12 Best Free Fitness Apps For iPhone To Get Healthier

By | April 26, 2022

Higher levels of fitness are associated with a longer life, better quality of life, and a reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. There’s never a bad time to start a new exercise regime, especially if you’re looking for free workout apps or online routines you can do from home.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, determine what you have, or improve your overall fitness level, these free tools can help. Here are the best free workout fitness apps for iPhone, listed in no particular order.


Running is one of the most common activities for those who want to get in shape. RunKeeper, as the name suggests, provides a simple way to set a workout routine and stick with it.

This is one of the many free fitness apps available that track cycling, walking, hiking, and other activities. However, it stands out as one of the best. With access to your location and movement data, RunKeeper can track and plan your progress on a map. You can choose to have frequent audio updates on your progress, or play music from your phone’s internal memory.

While using a treadmill at the gym may not be an option, never fear. RunKeeper can track laps made around your front yard or on remote roads.

Its basic functionality is free. You can upgrade to RunKeeper Go for $10 a month to get detailed insights, “customized race training plans,” and live tracking.

Download: RunKeeper (Free, subscription available)


Strava is similar to RunKeeper, but has an emphasis on cycling. As one of the best fitness apps for iPhone, you can use this app to track your runs too. However, his main audience prefers two wheels when sweating.

Just like RunKeeper, Strava tracks and plots your workouts on a map. This mapping includes important information such as altitude, speed, and comparisons with other riders who have taken the same route.

Whether you prefer to cycle at the gym or on a remote cross-country track, this will help you measure your workout. The basic features for Strava are free. You can upgrade to Strava Summit with monthly or yearly plans to get customized training, personalized heat maps and detailed analysis of your travel data.

Download: Strava (Free, subscription available)

Fit body

Fitbod is one of many apps you can use for bodybuilding, body sculpting, weight lifting, or strength training. The focus here is on creating custom exercises that prioritize muscle groups based on user generated information.

First, select your activity type, desired goal, and number of workouts per week. Next, you will receive an exercise package that is tailored to your fitness level. In this package, you will get descriptions and videos of the included exercises. You can also specify the type of exercise equipment you have.

While access to the right exercise equipment may not be practical for everyone, the Fitbod’s ability to create custom workouts without official equipment means you can still use them at home and on a budget.

The downside is that while you can create some workouts for free, after the trial period, you’ll need to purchase a subscription Fitbo Elite to get the most out of the application.

Download: Fitbod (Free trial, subscription required)

Fitness Points

Fitness Point is another app devoted to strength training. Unlike the Fitbod, it serves as a reference for the exercises you can do, not as an automatic planner.

Each workout at the Point gym has an animation and description attached to that animation, along with information about which muscles are worked.

The animations aren’t quite as good as the Fitbod videos, but there are still plenty of workouts to choose from. You can create your own workout plan, track progress, and take advantage of the built-in timer while exercising.

Unfortunately, while some workouts are available for free, you’ll need to upgrade to Fitness Point Pro or Fitness Point Pro Female to see them all. However, the free app should give you enough info to decide if the paid version is worth it or not.


If you think getting fit is boring, Fitocracy might be the answer. That applies gamification to real-world practice. When you log your activities, you are rewarded with points and unlock achievements.

At its core, Fitocracy is a free fitness app and exercise tracker combined with a social network. Her workouts range from cardio to strength training and everything in between.

Although Fitocracy is free, you can sign up for Hero Premium subscription for $5 per month to get access to detailed insights, private messages, virtual “duels” with other members and extra perks. This app is perfect for anyone who prefers to stay at home but wants to connect with others through practice.

Download: Fitocracy (Free, subscription available)


While you don’t need a Fitbit tracker to use the Fitbit app for iPhone, it sure helps. The app works as an activity and sleep tracker, with walking, walking and hiking monitoring. You can record your workouts, log your meals, monitor hydration, and set your own goals to motivate yourself too.

