10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

By | April 4, 2022

You have Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. You need to know these top tips to get the most out of them.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are great true wireless earbuds with a unique bean design. They sound great, fit comfortably, and have impressive battery life.

If you’re the proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your earbuds.

Wear the Buds Right

This may sound obvious, but you must first make sure that you are wearing Buds Live correctly. Their design is unusual and different from the Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus. Improper use can reduce sound quality and render the touch feature ineffective.

With the speaker facing in and down, check the “L” and “R” to indicate the correct ear. First of all, place the earbuds on your lower ear. Next, rotate the earbuds so that the top fits into the concha of your ear.

If the earbuds feel loose, experiment with the wing tips provided to keep them secure and not fall off. You may need to use different sizes of wingtips for each ear.

Clean Buds

Something that sits in your ear for a long time is bound to get dirty with earwax and wax. It is important that you keep the buds clean so that the speakers and air ducts remain unobstructed. Otherwise, your Buds Live might sound out of balance.

To clean your buds, use a dry cloth to wipe off any visible dirt. You can also use a soft brush or cotton swab. Never use liquid to help clean, although the Buds Live are IPX2 rated, meaning they can withstand a little dripping water, it’s not worth the risk.

Keep Everything Updated

Gone are the days when the device never changed after initial setup. Now almost everything is improved through a software update, which also applies to Buds Live.

To ensure you have the best listening experience, you should keep all components of Buds Live up to date. That includes your phone, if you are using a Samsung device, do that by going to Settings > Software update > Download and install.

You can update Buds Live using an over-the-air service. To do this, launch the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Earbuds software update.

Don’t forget that you should also keep the Galaxy Wearable app up to date!

Change Touch Function

When using your wireless Buds Live on the go, you don’t want to have to take your phone out to adjust the volume or miss a music track. Luckily, Buds Live has lots of different touch functions for easy customization, and you can customize the actions too.

By default, the touch functions are:

  • Tap once: Play / pause
  • Double tap: Next song or answer/end call
  • Triple tap: Previous track
  • Touch and hold: Activate active noise cancellation or reject calls

You can change the touch and hold functionality via the Galaxy Wearable app. Open section Touch controls and under section Touch and hold, tap Left or Right. You can choose from Active noise canceling, Voice command, Volume down/up, and Spotify.

Enable Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is a feature of Buds Live that reduces unwanted background noise (like the rumbling of a train) while still letting you hear the important sounds (like announcements from above). You don’t need to turn up the volume – just enable ANC.

To do this, launch the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Active noise canceling. Or, provided you haven’t changed the touch function, it’s quicker to touch and hold the earbuds briefly to activate ANC. Repeat the same action to disable it.

Reduce Audio Delay

Bluetooth devices may experience audio delays. This is where what you hear doesn’t exactly match what’s happening on the screen. You will notice this most when watching videos or playing games.

You can try to solve this by using Buds Live, moving away from other Bluetooth devices and closer to the connected device.

However, when using the buds with a Samsung phone or tablet, the best way to reduce audio delay is to enable a feature called Gaming mode. To do this, open the Galaxy Wearable app, tap Labs, then activate game mode.

Charge Case Wirelessly

Cases where you keep Buds Live will also charge them. On a full charge, the buds give you eight hours of playback, with an additional 21 hours from the case.

You can charge your case with the included USB Type-C cable, but did you know that the case also supports wireless charging?

Just place the case in the middle of the wireless charger and you’re done. Of course, Samsung recommends using one of its wireless chargers, but one from a reputable company will do a good job.

You can also use the Samsung PowerShare feature to charge your earbuds. Place the Buds Live charging case on the back of a compatible device, such as an S20 or Note10, and you can charge the buds using your phone’s battery.

Experiment With Equalizer

Doesn’t Buds Live sound like you want it to? If so, you’ll have to experiment with different equalizer settings to find a setting that works for you.

Just launch the Galaxy Wearable app, then in the section Equalizer, tap various options to change the sound immediately. The available options are Normal, Bass boost, Soft, dynamic, clear, and Treble boost.

Your personal preferences will vary, but if you’re not sure, choose dynamic. It provides a solid overall balance, with a rich sound that enhances bass.

Find Lost Earbuds

You certainly don’t want to lose one of your earbuds. But if it does, don’t worry. The Galaxy Wearable app has a function to help you find it.

Tap Find My Earbuds, then select Start. Both buds will play a sound that slowly increases in volume. Of course, this only works if you lose it somewhere near you, not on your way.

Read Notification App

Your Buds Live can read some notifications, so you don’t have to take your phone out. To enable this, launch the Galaxy Wearable app, tap Read notifications aloud, then slide the switch On at the top.

Several apps are enabled by default, including Alarms, Email, Messages, and Samsung Phone. However, you can expand this by tapping See all, then use the top drop-down menu to select All. Here you can activate the application you want to hear.

Other Samsung Device Tips

Hope you enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and these tips have helped you get more out of these amazing earbuds.