4 Causes of Xiaomi Mobile Screen Stripes

By | January 3, 2022
xiaomi phone screen striped – What factors become causes of streaky screen on Xiaomi cellphones ? We need to know that Android cellphone LCD screen appears lines whether it is vertically or horizontally is an early sign of a problem with the touchscreen of the android smartphone that we have. Even though the condition of the Android cellphone screen display only appears a white line does not interfere with the use of the cellphone, we must remain vigilant. Sometimes starting from the striped and shaking cellphone screen, it can make our xiaomi android cellphone hang.

Not many care about the reasons that make the lcd of the xiaomi android cellphone vertically lined as long as the touch screen can still be touched. But when the rainbow colored android cellphone screen suddenly turns the cellphone screen into a blank screen, of course it will make us really confused. Apart from asking questions why the touch screen of the xiaomi cellphone doesn’t work, we will definitely think about the amount of service fees to remove lines on xiaomi cellphones. It is undeniable that the price of a touch screen or touchscreen on an Android phone is not cheap.

Therefore at our meeting this time we Smartphone Solution will try to review some of the things that cause the android phone screen to be damaged. We will give some of our habits that often cause lines to appear on the screen of the android phone that we have. For more details, let’s just take a look at the full review of 4 causes of lines appearing on the Android phone touch screen below this.

4 Causes of Xiaomi Mobile Screen Stripes

4 Causes of xiaomi cellphone screen stripes

4 Factors That Often Cause The HP Screen To Be Striped

1. The cellphone fell in the screen condition first

xiaomi screen causes streaky

The screen is one of the most vulnerable components of an Android phone to damage. Where frequent collisions can result in the touch screen not functioning at all. Moreover, if the condition of the android phone that fell is on the touch screen first.

Some screen pixels will be damaged and cannot function optimally is the cause of the streaky android phone screen if the collision on the cellphone often occurs.

2. There is damage to the GPU android phone

Causes of xiaomi screen streaky

The cause of the next striped HP screen is due to damage to the GPU part of the android device itself. It is necessary for us to know that the GPU is a component of an Android cellphone that has a function to adjust the screen display.

So don’t be surprised, if the GPU is damaged, the screen display will indirectly also experience problems such as the appearance of vertical and horizontal lines on the Android cellphone screen.

3. Android cellphone screen is often depressed

xiaomi screen causes streaky

Similar to the condition of android phones that often fall, android phones that are often depressed will result in smartphone screen pixels also being at risk of being damaged. The habit of storing cellphones in pants pockets or in bags containing heavy items can cause the Android cellphone LCD to have stripes and sway.

4. Android cellphone screen connector is starting to loose

xiaomi screen causes streaky

The error on an Android cellphone touch screen can also be caused by hardware damage such as a malfunction in the screen connector. Damage to the connector itself occurs due to several factors, such as manufacturing defects, smartphones being used too often to overheat, and also often falling.

Therefore we have to be more careful in using our Android smartphones because the thickness of the screen connector is almost similar to HVS paper so it is very susceptible to damage.

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The importance of knowing the reason for the touch screen of the android cellphone that appears vertical / horizontal lines is so that we can avoid problems with the touch screen of the xiaomi android cellphone that we have. Although there are many ways to overcome the striped cellphone screen, if all of these methods don’t work, then replacing the Android cellphone touch screen is the last resort to do.

Thus, our meeting this time has discussed the factors that cause the Android cellphone touch screen to appear. Hopefully our post above can be useful for all of us, thank you so much.