10 Very Useful Microsoft Excel Templates To Organize Your Life

By | March 16, 2022

Is your life a mix of missed deadlines, forgotten shopping, and broken commitments? If so, then maybe it’s time to get more organised. And where better to start than with difficult numbers and figures?

For that, you may want to take advantage of the many useful Excel worksheet templates available from Vertex42 that let you keep track of your time, goods, projects and money.

Here are the best Microsoft Excel templates to organize your life.

If you’re like me, your finances are spread around a handful of savings and checking accounts, with odd credit cards thrown in. Maybe you even got a mortgage. This makes it very challenging to track your income and expenses.

The template allows you to create a budget to handle all of your income and expenses for multiple accounts in one workbook. You have sheets for budgets, accounts, deals, goals, and weekly, for the complete package. This will allow you to track your spending habits and plan for contingencies.

Visualizing what you have to do as a to-do list is a valuable tool in increasing your productivity. There is no shortage of tools on the market that help you do this like Todoist, Wunderlist, and TickTick.

But if you want a simpler solution, check out this to-do list spreadsheet. It allows scheduling tasks, setting priorities, and getting things done on time. Best of all, you can easily adapt it to your needs. You can even use it to schedule tasks between team members.

Do you have any long term health problems? If you take a number of medications, you may find it difficult to regulate what you take, how much, and when you take it.

Fortunately, medical spreadsheet templates can reduce the stress of managing your medications and this is ideal. Just add what you need to take, when, and how. You can add notes to track who prescribed it, why you took it, when you had to stop taking it, what the pill looked like, or anything else you noticed while taking the medication.

Are you planning a vacation soon? It’s easy to fall into the quagmire of expenses that come with traveling. There are flights, hotels, and meals to pay for, plus everything in between. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to find yourself paying more than you’d like.

Now, this Travel Budget Worksheet makes it super easy to track your expenses whether you’re visiting the next state or seeing the world.

Set your total budget before you start ordering, then enter individual expenses to track how much space is left in your budget. The spreadsheet will also visualize your expenses.

You don’t need a paper checkbook to take advantage of a checkbook list. In its simplest form, it allows you to track each and every payment in and out, and then add (or subtract) from the running total.

This allows you to stay current on your checking account, and to avoid falling into debt mud. You can use paper for this, but why not give Excel a try?

If you’re moving into a new home or renting out one of your spare rooms, you may want to keep track of every item you own. This home inventory checklist makes it easy to see what you have, and what’s missing, all from within an Excel spreadsheet.

The pre-arranged items in this list are optimized for insurance purposes, so you will find fields to record details about warranty, price and condition along with serial and model numbers. You can also expand the list with whatever you want to inventory.

If you’re on a strict diet or if you’re just trying to cut down on food wastage, you’ll want to stick with a meal planner.

This meal planner template allows you to organize your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week, as well as your grocery list. Add a dish for each meal that includes sides and includes the food you snack on. You can check your food from the dropdown menu and the spreadsheet will automatically compile your grocery list.

If you’re planning a DIY project or have a big school project to complete, you might want to consider doing a little project management.

The Vertex42 Project Schedule template manages to transform every step of the way of what you’re trying to achieve, all in the form of a fun Gantt Chart. Enter your project start date and the date in the sheet will update automatically. You can work with week or month templates or use both for different projects.

Have a busy year ahead? The Annual Planner Calendar spreadsheet template allows you to visualize your schedule over the coming months, while sticking to one page.

There are two tabs containing portrait and landscape views, plus there’s even space for notes.

The Continuous Monthly Calendar Template is somewhat similar to the Annual Planning Calendar, but with one major exception. It shows no lag between months. It’s all just a block away. Enter the starting year, month, and day, and it will fill in the cells for you.

You might also want to try one of these sites to create a free, custom printable calendar template.

These useful Microsoft Office templates only scratch the surface of how you can use the “life spreadsheet” to get everything in order. There’s a tracking spreadsheet for your health and wellness goals, a time management spreadsheet to help you at the office, and a cool spreadsheet for planning events.