3 Easy Ways to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

By | January 19, 2022

Your iPhone contacts often fall into the same distractions as your social media circles. From a few chosen people, eventually turned into many. And there comes a time when you are looking for a way to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone.

No need to worry about deleting a single contact on iPhone:

  • open Contact then tap the name of the contact you want to delete.
  • Tap Edit at the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Delete contact, then tap Delete contact again to confirm.

But unlike Android, iOS doesn’t have a similar quick tap feature that lets you delete multiple contacts that you don’t want to keep. So let’s overcome that limitation with this method.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

If you are someone in the Apple ecosystem, then get out your trustworthy MacBook or iMac. Your Mac keyboard helps you select more than one entry in the Contacts app.

Anything you delete on your Mac is synced to your iPhone via iCloud. So make sure your iPhone (or iPad) and Mac are signed in to the same iCloud account. Also, you should make sure that you sync the contacts in your iCloud account.

Sign in to iCloud:

  • open Apple menu and click System Preferences > iCloud.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and check Contacts so they will be synced on your device.

Follow these steps once you are logged in:

  • Open the app Contacts on your Mac.
  • choose All Contacts. Hold down the button Command on your keyboard and select all the contacts you want to delete.
  • Right click and click Delete Cards to delete all the information. Confirm by clicking Delete.

Some of these contacts will be deleted from your iPhone when the device is synced with iCloud.

Use iCloud to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

You may not have brought your Mac with you now, or maybe you are a Windows user. In this case, it’s easy to log into your iCloud account from any web browser and delete multiple contacts at once.

To do so:

  • Entered into iCloud.com with your Apple ID.
  • Click on the icon Contacts . Go down the list and selectively highlight the contact you want to delete by holding down the button Control on your Windows keyboard.
  • Click on the icon Settings (gear) at the bottom left of the screen. choose Delete from the popup menu.
  • A confirmation will appear. choose Delete again to confirm the deletion of the contact.

After this, all your contacts will be back in syncing to all your devices sharing this iCloud account.

Use the App to Delete Multiple Contacts

The two methods above have you jumping through several hoops. If you find it complicated, then take the help of third-party apps to mass delete contacts on your iPhone.

Here are two contact management apps that you can download from the App Store.

Groups is a recommended app which can do the job of deleting bulk contacts. One of the free features is a quick way to delete contacts, while other advanced features are unlocked via in-app purchases. This limitation is not a problem when you just want to bulk erase your way to a cleaner contact list.

Note that Groups is ad-supported in the free version.

To bulk delete contacts with the Groups app:

  • Install and open the Groups app on your iPhone.
  • Skip the intro screen and allow Groups to access your contacts when prompted.
  • choose All Contacts from the Groups list.
  • Scroll through your contacts and mark the ones you want to delete by tapping the circle to the left of their name.
  • Tap Choose Action at the top and tap Delete Contacts from the menu.
  • Confirm again by tapping on Remove from my iPhone! to delete the contact you selected.
Download: Groups for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Duplicate Contacts Cleaner is an address book cleaning app that you can use for one of several functions. It analyzes your contacts and removes or merges duplicate contacts. But it also comes with a simple way to select contacts and delete them in one

To quickly delete contacts with the Cleanup Duplicate Contacts app:

  • Install and open the Cleanup Duplicate Contacts application. Allow the app to access your contacts.
  • Tap Contacts. Next, tap on the icon Pencil to edit the list. Then scroll down the list and select the contact to delete.
  • Tap the icon Delete at the bottom of the list. Confirm deletion.
Download: Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

These two, of course, aren’t the only third-party iPhone apps that do the job. A proficient contact manager should be able to handle this missing feature on iPhone.

After this quick exercise, you should now go into your Contacts list and verify that all your unwanted contacts have been deleted.

When Should You Mass Delete All Your Contacts

Address book management is another digital habit that can help or hurt your productivity. Yes, it’s easy to find numbers with a search on your device, but why keep numbers unnecessarily and get confused about them? They can even bring up bad memories.

Your good contact management is easier with a more streamlined list.

Mass deleting your contacts is also a simple privacy measure. You should erase sensitive numbers before lending your device to someone or giving it to a family member. However, it’s always wise to use the nuclear option when you pass on, donate, or sell your old phone.

Thus, you should protect your privacy by deleting all your data (which includes all your contacts) from your iPhone or iPad. Signing out of iCloud prevents others from accessing the data you store there.