3 Best Android Download Manager Apps To Try

By | December 6, 2021

You are waiting for the big download to finish on your phone. But at the final percentage point, it suddenly fails and you are forced to restart the whole process. If you normally use an erratic mobile network, the chances of this happening are even higher. Hence, you need a download manager.

A download manager can help you overcome some of the hassles about downloading from the internet. Here we explain why you should give it a try and cover the best download managers available for Android.

Why You Need a Download Manager

Before we take a look at some of the apps for this purpose, let’s examine the reasons why download managers are useful.

Take Advantage of Your Network’s Complete Bandwidth

When your phone downloads files as one big chunk of data, it can’t take advantage of the maximum bandwidth of the connection. This is mainly due to resource server limitations.

But what if your phone could split that file and transfer it in pieces? This will lead to faster turnaround times, and you will no longer be limited by the source.

The download manager, unlike the browser’s built-in tools, lets you achieve the concept of multithreading without the hassle or extra setup.

Easy Resume Failed Download

Many factors can cause downloads from the internet to go wrong. This crash is a waste of your data and time.

The download manager has steps in place to deal with this situation. They allow you to easily resume failed downloads with the tap of a button. Even if you can’t turn it back on from the exact point it crashed, you still don’t have to start over, because the app downloads content in parts.

Batch and Simultaneous Download

The download manager is also better at downloading more than one file at a time. With smart multithreading algorithms, most of them can cleverly allocate resources depending on the quality and size of the resources.

Also, you can start multiple downloads and the app will add them to the queue so you don’t have to start them manually. This is great if you visit an Android APK download site and grab a bunch of apps.

Bandwidth Control

Heavy downloads may interfere with other functions of your phone. For example, you may have to settle for low-quality streams on YouTube when there are active downloads.

The download manager handles it with bandwidth control. You can specifically select the speed at which the app retrieves data. Plus, in some apps, you can set specific settings for specific connections.

Download Scheduling

If your downloads can wait, you can also schedule them with a download manager. You can set a time period and ask the app to turn off Wi-Fi or turn on automatically after the task is complete.

Some download manager apps can also sync your downloads with your alarm. And when your phone is downloading files at night, Do Not Disturb easily prevents notifications about downloaded files.

Best Download Manager for Android

Now that you know all the benefits, you might want to try the download manager yourself. This is the best choice.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is the most feature-rich application you can install in this category. It offers all the tools we’ve discussed, plus a lot more. The app supports up to nine threads, three simultaneous downloads, and can automatically resume failed transfers.

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Plus, you can schedule downloads to match your alarms and access comprehensive statistics on past downloads. Advanced Download Manager can also categorize files by type, such as Documents and Music. Turbo Mode dedicates the entire bandwidth to a single download.

You even have an automation option here. This app can automatically pause downloads when your battery is low, wait for Wi-Fi if the file size crosses a set threshold, and much more. If you like, you can define the theme of the app as you like with various customization features.

Advanced Download Manager is free, with ads you can pay to remove.

Download: Advanced Download Manager (Free)


IDM has a similar set of features to Advanced Download Manager. But there are some important differences that you should know.

For starters, IDM has a modern design that is easier to navigate. It is also almost twice as powerful as Advanced Download Manager: it supports five downloads and 16 threads simultaneously.

Moreover, it can recognize links from the clipboard and prompt you to add them to the queue. IDM is also compatible with torrents, apart from regular downloads.

Like Advanced Download Manager, you have all the essential utilities in IDM including batch downloader, scheduling, themes, automatic categorization, and more. IDM lets you control bandwidth and optimize transfers depending on your phone’s battery or connection.

The free version of IDM displays ads and locks a number of features, such as scheduling. You can jump to the Pro variant for a few bucks if you want.

Download: IDM (Free)
Download: IDM + ($3)

IDM – Download Manager Plus

If the above application is heavy for you, try IDM Logic Looper. IDM is another download manager (despite the name, it’s not related to the previous app) that only boosts your download speed and resumes ongoing downloads in case of failure.

IDM comes with a simple interface and only essential features. It can download files using multithreading and manage concurrent downloads.

You can personalize the number of threads and simultaneous downloads allowed. Plus, you can change the bandwidth limit and choose from three themes for app design.

IDM is a free app with no upgrades, although it does have ads that you can pay to remove.

Download: IDM – Download Manager Plus (Free)

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