10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

By | January 4, 2022

Profitable small business at home There is an interesting phenomenon during the COVID-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia, namely the emergence of new home-based business actors. The work-at-home system allows many people to work from home.

In addition, the number of employees who are laid off makes them have to rack their brains to still be able to meet household needs. Opening a business from home is one way to survive during this pandemic. Although as a side, it turns out that a home business must be carried out with the right calculations and planning, you know.

Come on, see the following discussion.

Important Things Before Opening a Home Business

The amount of time at home often raises the intention to open your own business. By utilizing the house as a place of business, it is easier to run a business. However, before jumping into opening a business, there are several things that must be considered. Of course, this is so that small businesses can be profitable.

The first thing to consider is the characteristics of the living environment.

This is important to analyze because it determines what kind of business is suitable to run. For example, the neighborhood is dominated by young couples with one or two children. So the business that is run is certainly one that can meet the needs of this market segment.

Next, consider the purchasing power and consumption trends of the home environment.

If you live in a lower-middle economic environment, then selling products whose prices are suitable for the upper-middle economy is certainly not right. So, also pay attention to purchasing power and the characteristics of the living environment.

However, if the product is also intended for consumers outside the home environment because later it will be sold online, for example, then you must also pay attention to the target market segment. What kind of market segment will be the target of product marketing.

By paying attention to these things, it will be easier for someone to run a business even from home. First, identify the consumers you will be targeting, then decide what kind of product to sell. Indeed, to do this analysis is easy and difficult, but the effect will be good for the business being carried out.

Profitable Small Business at Home

Let’s assume we already know who the target market is from the existing market segments. After knowing, here are a selection of small businesses from home that can be run during the pandemic and bring benefits:

1. Selling Breakfast

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

Mornings are tiring times for wives and mothers. For this reason, opening a breakfast business has the potential to be carried out in the home environment. Of course, to run this business, you must have cooking skills. If the food tastes good and the price is affordable, then the profit of this business is quite large. Make sure the food is processed hygienically, yes.

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2. Dropshipping business

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

As a beginner, dropship is arguably the most suitable. The reason is, dropshippers don’t need to spend any capital to wholesale goods. Plus, the business of becoming a dropshipper is very easy to run because all promotional content is created by the product owner. Dropship only “helps” sell it. In fact, there is no need to make a delivery. Interesting right?

2. Online Payment Agent (PPOB)

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

The corona virus pandemic makes people unable to freely go to banks or ATMs to make financial transactions. For this reason, this is a business opportunity. By becoming an online payment agent, you can help the local community pay bills or other financial transactions. How to become a PPOB agent is quite easy and can be done without capital.

3. Selling Data and Credit Packages

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

Although this business has mushroomed, the increasing number of mobile phone users makes the market for this business always there. Plus people are increasingly looking for things that are practical and easy. By opening a business selling data and credit packages at home, you can help neighbors and the surrounding community when they want to buy data or credit packages. The profit from this business is also good.

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4. Grocery Business

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

Sembako is a commodity that people are definitely looking for. If the land at home allows, then this business has great potential. Especially if the price given is competitive or even cheaper. In order to get a cheap wholesale price, then wholesale it at a large agent. The advantage of this business is quite large because the turnover of goods is fast.

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6. Beverage Franchise

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

If in the home environment there are many small children, the beverage franchise business is quite potential. In addition, this business can also be marketed through the Gojek or Grab application if you want to reach a larger target market. Choose a drink that is liked by both children and adults. An example is a powder-based variety of flavored boba drinks.

7. Efforts to Sell LPG and Drinking Water

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

Like the basic food business, selling LPG and gallon drinking water has been carried out a lot. However, it is undeniable that this business has potential. Especially if there are one or two sellers in a new residential area. In order to have more value, provide better services, for example providing shuttle services. In addition, try to be friendly to consumers so that they are satisfied and buy again.

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8. Selling Pet Food

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

If the location of the house is strategic, for example in the front block of housing close to the main road access, then this business is quite potential. Currently, in residential neighborhoods many people have pets. For this reason, selling pet food has great potential. Moreover, this business can also be marketed through e-commerce so that it can reach a wider market.

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9. Selling Frozen Food

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas at Home

Apparently, the business of selling frozen food does not only require large capital. The initial capital is only to buy a freezer and frozen food wholesalers. In fact, the product can be obtained with a consignment system. The demand for frozen food during the pandemic has increased, making selling this product a profitable small business at home.

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10. Copywriter Services

If you have expertise in writing, then this business can be used as a profitable small business at home. Join writing service sites and get writing orders there. Even though the deadlines are sometimes tight, this business is still very feasible and profitable to run from home.

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Small Business Challenges at Home

Although it is easy to run, it is not uncommon for small businesses that are run at home to go out of business. The main challenge is the planning of the business actors themselves. Even though the business is small in scale, if it is managed with good long-term and short-term planning, it will certainly be profitable.

In addition, promotion and resources are also a challenge. Small businesses are usually limited in resources. Intense promotions have the potential to bring in large orders. If the resources are not sufficient then the order cannot be fulfilled on time. So, first make sure the existing production capacity, then create the right promotional program.

That was an example of a profitable small business at home and their tips. Keep innovating to retain and add customers. If you can’t innovate on products, then innovate on services.

Don’t be afraid to try it, cheers!

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