12 Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 – Part 2

By | May 3, 2022
Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

This article is the second article from Windows 10 Shortcuts that not many people know about. In this tutorial I will give 12 Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts which will make your work with the laptop faster.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

1. To Switch Apps

Keyboard Shortcuts: Alt + Tab

Still like to open applications via the taskbar? In fact, you don’t need to move your hands from the keyboard and mouse to open the application, because by pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt + Tab simultaneously, then right and left click, and you can choose which application you want to open.

2. Overcome application trouble

Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Furthermore, this keyboard shortcut can solve problematic applications or when the application crashes, you will find it difficult to close it. Ever experienced? Well, by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously, then the problematic application can be easily resolved.

3. Quickly open File Explorer

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + E

Which of you when going to open a file explorer has to click here and there, even though in Windows there is an easy way to open it, you just press the keyboard shortcut key? Windows + E simultaneously, then File Explorer will open quickly.

4. Windows Magnifier

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + (-) and (+)

If you have minus eyes or if you are surfing the internet, and you happen to come across a page with small text, you don’t have to worry, by pressing the keyboard shortcut. Windows + (-) and (+) simultaneously, then the display of your laptop immediately enlarges.

5. Screenshot the screen

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + Print Screen

Keyboard Shortcuts are further useful for screen screenshots. Almost all mobile phone gadget users have memorized how to screenshot the screen. However, screenshots on laptops are certainly different, by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows + Print Screen (full ss) simultaneously, then you screenshot the entire screen of your laptop. However, if you press the shortcut Windows + Shift + S (certain ss) simultaneously, then you only screenshot certain parts you need.

6. Screen Record While Playing Games

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + Alt + R

Who among you wants to capture certain moments while playing games? but don’t know how to save it? Well, this one keyboard shortcut is perfect for gamers, by pressing the button Windows + Alt + R simultaneously, then you will immediately be able to record the screen while playing the game, and the results you can later share with your friends or other social media.

7. Bring up the Emoji Panel

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + :

Have you ever made a facebook status, which when you want to express something with emoji, now you don’t need to search anymore on sites that provide emojis or copy and paste from facebook again, besides the long loading of course. All you have to do is press the keyboard shortcut Windows + : simultaneously, your emoji panel will immediately appear.

8. Sleep laptop quickly

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + L

The next keyboard shortcut is perfect for those of you who might prefer sleep over shutdown for some reason. Well, with you pressing Windows + L simultaneously, then your laptop immediately shuts down by itself.

9. Turning Off Laptop with Timer

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + R

If you want to have fun with your friends or want to work on your friends with the laptop suddenly turning off, then this shortcut might be suitable, you just need to press the Keyboard shortcut Windows + R simultaneously, then type shutdown –s –t then, your laptop will turn off according to the specified time, for example I want the shutdown setting to turn off 10 minutes later, so I will write shutdown –s –t10. If you want more or less, you just change the numbers.

10. Unlock Virtual Keyboard

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + Ctrl + O

If at any time your keyboard is broken, don’t rush to buy a new laptop first, because you can press the keyboard shortcut keys Windows + Ctrl + O simultaneously, your virtual keyboard will immediately appear on your laptop screen.

11. Quickly open Action Center

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + A

Set up bluetooth to connect with devices on your network, turn on Wifi, and turn off notifications, and many more functions and newer versions of Windows are available in one place called Action Center. To open it just press the keyboard shortcut key Windows + A simultaneously, the Action Center panel will open for you.

12. Quick access to Settings

Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows + I

If you need more tweaking or access to parameter settings. Then just press the keyboard shortcut Windows + I simultaneously, the Settings panel on your Windows will immediately open.

Finally, maybe that’s all for the article 12 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts Part 2. Hopefully it will be useful. thank you