4 Best Charity Donation Apps for Android and iPhone

By | December 28, 2021

With an app designed to make it easier to donate, you can make the world a slightly better place.

Donating is perhaps the most virtuous act of compassion toward another person. It helps make other people’s lives better and supports them in times of adversity. Not to mention how it can be such a rewarding experience.

At any given time, hundreds of thousands of people around the world need medical and other care. Doing something to help those less fortunate is important.

The Android and iPhone apps below let you do just that. With them, you can donate to charities around the world to fight for good causes to help bring about change.


ShareTheMeal is exactly what its name suggests: an initiative to end global hunger. Founded in 2014 by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), it is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.

According to ShareTheMeal, donating just $0.80 can feed a child all day. Since it’s a small amount and probably not worth getting your card out of, you can of course donate as much as you want.

If you want to go a step further and make donations a habit, ShareTheMeal also allows you to start a monthly donation. This is a great option for salaried employees who want to make a strong social impact in the world. This app shows specific countries where ShareTheMeal works for unique purposes. You can also view up-to-date data on the amount of food shared and the number of supporters who have donated to the cause.

Each cause is tagged with a specific tag like Emergency, Economic crisis, COVID-19, and Food baskets to better describe the condition and severity in the country. You can also see an overview of each region, including the problems it faces and how ShareTheMeal helped solve them.


Impact is a mix between a fitness app and a charity app. It tracks the number of steps you take and converts those steps into money for charity. You can measure and track calories for your walking, jogging, running and indoor exercise. The company sponsors your move through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the money is passed on to the Indian non-profit organization of your choice.

For every kilometer you walk/jog/run, the Active Exercise Tracking feature collects approximately $0.07 for the social activity of your choice. Through the Passive Step Tracker feature, Impact counts your steps throughout the day each day and donates approximately $0.14 for every 5,000 steps taken. You can also create teams, challenge friends, and take part in ongoing events.

For each cause, you can see an overview. This includes the sponsoring company, the money raised so far, the number of people who support the movement, and a description of the company and what it wants to achieve with the goal. You can track your activities and how much you have contributed to each one.


Freerice is a simple multiple choice question and answer game with a charitable cause. He works in conjunction with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). For every correct answer you give, you automatically donate 10 grains of rice. It should be noted that the amount of grain donated with each correct answer is subject to change, based on the advertising revenue Freerice earns.

You can change the difficulty of the game to whatever you like, and keep track of your score. When you play Freerice and answer the questions correctly, you will see ads on your screen. This triggered automatic payments to WFP to help fund some of its projects not only for rice, but according to the severity of each cause.

You can customize the types of questions asked and join groups to work together with other members. This allows you to make a larger and more comprehensive contribution. You can also track your contribution (measured in grains of rice) and compare it to the leaderboard for more motivation.


Cauze is probably the most social media-like charity app on this list. You can browse various nonprofits and other profiles to choose which organization you want to donate to. Each cause has followers, so you can see which ones are the most popular in your local area, as well as worldwide. The app’s UI can feel a little clunky at times, but it’s easy to get used to after spending some time in the app.

One feature we really like is the ability to view your giving history. Cauze lets you download receipts for all your contributions made in the previous year. Apart from adding funds to your Cauze balance, the app also supports monthly contributions for people who want to donate regularly and make a stronger impact.

You can share your contribution with your friends on social media and inspire them to do the same. Below your profile, you can see all the nonprofits and social movements you follow and stay updated with them when new donations are made.

Bring Positive Change Now

The world will never have enough helping hands. And with the number of crises the world faces on a regular basis, you can help bring about positive change in times of need, fear, and scarcity. A few dollars or minutes of your time could mean a meal or a cup of fresh water for someone who doesn’t always have that blessing.

With this app, there’s never been an easier way to take quick action and help fight for the greater good. Whatever your capacity, no contribution is too small to make. Whether you donate a dollar or a dime, a little at a time or your time, help is always appreciated by someone, somewhere.