10 Important Tips and Tricks for Opera Browser

By | March 19, 2022

Opera is a solid desktop browser, but it’s also centuries old. And in that long span of time, the app has garnered millions of users and useful updates to keep it afloat.

However, Opera has added a number of features that have flown under the radar of most users’ sights. Here are some Opera mobile features that you may not know about.

Download: Opera for Android | Opera Touch for iOS (Free)

Data Saver

Like its desktop counterpart, the Opera app has a nifty data-saving mode known as Opera Turbo. Once enabled, it will route your traffic through Opera’s servers to save data and speed up browsing. It looks for compressible web page elements, such as images. It trims what it can and sends the resulting data back to your phone.

The option to enable it is in the settings as Data Savings. Tapping on it will take you to a dashboard where you can see how much data your Opera is managing. You can even manually select the quality of a given image.

Offline Page

Another handy and relatively unknown feature of Opera is its ability to save links for later. You can download any web page by simply tapping the Offline Pages item located in the three-dot menu next to the address bar.

Opera will instantly download the page for you. You can access it later from the second Offline Page informasi available under the red Opera icon in the lower right corner. This is a great way to save a few pages to read on your commute if you don’t want to download a separate app for that purpose.


Opera comes with three themes that you can apply. Luckily, one of them is dark mode. The remaining two are mostly white, while the third theme features red accents. You can apply a theme to Opera from the Appearance page in Settings.

You’ll also find a separate Night Mode in Opera. Enabling it will lower the brightness and automatically trigger the black theme. However, unlike some other browsers, Opera does not cover web pages with a dark layer.

Open Tab in Background

Opera has a bit of a setting that lets you launch new tabs in the background. Usually, opening an external informasi minimizes your current page and redirects you to a new one.

If you want to change it, you can easily do so from Opera’s Preferences via the option titled New Tab. This lets you focus on what you’re reading before moving on to something else.

Opera Touch and Opera Mini

Apart from the main mobile client, Opera has two other browsers you can try called Opera Mini and Opera Touch.

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The first is a trimmed-down version of Opera Mobile for underpowered phones. The latter is a more modern way of mobile browsers with a smart one-handed interface and refreshing design.
Note that for some reason, Opera doesn’t offer the standard Opera browser on iOS. Also, Opera Mini is not available on iOS in the US

Download: Opera Mini for Android (Free)
Download: Opera Touch for Android | iOS (Free)

My Flow

If you finally switch to Opera Touch and use Opera on your computer too, you can use a continuity tool titled My Flow.

My Flow allows you to seamlessly share content across Opera’s mobile and desktop apps. You can push links, text and even images. Plus, it’s integrated into almost every aspect of the experience. So for example, if you find an image while browsing on your desktop that you want to send to your phone, you can simply right-click it and select the My Stream option.

Similarly, if you select a piece of text, Opera will bring up the My Stream shortcut in the popup menu. My Flow doesn’t need an Opera account to work; You just need to scan the QR code from your phone and you are all set.

Shortcut to Image Search

For people who frequently search Google with images instead of text, Opera has a quick shortcut. Whenever you find any online image you want to search for, all you need to do is long press the thumbnail. In the contextual menu, tap the action titled Search Google for this image.

Built-in Google Translate

Another very neat feature of Opera is that it comes with Google Translate. To use it, simply go to the page you want to convert to your preferred language and under the three-dot menu, hit the Translate button.

Opera will translate the page into the language you used to set up the app. If you want to update that language selection, there is an option available in settings.

Crypto Wallet (Android Only)

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Opera’s mobile client also has a cryptocurrency wallet where you can directly store and access your tokens. However, at the time of writing, it only supports Ethereum’s Ether.

You can send and receive payments directly from the app. Apart from that, you can even download Ethereum based decentralized apps and invest in crypto collections (ERC-721 standard) like CryptoKitties.

Find Crypto Wallet in Opera Mobile under the little red Opera button in the lower right corner.

News anchor

There is a newsreader available in Opera as well. Stories are displayed on the home screen, based on the sources you like. Also, from the settings, you can change several other options such as enabling reader mode, changing the region, opting out of personalized ads, and much more.