10 Cool PowerPoint Templates to Make Your PPT Presentations Shine

By | March 31, 2022

When preparing a presentation, you need all the help you can get to launch your slide deck to success. If you invest your time into content that will help direct your points to the audience, it helps to leave the slide designs to the pros who can do the best.

Throughout this tutorial, we’ll survey the 10 best cool PowerPoint templates that can help you get through the job of designing a presentation from scratch. With PowerPoint templates, you open source files, add your design specifications, and have your presentation finished in less time than ever.

How to Use Templates to Design Your Presentation

First, let’s see why templates are so useful in designing your presentation.

If you’ve never used a PowerPoint template to build your presentation before, it might feel like a learning curve. How do you use the slides already created in the template, and how can you customize the PowerPoint template to match your ideas?

When you download cool presentation templates, you’ll find that the included presentation formats already have slides designed for almost any purpose. This is a collection of pre-built ideas that make using templates really helpful. You don’t need to design on a blank canvas to bring your presentation to life, thanks to templates.

Here’s how you can use PowerPoint templates to save you time when designing your next presentation:

  • Start with a template, like one of the examples shown below.
  • Choose a slide in the presentation deck that fits your content purpose, set aside that slide for use in your presentation.
  • Add your specific content to the starter slides to tailor your PowerPoint presentation to your needs.
  • Save and export the finished PowerPoint presentation with your details built-in, ready to be presented to an audience.

If you want to save time and create PowerPoint presentations, the solution is clear: start with a cool PowerPoint template. Let’s look at some of the best examples.

Top 10 Cool PowerPoint Templates

Here is a list of our 10 favorite great PowerPoint templates that you can use to design your next presentation and reasons why you should choose one.

Iconic PowerPoint Template

Iconic is a cool PowerPoint template that you can use to design your next presentation. It has all the elements you’d likely find in a top presentation template, including easily scalable icons that can add graphic annotations to your presentation.

The best PPT templates feature the ability to reuse designs over and over again across multiple presentations. Believe in bringing this idea to life beautifully thanks to more than 200 unique slide designs and 10 easy-to-use color schemes. Build your presentation using this PowerPoint template.

X Note has always had angular as one of the most popular PowerPoint templates thanks to its slick design options. This is a great presentation template that you can use to build a professional slide deck that will feel right at home in the boardroom.

One of the best ways to build an informative presentation is to combine infographics that explain ideas with images. Buxe really captures this principle using easily customizable infographic objects; It’s packed full of easy-to-customize infographics which makes it one of the best PPT templates around.

Choosing an outstanding PowerPoint presentation comes down to choosing slides that will stand out from the crowd. Your audience has likely seen the same built-in Microsoft templates too many times, so using a cool and colorful template like Baldo is an easy way to set your upcoming presentation apart from the crowd. It’s easy to customize thanks to the drag-and-drop format.

There really are great PowerPoint templates for every purpose, including this Social Media Trends option. Use this cool PowerPoint template to show off your social channel trends and how you can improve major platforms.

Every startup needs a great PowerPoint presentation to get started, and this template can be the perfect way to do it. Throwing your ideas out to potential investors and employees is putting your best foot forward, and this awesome template full of clean slides and clear ideas will help you showcase your startup.

No matter what type of app, product, or service you run, a marketing plan can help you capture your key ideas about how you’re going to spread the word. Use awesome PowerPoint templates like this one to capture all your major marketing ideas in one place.

Hush is a flexible PowerPoint template that works for a variety of presentation purposes. More than 90 finely tuned slide designs are super easy to update with your details to make your next PowerPoint presentation shine. Open the template, add your details, and present with confidence knowing you have a great set of slide designs.

When you launch your new project, it helps to capture ideas in PowerPoint presentations. This sliding deck will help you do just that in less time than ever, thanks to an easy-to-customize slide starter.

All-You-Can PowerPoint Template Download

Great PowerPoint presentations come in a variety of formats and styles. And if you want the most variety and options for building your next presentation, the best platform for sourcing templates is Envato Elements.

If you checked all 10 cool PowerPoint templates in this round, you might have noticed that they are all sourced from Envato Elements. Better yet, all templates are included as part of a flat rate Elements subscription.

However, that’s not the only reason you should give an Elements membership a try if you regularly make PowerPoint presentations.

In fact, an Elements subscription includes all the complementary assets that can really fill your next PowerPoint presentation. Envato Elements offers stock photos and graphics that you can add to your presentation to set it apart from the PowerPoint presentations your audience is accustomed to seeing.

Don’t forget that these assets are part of a downloadable Envato Elements subscription plan. A few key stock photos or additional graphics can complement a presentation well, and the benefit of subscribing is that there’s no additional cost to incorporate these into your presentation whenever you want.

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