20 Best Free Games on Steam Without Spending Money

By | January 7, 2022

Years ago, you had to pay a fixed price for gaming. You usually pay full price for the “base” game and then pay extra to unlock bonus content. Or you can download “free” games only to be duped by psychologically manipulative tactics that suck your wallet dry.

And because this trick is so lucrative, freemium play isn’t going anywhere. The good news is, not all developers are greedy. Here are the best free games on Steam one of the must-have apps for PC gamers which does not rely on scummy monetization methods.

15 Completely Free Games on Steam

You can download these games free of charge and play them without worrying about the pressure to spend in-game money.

Iron Snout

Rating: 98% | Genre: Fighting

You are a pig in the jungle. Fend off waves of wolves that want to destroy you. It’s simple yet fun, and among the various weapons and body parts dropped by attackers, there’s a surprising amount of replayability. Iron Snout is one of the best ways to pass the time and one of the best free games on Steam.

The Expendabros

Rating: 97% | Genre: Action Platform

Expendabros is exactly what it sounds like: non-stop spraying action that’s just as ridiculous and campy as it’s fun and fast. “High octane” doesn’t even begin to describe it, and you have 10 complete missions to play as seven different characters. It’s funny and addictive, and it’s one of the best free single-player games on Steam. Is it better than that?

Eternal Senia

Rating: 97% | Genre: Action RPG

Eternal Senia is an RPG that anyone can play. The game is built on simplicity and directness, yet deep enough to provide hours of fun. It offers a complete experience, with puzzles, tools and a satisfying story. Eternal Senia was built in RPG Maker for one year and is available to all for free.

Alien Swarm

Rating: 94% | Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Alien Swarm is a cooperative online tactical shooter where you and your friends crawl through levels and solve puzzles while battling hordes of aggressive aliens. It’s fun but hard, and you’re sure to slam the table in frustration at least a few times. Not a bad way to pass the time when you’re with friends online.

Shadow Warrior Classic

Rating: 94% | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Remember the original Doom? Well, Shadow Warrior Classic is like that but crossed with a bit of Duke Nukem. It’s intense and bloody and downright silly at times, but it holds up well even after 20 years (also MS-DOS games can last, after all).

Sisyphus Reborn

Rating: 94% | Genre: Adventure Story

Sisyphus Reborn is a short game driven by its mysterious narrative and setting. It’s all pointless, but maybe that’s the point. It’s the kind of game that will blow your mind, and even if philosophy isn’t your cup of tea, I promise Sisyphus Reborn will leave an impression on you. It only takes 30 minutes to defeat him. Why not give it a try?

The Desolate Hope

Rating: 91% | Genre: Action Platform

Here we have one of the weirdest games you will play this year. The Desolate Hope is unique, to say the least, and so unique that it’s hard to describe. It’s futuristic but also retro. It has RPG elements but not quite an RPG. And the unique art style will blow your mind. If nothing else, you should play it just for that!

You Have to Win the Game

Rating: 92% | Genre: Platform

Looking for a healthy dose of retro 80s platformer fun? You Must Win the Game will fill that void. It’s an exploration game so you won’t see much action, but don’t find it boring – “thrilling yet relaxing” is what you’d expect. You can also increase the difficulty with You Only Live Once!

Sigils of Elohim

Rating: 92% | Genre: Puzzle

Sigils from Elohim is actually a companion mini-game to The Talos Principle. By solving various puzzles in the game, you unlock bonuses for other games. But even if you don’t have The Talos Principle (which is a great game), you can still enjoy it like this: a basic “fit blocks into shape” puzzle game.

Fistful of Frags

Rating: 90% | Genre: First-Person Shooter

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While most multiplayer first-person shooters take on a military or futuristic theme, Fistful of Frags is unique in its Wild West setting. It features duel, free-for-all, and team modes to satisfy all types of playstyles, plus some interesting game mechanics (e.g. dual use) and a unique scoring system.

Endless Sky

Rating: 90% | Genre: Open World

Not to be confused with No Man’s Sky, Endless Sky is an open world game where you explore, trade and fight in space as a ship. Unfortunately it’s not a multiplayer game, but the main storyline takes 10 hours to beat and then unlocks to hours of more fun, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. (I’m kidding, it’s free!)

Port of Call

Rating: 89% | Genre: First-Person Adventure

You get on a ship, you don’t remember who you are, and nothing seems like it. Port of Call only takes about 30 minutes to beat, but those minutes are well worth the download if you enjoy horror and suspense. If nothing else, it’s been an interesting experiment on whether short narrative games can work and I think Port of Call proves it right.


Rating: 88% | Genre: Action Platform

Teeworlds like Kirby meets Mario, meets Quake. In this multiplayer platformer arena game, you play as one of many little ball-shaped people trying to kill other ball-shaped people. The grappling hook mechanic introduces an interesting physics component on top of the weapon and game modes, which include Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

Super Crate Box

Rating: 89% | Genre: Action Platform

Super Crate Box puts you in a boxy arena with no way out and see how long you can last against endless waves of monsters. Your enemies fail to kill respawns and move faster every time. Various weapons appear randomly around the arena, each with different advantages and disadvantages. A fun arcade-y experience, for sure, and of the many fun free games on Steam, this one sits near the top.

TrackMania Nations Forever

Rating: 86% | Genre: Racing

No other racing game franchise offers a better and more satisfying experience than TrackMania. This particular game is the only free title in the series, but with 65 fun stock tracks, an in-game track editor, an in-game video studio for recording footage, and multiplayer capabilities, TrackMania Nations Forever is simply amazing.

The 4 Best Free Games on Steam

Unlike the above, this game includes in-game purchases. But they do it in a non-invasive way, so you can still enjoy it without spending any money.

Team Fortress 2

Rating: 93% | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Team Fortress 2 played a big role in popularizing the whole “pay for cosmetics” business model, and even after all these years it remains one of the best free to play games on Steam with the fairest monetization method. You can buy cosmetic only items or dropped/unlockable items which change the gameplay but never really get better than standard loadouts.


Rating: 92% | Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Often described as “The destiny of the poor,” Warframe is a PvE multiplayer cooperative first-person shooter that sets you off to complete missions and narrative quests. It also has a PvP mode for those itching to be competitive. But despite the success of the game, the developers have never pushed for a hard monetization model. Anything you can buy, you can also earn in-game, and it’s never a grind because the game itself is fun.

Dota 2

Rating: 85% | Genre: MOBA

Dota 2 is the second most popular MOBA in the world. But while League of Legends (its main competitor) forces its players to grind and grind to unlock champions, Dota 2 gives all players access to every hero right from the start. You’re only spending money on cosmetics, and yes, Dota 2 cosmetics are real cosmetics! They have no effect on the gameplay.


Rating: 83% | Genre: Team Arena Brawler

Imagine a PvP Arena mode in World of Warcraft but with a top-down scheme, every ability is replaced with skillshots, no mana, and no random numbers. Well, the game is called Battlerite. It distills team-based PvP gameplay to its essence: outperform other teams and kill them before they kill you. As a free player, you have a limited rotation of champions with the ability to unlock champions with in-game currency earned through playing.

These games will give you dozens of hours of amazing gaming at zero cost. They prove that you don’t have to pay big bucks for a fun game, so why not check it out? For more, check out the best free games Linux.

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