10 Computer User Mistakes – Writing Samsul

By | December 15, 2021
10 Computer User Mistakes

Today we will discuss 10 laptop/computer user error. Some of them are just basic mistakes or may not be followed the proper way. We will explain which may be slightly different to improve your experience when using computers. And this method doesn’t only apply to Windows 10, but many of them will apply to whatever type of computer you’re using.

10 Laptop/Computer User Mistakes

1st User Error: Wrong Restart

Everyone knows that if you have a problem with your computer, the first thing you should probably try is to turn it off and on again. But you may not realize that in Windows 10, there is a feature called ‘Fast Startup‘ which is enabled by default. So the next time you shut down your computer, then turn it back on, it’s actually not really restarting as you might think.

Because this Fast Startup feature makes Windows by default it will do more hibernation, where it will save running processes in memory and put them on the hard drive.

So when the computer reboots after shutting down, it’s actually just restoring the same process so it doesn’t take long to get things started.

Well, if you restart the computer by turning it off and on again specifically to close everything and fix something, the real way you have to do is to Restart. Because that would completely erase everything and reset everything completely.


Whereas if you just shutdown then restarted, it might still be using stuff from the previous example and might not really fix the problem. So now, if you want to restart your computer to fix something, just restart it.

2nd User Error: Not paying attention to any of the options during install

option virus

What does it mean? When you install new software, the thing that most people go wrong with is that they don’t read any of the options or checkboxes and they just click Next and Next assuming that they need to complete the requirements to install the program, but apart from that, there are often multiple programs. especially third-party programs, they include bloatware such as offering anti-virus applications and so on on the computer. And the impact of that is usually when the installation is complete, there are advanced applications that install automatically which in fact you never download or install the application.

3rd User Error: Not Customizing Start Menu

Windows 10 start menu

One thing that many computer users often do is just use the default start menu without customizing it at all. With Windows 10, actually you can customize a lot of things there. You can even delete everything. If you want, you can add any shortcuts you want, or that you use frequently, and add any program there.

It’s a good idea to save some programs or folders that you use frequently, that way you can really reduce the amount of clutter on your desktop.

4th User Error: Not encrypting laptop

This one pretty much applies in most cases. But one thing that a lot of people don’t do is not encrypt their laptops. If you bring your laptop in a public place, it’s best if the laptop is encrypted. So, if you lose or it is stolen, no one can access any data on your laptop.

Now to check whether the computer is compatible with the device’s encryption feature or not, do the following:

you open Start Menu and type System information

system information

In the statement it was explained that, the device failed to load information with PCR7 binding which was no longer supported. So, to overcome this you can open settings and then update your computer security. Or you can look for additional information from the internet, in order to narrow your search or make it easier for you to search, you can include the brand or system that you use on the laptop.

User Error 5: Never remove startup programs

One thing computer users do wrong is let everything start with Windows, never check startup programs, and then wonder why their computer is so much slower than when it first bought it. Maybe because you installed a lot of things before you first bought a new computer.

And a way to stop things from running in the background. The way you can press the keyboard shortcut below to make our work easier.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete then select Task Manager and open tab Startup

task manager startup

This window will display all programs the first time you turn on your computer, many programs have the potential to slow down your computer. It’s a good idea to disable the programs that run when you first turn on the computer. You do this by right-clicking and selecting Disable.

User Error 6: Using multiple passwords

This is one mistake that people make, no matter what type of computer you have and use a lot of passwords. This is one of the worst things you can do because in this day and age, of course, many passwords stored in databases are leaked. Or you still use passwords on several websites, you should avoid that to a minimum, because what hackers will do is they will actually sell or buy your database, so they can freely use that data to destroy data. you, and what’s worse, it could be that they spread the data on forums.

It’s a good idea if you create a password, use a random password or you can use a password manager like LastPass. that’s what i use. Then you can make it remember it for you, generate a random password, then you will always use a unique word on each site.

User Error 7: Using an unsupported OS

This is more relevant than ever as it relates to using an outdated or unsupported version of Windows or on any operating system. And most of them are Windows users. And this reason is especially relevant because right at the start of 2020, Windows 7, one of the most popular operating systems of all time, ran out of support. So Microsoft no longer offers security updates. This means that if you are still using Windows 7, unfortunately when there is an error or error or other vulnerability on your computer, you will not get security updates.

windows 7 information

It’s a good idea if you’re still using Windows 7, Vista, or XP, just upgrade to Windows 10, plus now there is Windows 11 coming soon. That way you will get more security updates and more features.

User Error 8: Using default OS settings

And one thing a lot of people do wrong is just use the default settings in Windows and don’t change anything or the operating system you’re using. If you’ve never been into operating system settings, at least take a quick look at some of the settings you might want to change. There are so many options there or if you are not sure what to do, you can read this blog article, I have made several lists so that your laptop or computer can run optimally. Such as Debloat Windows, and many more.

User Error 9: Not Backing-UP

If you don’t have a lot of backups for all your most important files, then you are completely wrong on your computer. It’s not a matter of how many files you have at the moment, nor is it a matter of the hard drive being damaged later. It’s a matter of how “are you comfortable losing data without you backing it up at all?”.

app data backup

Even though now, there are many free services to backup your data such as Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Drive and so on. You can use this service to back up your data. If in the future the data is lost, then, the data that you backed up earlier, you can download and use again.

User Error 10: Not updating Windows

windows 10 update

This is another very important point and many people make this mistake by not updating Windows or operating system, or any software when you get the chance to update. By delaying security updates and leaving it alone. So there will be many errors or bugs that appear. But, if you have Windows Pro, then it can actually specifically delay security updates and feature updates one by one.

You can make changes and you will have a better computer experience from now on. So, those were 10 computer user mistakes that you should know about. Let me know what you think in the comments. If there’s anything I missed? We will discuss in the next article. Thank you.