25 Awesome iPhone App Icon Packs To Customize Your Home Screen

By | April 12, 2022

Download this iOS icon pack to spice up the app icons on your device Home Screen.

With the release of iOS 14, Apple made it possible to customize app icons on your iPhone Home Screen without worrying about duplicates. Of course, most of us are not graphic designers, so we need to rely on the icon packs of iOS apps created by others to change the look of our Home Screen.

We’ve scoured the web to find the coolest, unique and most designed iOS app icon packs for you to download.

Before You Customize Your iOS App Icons

There are some important points that you need to know before customizing app icons on your iPhone Home Screen:

  • It takes time: For each app icon you want to change, you need to create a new shortcut in the Shortcuts app, then add it to your Home Screen and hide the original app. If you have a lot of apps, this could take hours.
  • Custom icon not showing notification badge: Customized app icons act as shortcuts to native apps. For this reason, they don’t show a red notification badge like normal apps. The only way to get this badge is to use the native app icon.
  • Custom icons take longer to open: Each customized app icon is a shortcut to the original app, which means there’s a longer delay when you open each app. This is because shortcuts need to launch and run the Shortcuts app before opening the app you actually want.

Then check out each of the best iOS app icon packs below. They cover a variety of different packaging styles, prices, and sizes. Make sure the pack you want includes all the icons you need before you buy it.

Black And White

This sleek Black And White app icon pack offers 700 icons in white-black, black-and-white, light gray and dark gray variants.


For a clean and minimal look, these 120 wireframe app icons are available on black, gray, blue, and white backgrounds.

Basic Colors

If you prefer a splash of color, these 80 icons are available in red, green, blue, black, white, or purple and orange. Each icon also comes in three styles: wireframe, bold, and duotone.

Muted Colors

These muted color icons inject a subtle and soothing color scheme into your Home Screen. There are 112 icons available in light and dark colors.

Fall Colors

If you prefer brown and orange colors, this small pack of 48 fall colored iOS app icons is perfect for you.


Pastel colored iOS app icons are a very popular way to style your iPhone Home Screen. This is our favorite pastel color pack, with 110 cool icon designs.

Purple Pastels

For a different touch on pastel app icons, this 48 icon pack offers purple and blue pastel shades with a vivid wire frame design.


Fans of great design will love this abstract app icon pack. It uses simple shapes and colors to represent the 50 most popular iOS apps.


This 54 icon pack uses gradients to add vibrant color to your iOS Home Screen. Choose between 18 preset color variations or use a PNG file to create your own.


Combining colorful gradients and hand-crafted iconography, the Echoes pack features a uniquely beautiful design. With over 500 icons, this pack is a great value.


The iOSX pack combines iOS and macOS design elements to create 200 icons that unite the two platforms.


For a great design with vibrant colors, look no further than the Bold icon pack. If you like this design, the makers also offer dark and light variants which are available for purchase separately.

Photorealistic Neon

Add a Tokyo-esque, neo-noir vibe to your iPhone with these photorealistic neon app icons. This set includes 38 day and 38 night images.


These colorful neon-style icons will beautify your iPhone Home Screen with 320 different designs. The affordable package includes black and white, neutral, and gold sets as well.

Neon Scribble

Looking for new neon app icons? These 98 neon scribble designs give an edgy look to a vibrant light.


Liaca uses a simple design and bright colors to create a cool new look. Depending on the background color, you can get from 1,000 to 1,500 different icons.

Liaca Glyphs

Liaca Glyphs took a design from Liaca and removed the background to create a cool sticker effect. Match your background with this design for the best effect; You’ll get between 1,000 and 1,500 icons depending on the style you choose.

Small Icons

This pack contains 139 small app icons with colorful designs. It is available in three different background colors: white, black, or gray.


The Ilios app icon pack offers a truly unique and colorful design to customize your iPhone Home Screen. There are 413 icons available in round and square variants.


Chroma uses a consistent color scheme across 4,500 icon designs to create a stylish look for your iPhone. It includes text-based icons, four background colors, and over 100 wallpapers.


Looking for a retro Home Screen? Check out this 8-bit app icon pack, which includes 150 designs on a black, white, or charcoal background.

Animal Crossing

Let Animal Crossing spread to the real world with this app icon inspired by captivating games. There are 80 icons available, with two themed wallpapers.

Among Us

Among Us is taking the world by storm from mid-2020. Now you can add bold and colorful style to your iPhone Home Screen with this pack of 130 icons.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl has come back well and truly. Expand your vinyl collection to your iPhone with this unique app icon. There are 75 designs, compatible with popular iOS apps.

Nike Trainers

Create a wall of 150 Nike sneakers on your iPhone Home Screen, each styled according to a different application. The icon also displays a mini app logo to help you find what you’re looking for.

More With iPhone Widgets

Changing app icons on your iPhone Home Screen will go a long way in customizing your device. For more options, add the widget to your Home Screen too.