10 Motorcycle Spare Parts Business Strategies to Get More Customers

By | January 14, 2022

The number of motorcycles is increasing day by day. In Jakarta alone, there is an increase of more than a thousand motorcycle units every day. This makes the motorcycle spare parts business opportunity very large. This opportunity should be used for businessmen.

10 Motorcycle Spare Parts Business Strategies to Get More Customers

Before starting a business in the motorcycle spare parts business, there are several important strategies that you need to know.

Check out some of the explanations below:

Strategic Location Determines Business Success

This business requires a strategic location that is easily accessible to people. The shop on the side of the main road is the most appropriate. In addition, the location must also be close to the center of the crowd. This crowd can be from housing, schools, offices, as well as shopping centers. Also, look for a location with ample parking and shops.

10 Motorcycle Spare Parts Business Strategies to Get More Customers
The strategic location of the motorbike spare parts shop will potentially be crowded with buyers.

After the strategic location and area are determined. Create a store that is easy for people to see and recognize. Can by installing a large signpost. You can also choose a different store color than the others. By using bright red or bright yellow for example.

Shop for spare parts at a trusted supplier

The key to the success of a motorcycle spare part business is the completeness of the goods or spare parts themselves. Shops that have complete items for various motorcycle brands will definitely be flooded with visitors. Ensure the availability of goods that sell quickly and are often sold. Those items are spark plugs, oil, batteries, bolt nuts, and motorcycle accessories.

Do not forget the quality and quality of goods. Wholesale of goods can be done from several vendors who provide goods with guaranteed quality. So that customers are not disappointed, pay attention to the authenticity of goods for well-known brands. Some spare parts do have a low price, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the goods is bad. Keep quality first so that customers are satisfied.

Provide a Systematic Store Arrangement

Motorcycle spare parts business demands a wide and organized storage area for goods. Therefore, the layout of the store is very important for the ease of mobilizing goods and people. To make it easier to identify items, a code system can be used. This code generation can be manual or using a barcode.

After code generation or item grouping is complete, organize items by code. Place items neatly on the shelves according to their group. Make sure the store is always neat and clean. So that the store looks organized, place spare parts in boxes according to their type. Arrange the boxes neatly on the shelves that have been adjusted by the group.

Complete Store with Retail Software

Considering that there are quite a lot of goods sold, an integrated system is needed to manage this business. Therefore, computerization is the answer. Currently, there are many software shops for sale that can support the motorcycle spare parts business that they are currently engaged in. Complete the shop with a set of computers and software.

Or, if you want to be practical, all of this can be combined into one POS or Point of Sales. A cashier can double as a POS operator. With a POS in the store, the risk of wrong notes or wrong input of goods can be minimized. Sales and purchases can also be integrated into a system that facilitates store management.

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Give Competitive Prices To Customers

Everyone wants cheap genuine spare parts. However, the price of spare parts in the market has its own determination. Therefore, motorcycle spare parts entrepreneurs must be very good at setting prices. As a first step, do a survey to several similar stores. In addition, multiply information about the standard price of a spare part. Find out as much information as possible about the market price of a spare part.

In addition, the key to competitive pricing is supplier selection. Look for suppliers who sell genuine goods but at low prices. This way, business owners still have enough room to maximize profits. Even better if the supplier is the first hand of the manufacturer. The price given is definitely much more attractive.

Apply Attractive Promotions

Effective and efficient promotion is needed in this business. Use methods that are easy but have a big effect. For example, by installing a sign or signage that is different from the others. Complete the signage with colorful lights or with striking shapes, colors and sizes.

10 Motorcycle Spare Parts Business Strategies to Get More Customers
An example of an interesting promotion.

Then, don’t forget social media. Maximize promotion in cyberspace by posting products and services that can be provided in stores. Whether it’s a discount program, warranty, membership and so on. In addition, offline promotions by distributing flyers and installing banners can also be an option. Promotion by word of mouth is also very effective.

Complete the Shop with Installation Services

When the business starts to grow, equip the shop with installation or installation services. It is possible that the business can develop into a workshop. This motorcycle spare parts business will become one stop shopping which will certainly answer the needs of the community. Equip the shop with compressors and other installation equipment.

To support installation services at the shop, hire mechanics who have sufficient skills for this. At least the mechanic at the shop knows how to install and replace motorcycle parts. As development progresses, the shop can develop into a motorcycle service center that also sells spare parts. Of course this is very pampering customers.

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Face Competitors Smartly

It must be admitted that the competition in this business is very tight. That is the reason this business is difficult to succeed if the price of spare parts is not competitive as well. So, how to deal with competitors? The answer is to continue to prioritize service and quality of goods. When people are satisfied with friendly and informative service, customers will come back again.

In addition, make competitors as partners. Build friendships and communicate with fellow players in this business. That way, who knows by partnering, you can also become a supplier of goods for smaller spare parts shops. When there are items in the store that happen to be out of stock, you can first borrow them from the same nearest store.

Maintain Employee Quality so Customers are Satisfied

Given this business requires high accuracy, then look for employees (mechanics) who are capable of it. This mechanic can be from a vocational school graduate (or equivalent) and has experience in the field (practical). Try your mechanic is a person who is agile, responsive, and has high initiative. Because this motorcycle spare part business requires people who can do the job neatly and with discipline.

10 Motorcycle Spare Parts Business Strategies to Get More Customers
Reliable Mechanical Illustration.

In addition, hire employees who really understand the service aspect. As a business owner, you are obliged to provide guidance regarding this service. Friendly, informative and solution-based services will make customers happy. Even if the customer does not find the item he is looking for, he will leave without disappointment because of the friendly service earlier.

Strengthen Capital

The capital to start this business is quite large. Moreover, if you do not have your own place, then the rental fee must be included in the capital component. Normally, 20% of the initial capital is for land rent. In addition, for facilities and infrastructure, allocate approximately 10% of the capital. The remaining 70% is for merchandise purchases.

Those are 10 things to consider before starting a motorcycle spare parts business. Even though the competition is fierce, this business opportunity is still good. With the right management and good financial management, this business can grow to be big. In addition, this business can also absorb a large number of workers along with its development.

Happy starting a business!

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