If you have a Fitbit tracker, the app wirelessly syncs with your Fitbit wearable and automatically logs metrics like sleep quality, daily steps, and heart rate (provided your tracker supports it). You can also info it with your Aria Smart Scale to automatically record your weight.

All of these options make Fitbit one of the most versatile and best free fitness apps on the market.

Although the app is free, there are services Fitbit Premium for those interested in a more comprehensive experience. The free and subscription versions of this app are basically big ads for owning a Fitbit device, so be sure to ask yourself if you should buy a Fitbit before buying.

Download: Fitbit (Free, subscription available)

C25K 5K Trainer

This is the official app of the Couch to 5k program, C25K style. If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle and want to get off the couch and start moving, then this training app is for you.

Using audio cues and activity monitoring, this app hopes to improve your overall fitness level so that you can run 5K non-stop. This realistic training schedule won’t push you too hard. Instead, it focuses on gradual improvement for those of us unfamiliar with regular exercise.

While the core C25K is free, you can check for in-app purchases to remove ads or pay for playlists.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a free fitness app from Nike. It includes more than a hundred exercises covering a variety of different “types”. From strength training, to cardio and resistance, to mobility and yoga, it’s all here. This program covers all fitness levels and all types of schedules.

The app also includes personalized workouts based on previous routines. This means the more you use it, the better it will be at predicting what you want to do next. Includes tips from trainers and celebrity-inspired routines.

Overall, this app is ideal for those who can’t afford an expensive workout program.

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is a dedicated training app that lets you work out wherever you are, anytime. First, choose the workout you want, from short bursts of seven minutes to long.

Once you do, the Fitbit Trainer adapts your workout to your activity level. It also integrates with Fitbit devices to suggest the right workout based on the type of day you’re having.

Although the basic version is free with a limited amount of practice, you can upgrade to Fitbit Coach Premium to unlock the app’s true potential. Use this app if you want the skills of a home fitness trainer.


Diet is an important part of any exercise routine, and tracking macros like carbohydrates, protein, and fat can help you reach your long-term goals.

However, counting calories doesn’t have to be an exercise in writing and writing. MyFitnessPal makes it easy to keep track of your meals and snacks, with over six million meals already recorded and a handy barcode scanner to help identify them.

Using the app, you can:

  • Import recipe information.
  • Log items from restaurants.
  • Use your home recipes to ensure that you stay within the limits you have set.

Best of all, the app also doubles as a sports monitor. You can connect to more than 50 other apps and devices to help put your activity and diet information in one place.

While you can get a ton of value from this app with the free version, you can also upgrade to an account MyFitnessPal Premium for $10 per month. For its various features, it is one of the best free fitness apps for iPhone.

Radio Fit

Even if you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify, it can be difficult to find music to listen to every time you work out. That’s where Fit Radio comes in. This app offers training for a variety of different exercises. You can also choose to listen to certain types of music according to the activity you are doing.

Finally, there’s a running tab that matches the rhythm of your music: either automatically, or manually setting the steps you want to follow.

Although Fit Radio is free, you can upgrade to Fit Radio Premium account with multiple payment options to enjoy more mixes, customizations and better recommendations. This is a great tool to use when setting up your own home gym environment.

Download: Fit Radio (Free, subscription available)

Pokemon GO

Looking for a free iPhone workout app to venture off the beaten track? While Pokemon GO may not be a fitness app in the traditional sense, it can definitely motivate you to get moving.

If you find it difficult to stay energized long enough to go for a walk, Pokemon GO might be the motivation you need. Basically, this game can be a carrot at the end of a rope that makes you move without realizing you’re working out.

You can play the game virtually anywhere, and you don’t need a penny to get started, although there are in-app purchases to help you get various items. Check out our Pokémon GO beginner tips to give you support.

Download: Pokemon GO (Free, in-app purchases available)

Use One Of These Free Fitness Apps To Work Out Anytime

However you choose to get in shape whether it’s by exercising at home or by walking outside this free fitness app for iPhone will help you achieve that progress. Not only do they help your physical health, but exercise can have a positive secondary effect on your mental health as well.