10 Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Page Followers

By | January 11, 2022
facebook tips – How how to increase followers on facebook page do we have ? Add likes / likes on facebook page (fanspage) is one way to increase online sales on Facebook social media. As we discussed in the previous article, increasing the number of people who like our Facebook page can be said to be one of the best ways to sell online on Facebook today. This is because the more people who like the fanspage that we manage, the greater the reach of the fanspage when we post the products we sell online.

There are many purposes of creating a fanpage or page on Facebook and the function of the fanpage itself is divided into various categories, ranging from pages for personal products, business pages and pages for communities. Although the Facebook page is divided into many categories, on average the founders of the fanpage have the same desire, which is to increase the number of likes on their page. Then, how easy way to add fanpage followers on facebook right now? And not a few of them are trying the instant way where they look for ways to increase Facebook fanpage likes automatically or use an application to increase fanspage likes in order to increase Facebook’s online shop sales.

Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to provide a solution to all of us who have a large number of Facebook fanpage followers. The method that we will share is a simple way that everyone can do without having to use the auto like facebook page application. How to add fanpage likes this time we can do it for free and through the Facebook application on Android smartphones and iPhones, so it is very suitable for those of us who are just starting an online business to try it. Let’s just take a look at the reviews about how to get more people to see page posts on facebook in full below.

10 Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Page Followers

how to increase facebook page followers

But before we discuss how to increase the reach of people who see our fanpage posts or Facebook pages, there are several things we need to prepare, including:

  1. The first way to increase fanpage likes is to have more than 900 friends on our Facebook account. Where our Facebook friends have a preferred topic with a niche page that we manage. Well, at our meeting this time we will discuss about how we can have many friends who share the same fanpage theme that we created.
  2. Try to have more than 20 posts on the Facebook page or fanpage that we will optimize. Posts can be in the form of images, text or links from websites that we have.
  3. In order to make our friends interested in becoming followers on our facebook page, make a profile photo and cover photo as unique as possible on our fanspage.
  4. And the most important thing here is that we have to post regularly so that the number of reach of our facebook page is increasing.

A surefire trick to increase the reach of people who see posts on our fanpage

1. Provide interesting content in each post

how to increase facebook page followers
  • So that people are interested in reading our posts, you should try to write unique and interesting sentences every time we update our posts. With the existence of a unique post, an indirect relationship will be established between the admin and the fanspage liker. This is because the fanspage followers will prefer unique and interesting content, so that the likers commenting on the fanspage will make our posts appear on the homepage of our page followers’ facebook accounts. That way there will be a potential for our fanspage followers to read and like to follow our Facebook page.

2. Join a group that fits our fanpage niche

  • Joining groups on facebook that have many members and according to the content of our facebook page is one way to increase the likes of our fanspage. For example, if your Facebook page has the theme of buying and selling online, then try joining a buying and selling group around our city or in a market place group such as Shope or Tokopedia. Be active in the groups that we follow and in each post insert a word that tells us to like our fanspage.

3. Invite friends manually

  • It is undeniable that to increase the reach of the fanspage it takes a lot of people to see the post. Therefore, we indirectly have to increase our facebook friends to like our fanspage so that they become followers of the facebook page that we manage. The best step so that we have a lot of friends on Facebook is to often add friends or use a girl profile and then invite our friends to like our fanspage.

4. Contribute to various social media

how to increase facebook page followers
  • Contributing to various social media such as facebook, pinterest, path, instagram, twitter and google plus is the next way to increase the followers of the page we have. By participating in communicating on social media, we will be able to increase the number of likes for our fanspage and be targeted according to the content we are working on. But don’t forget to keep inserting our Facebook page informasi in every post on these social media.

5. Diligently do promotions

  • Utilizing several media to carry out promotions such as social bookmarking, websites/blogs, online forums, or it could be on a free marketplace can also be one way to increase people who like our fanspage. This is based on the principle of people trading, if we don’t do promotions then no one will know the products we sell.

In addition to some of the ways above to increase Facebook page followers, there are actually several other ways, including:

6. Use the Facebook page like service

We can have a lot of Facebook fanpage likes which automatically our Facebook page can be liked by up to thousands of people in a short time. Indeed, to do this one way, it takes a capital to pay for the service like the facebook page, but we don’t need to worry about the cost of the service like the facebook page, this is because there are many service providers who have relatively cheap prices on the internet. . Even though it is relatively cheap, there are some effects that deserve our attention, namely:

  • The followers on that page can be said to be not organic viewers (not human accounts but robot accounts). So it can be said that the number of likes up to thousands is just a wall display on a Facebook page.
  • We will experience a decrease in the number of likes on our facebook page after 1 week. And gradually the number of likes will decrease drastically until it finally disappears as usual.
  • The followers on the fanspage that we have are usually not as targeted as we expect. For example, if we target specifically for Indonesian Facebook users, it could be that those who like our Facebook page actually come from foreign countries.
  • They tend to use third party sites to add likes to our pages

7. Using paid facebook ads

The most effective way and give positive results at this time in order to increase the followers of the facebook page that we have is by placing ads on facebook ads / facebook ads. Indeed, this method requires quite a lot of capital and sometimes we have to have a credit card. However, for a beginner who wants to try it, we can use this Facebook advertising service with cheap prices starting at 25 thousand so that without using a credit card we can try to increase the reach of our fanspage using Facebook ads.

8. Auto invite

If you want a way to add Facebook fanpage likes automatically then using auto invite is the choice. So that our friends will be automatically invited, let’s try to follow the steps to increase Facebook fanpage likes easily as follows:

  1. First of all, let’s prepare the materials first, by downloading the script at the following address >> http://www.tusfiles.net/37bxwghzlmyh
  2. After the script download process is complete, let’s first open the fan page that we want to auto invite.
  3. Select see all friends
  4. For google chrome users, press F12 then select console
  5. The next step is to copy and paste the script that we downloaded earlier to the Console page >> Enter
  6. After the process is complete Click Refresh Page
  7. If there are still people who haven’t been invited, repeat the steps once again

9. Diligent – be diligent to do charity

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10. Keep on praying and don’t get tired of trying

That’s how to increase Facebook page followers that we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully with the increase in likes and followers of the fanspage that we have, the number of people who see our posts will also increase, thank you so much..