMS app. It is a lightweight option that comes with a simple interface.

With this app, you can name and select your target contact group. This makes it easy to confirm that you’re sending the right message to the right set of contacts. You can also delete a group, remove recipients from the group, or add more numbers to the group.

Bulk SMS Sender (BSS)

This app is great if you consistently send text to contacts in an Excel spreadsheet. Bulk SMS Sender lets you create target groups and export them as Excel files, as well as read contacts from Excel or text files.

If you like, you can also export your contact list to Dropbox for later use. If you don’t intend to text from your phone, you can always create a info that will allow you to send an SMS directly from your computer.

BSS has an SMS tracker that lets you monitor your SMS in real-time. You can also view failed and successful messages in the SMS history log.

This app gives you the option to send your text instantly. But if you want, you can schedule the SMS for later by placing it on a scheduled auto-send. That feature helps you remember to send periodic messages, which is smart way to use SMS if you text consistently.

Multi SMS & Group SMS

This app has a few issues, but we included them because of its ability to add contact lists to files and read contacts from uploaded files. This is a very useful app that uses network provider credit to send your SMS. It can send texts to a maximum of 314 contacts at once.

One of its main drawbacks is its submit button configuration. It’s so easy to get messy if you tap the button Send which is great more than once, no double check before sending your message.

Another minor issue, which may or may not bother you, is the constant requests to make it your default SMS app.

Otherwise, this is another good bulk texting app which is easy to use. This is one to consider if you need a lightweight app and target a smaller audience. While sending your SMS, you can also remove duplicate contacts from your recipient list.

Multi SMS & Group SMS has an interface that shows the delivery status of each message, even when sent in bulk. This way, you can always monitor the performance of what you are sending.

Which Bulk SMS App Is Best For You

Depending on your target audience and intentions, any of these apps will work well for you. Apart from that, you may find other mass messaging apps in your regional Play Store. And don’t forget to send SMS from web app.