20 Cool Puzzle Games You Can Play Free on Your Browser

By | March 18, 2022

Browser-based games are perfect for quick casual gaming. You can play without worrying about payments, downloads or hardware requirements. And quick puzzle games are a great way to make your breaks more productive.

I took it upon myself to sacrifice hours of my life playing Flash games online. For this list, I’m sticking to puzzle games in particular, puzzle games that also require some skill. It’s all about the brain. There are other immersive Flash games to improve your critical thinking skills if that’s your thing.

Notes: Some games are also available on the mobile platform, so if applicable, you will find a referensi to download the game to your phone.

First, Let’s Talk About Flash

In case you didn’t know, Adobe Flash has security flaws, and the company is aware of them. In fact, Adobe officially discontinued support for Flash from 2020. That’s why it’s off by default in any modern browser, and you’ll get a pop-up to Enable Flash on any page you try to play. Most sites will also let you stop your ad blocker to run the game.

In addition, Flash games do not always require an active internet connection. You can download Flash games for offline play or even save entire offline pages in Google Chrome cache.

Let’s start the list with the most obvious. Candy Crush Saga is the king of match three games, and is available to play for free online. You have to match three or more candies in a row to break them, to fulfill the level objectives.

Play in Browser: Candy Crush Saga on Facebook
Download: Candy Crush Saga for Android | iOS (Free)

With Bejeweled and Candy Crush, everyone now knows the same three-form-in-a-line formula. However, Jewelanche is a fun variation. Jewels are dropped haphazardly, and the laws of physics take over. You will still need to chain three or more, and the bigger the better.

Chain combos will earn you gems, with which you can buy power-ups between levels. But if you don’t manage to clear them all, the jewels will keep piling up until the screen fills up, and the game is over. And just when you thought you had mastered Jewelanche, Jewelanche 2 will bring you back to earth.

Crush The Castle (CTC) isn’t just a game like Angry Birds, it’s actually been around before Angry Birds and some people online are claiming the Rovio classic ripped up CTC. Set in the middle ages, you have to throw stones at the palace to kill the king inside, carry out epic conquests of the kingdom. The size of the rocks varies, you have lots of rocks, and even bombs. Use them wisely to pant and destroy the castles.

Download: Crush The Castle for Android (Free)
Download: Crush The Castle on iOS ($0.99)

Portal is one of the smartest video games of all time, and some 3D first-person shooter fans created its basic gameplay in a two-dimensional Flash game. You have to use the mouse and keyboard, creating portals to teleport from one area to another. The laws of physics play a big role here, so keep thinking and hurry!

Most new puzzle games make their mark on mobile before releasing free online versions, but Unpuzzle is picking up the trend. The goal is to disassemble the puzzle, selecting only the pieces that can be opened from the side. Click, hold, and drag in the direction you want to delete.

Unpuzzle is a beautifully designed relaxing game. This adds an extra challenge with tiles locked for specific moves, multi-locked tiles, and other puzzles. When you’re done with Unpuzzle, move up to Unpuzzle 2 for more of that magic level.

Download: Unpuzzle for iOS (Free)

We love Huebrix! This is an ad-free and smooth game, where you have to fill the squares with colors. Each color has a limited number of moves, and you cannot cross two colors in their path. The video above explains the gameplay well. Past level 15, things get really hard!

Download: Huebrix for iOS (Free)

Threes is the most addictive math-based puzzle game I’ve ever played, and a fan has taken this mobile giant to the web. Use the arrow keys to move all the tiles on the screen in one direction, adding similar numbered tiles to make the number bigger. Keep going until you can’t move anymore.

This is probably an unofficial port, so it might be downgraded in the future. In that case, you can play a clone of Threes 2048 and some of its variations.

Sum Blocks is a simpler math game than Threes! but still quite entertaining. You are given some blocks with numbers on them. This area has several overlapping rectangles. Each rectangle has its own value. Place the numbered blocks in the rectangle so that the blocks add value. When you place a block on the overlapping part of two rectangles, it matters in both.

If Block Sum proves too simple, try the sequels, Track Sum, and Sum Points.

