4 Best Android Apps To Find Midway Points Between Two Places

By | April 7, 2022

Wondering how to find a central or central location to meet up? This simple app will show you the midpoint between two places.

If you need to find a way to find a central location to meet up with friends who live far away from you, there’s an app that makes it really easy. You can easily find the midpoint between your cities and even pinpoint the exact restaurant or shopping center you will encounter.

Gone are the days of using Google Maps to map out your route, trying to figure out which city is the most central, and then finding a place to meet in that city. While this is not always a difficult process, it is tedious. And using an app that finds the midpoint between two places is much more time efficient.

Meet You In the Middle

Meet You In the Middle is a very useful app for finding a good midpoint between three or more cities. If you just need to find the midpoint between two cities, the app can definitely do that. But it shines in mapping the central locations of up to ten cities at once.

When you add cities, each city will be assigned a unique color for its location marker. Then, on the map, there will be a location marker that says “This is the midpoint!” Now you know which city is a hub for you and your friends, and you can browse the map to find a good meeting place.


Halfway is another simple to use app that will help you find restaurants and other meeting places between two cities.

Once you enter your start and stop locations, the app will automatically navigate you to the center point area on the map. Here, you can use the search bar to find restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and other places you might want to find.

You can also change the color profile of the app if you want, a nice customization feature that other apps don’t have.

Midpoint Meetup

Midpoint Meetup lets you enter a start location and an end location, but unfortunately you can’t add more stops. Once you have entered your two locations, it will create a circle around the midpoint of your journey on the map.

You can see restaurants, shops, supermarkets, gas stations, or convenience stores around the midpoint. While you can’t choose to view multiple categories at once, you can easily switch between them to see what’s in the area. Tapping a place’s location marker will give you a title and address and allow you to open it in Google Maps.


LinkMe is another great app for finding a central location between three or more cities. You can add up to ten different cities and the app will give you one central location for everyone to meet.

Once you have added all the cities you need, you can set the search radius between 1km and 100km. Then, you can see a scrollable list of all available meeting points at the central meeting point within your search radius.

And while you can’t click on a place to take you to the maps app, it will display the name and address of each place so it’s easy to find.

Find the Midpoint Between Two Places

Any of these apps will help you find the perfect destination to meet with your family or friends. Whether you’re meeting locally or out of state, having an app like this will make it easier to find a good midpoint.

If you’re going overseas or taking a road trip to meet someone, you should consider a travel planner. Even if you’re the type of person who likes to travel by road, a good planner app can help you find things to do off the beaten track, things you wouldn’t normally know.