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It’s time to become a villain and help spread the virus. This is a color game arranged in a large grid of small hexagonal cells. Choose a color, and your virus turns into that color. It will also spread to any similar colored cells it can touch. Keep changing colors to infect more cells. But be careful, there are limited moves! You have 15 levels to go through, and the last five levels are very challenging.

Usually, you have to take your hero to the exit. In Mirror Runners, you have two heroes and two exits but your keyboard controls both at the same time. So when you tap the right arrow key, both heroes run to the right; and while that may be the obvious path for one, there may be thorny traps for the other. You have to find a way to get them both out.

Again, Mirror Runners is a one-man game; if you and a friend want to play together, we have two player game list its fun and free.

Most platformer games like Mario have you move your character. Rotate lets you also move the entire screen itself. Press E and the entire “world” in the game rotates 90 degrees clockwise, changing gravity. Press Q and it will rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise. With this, you need to take your character to the exit in each level. Be careful with the spikes and other obstacles, it’s harder than it looks.

Ready to tear your hair out in frustration? Cube Mayhem just has a simple cube that you want to get from start to finish. All you need to do is place the right tiles to move them, whether it’s arrows to change direction, move sidewalks, or teleport tiles.

Figuring out where and in what direction to put them is a puzzle. And it’s a lot harder than it looks!

In a world where people are balls, some balls can turn into squares. These are called Wereboxes. Use your Werebox skills to drive all the bad red Wereboxes off the level, but make sure you’re still safe. Once you’re done with Werebox, try the cute Werebox 2, playing as “Max Ball”, for revenge against the evil Werebox who stole his cherry ice cream.

Pathologic turns out to be deceptive. You are a white glowing ball. You have to collect all the white rings in each level. The catch is that you can’t use white squares, or any squares you’ve already crossed. Use the arrow keys to move around, and when you’re done, press Enter to start a new level. And keep playing and playing until you are done with 50 levels.

The original Red Remover was one of the most popular logic puzzle games, and creator Gaz Thomas has made a sequel. Click anywhere on the screen to trigger an explosion. The blast blast must be used to remove all the red numbers from the screen while keeping the green ones intact.

And yes, gravity is subjective here, playing with the orientation of the red figure’s face. It’s not as simple as it seems!

Sushi Cat is a stylish game Pachinko where you drop a fluffy fluffy cat from the top of the screen, hoping to eat as much sushi as he can while descending. Of course, the way down is filled with obstacles that will bounce Sushi Cat around, so you have to be smart about choosing your drop points.

As with any such game, there are tons of power-ups and other boosts (as well as some threats), and you’ll find them as you progress through the levels. Anime style and cute music, fun but accurate physics, and increasingly difficult levels make this a must play.

When you do, you can move on to Sushi Cat 2, where our brave cat finds herself a boyfriend.

Puzzle games can still be relaxing, as Waterfalls 3 proves to be. The beautiful soundtrack is half the reason to keep playing this game, especially when coupled with the beautiful visuals of fluid colors.

The graphics can be a bit heavy, so you may want to optimize your settings for better performance from Flash games. In the game, you have to move the flowing colors into the container, using the redirect arrows. It’s actually quite relaxing, while still keeping your mind working.

Another Gaz Thomas classic, the Super Stacker lets you stack shapes on top of one another, and ensures your structure is strong enough to stand for 10 seconds. You have to use all the shapes you provide in each level, and it will become increasingly difficult for the shapes to move from squares to triangles to circles. Once you’re done with Super Stacker, start Super Stacker 2 for 40 more brain teasing levels.

The Fluid Gauge is perfect when taking a break from work. The levels are short, and you can keep coming back for more because of the many sequels. Each level has several water tanks at the top, indicating how many liters they hold. Place the pipes and buckets in the correct order so that all the water is collected when you remove the valve. Don’t waste a single drop.

The game has two sequels and three other expansions, so you’ve got six full playtimes here.

Below is a completely new puzzle game, challenging your abstract thinking. Each level has the same goal: turn the entire screen yellow. But each level has a new method of doing that. Abstract thinking comes in the form of figuring out methods at every level.

From inflating balloons to finding hidden buttons, it all starts with a click of your mouse. And once you’re done with Yellow, play the follow-up to Red.

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