10 Best Zoom Alternatives For Android and iPhone

By | March 16, 2022

Don’t like Zoom? Check out these alternatives for Android and iPhone which have similar functionality.

When you need to work with people remotely, Zoom is probably the first app you think of for video conferencing. However, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the Zoom alternatives. Whether you don’t care about using Zoom for some reason or just want to try something fresh, there are plenty of apps like Zoom that are worth using.

Here are Zoom alternatives for Android and iPhone that you can try.


Skype is Microsoft’s messaging and video conferencing platform, and a long-standing participant in the world of video calling.

With Skype, you can make clear HD video and voice calls that support up to 50 participants at once. It has a subtitle feature which actively transcribes spoken words to text during a call session.

The SMS and instant messaging features allow you to message and react using @mentions during the meeting.

In addition, by using the features Skype-to-Phone, you can call friends or co-workers directly on their mobile or landline. However, you must purchase Skype Credit.

Just like Zoom, Skype allows you to share your screen, as well as record your video calls and meetings if you wish.

Download: Skype for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Google Duo

You can easily set up a Duo account with your phone number and connect with your contacts, as long as they are also in the app.

Google Duo lets you make group video calls with friends, family, and colleagues. It also protects all calls with end-to-end encryption. If you can’t hold a meeting, you can make audio and video recordings of your messages and share them with your contacts.

In addition, you can write and send text-filled notes to your contacts. This is a handy function that Zoom doesn’t provide. However, keep in mind that Duo only supports 32 participants at a time.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts, as the name suggests, is a great place to gather with family and friends, as well as hold professional gatherings.

With Hangouts, you can make HD video calls anytime with your contacts by creating a shareable info. Currently, Hangouts video calling is supported by Google Meet.

The app also supports voice calls and direct calls to phones and landlines. It allows free direct network calls to numbers in the US and Canada, at low rates for numbers outside these regions.

In addition, you can share media and chat using its message function.

Download: Google Hangout for Android | iOS (Free)


The wildly popular Facebook messaging app, WhatsApp, is great for text messaging, video calling, voice calling, and media sharing.

You can connect with anyone using free video calls. The app currently supports a maximum of eight participants in a single video or voice call. That is, it is not ideal for professional use.

In addition to video calls, you can create groups of up to 256 participants, send instant messages, and share small media files.

Even though WhatsApp may not have all the required features of a professional video calling platform, it can still fulfill your need for a private video conferencing app.

Amazon Chime

If you’re looking for a single app for chat, voice calls, and business conference calls, Amazon Chime might be for you.

With Amazon Chime, you can share screens during video conference calls with coworkers to easily create engaging presentations. In addition, you can use the features Dial-In to allow people to make calls, even if they are not on a computer or have mobile internet access.

Likewise, the app integrates well with Slack for easy access by teams. It also allows you to use @mentions in chat.

Amazon Chime Pro supports up to 250 participants, less than you get with Zoom. While the app’s free plan lets you perform basic tasks, you can pay for premium features while using it.

Download: Amazon Chime for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, which is more tailored for work teams, has great collaboration features and supports third-party application integration.

With it, you can host video meetings of up to 10,000 participants for 24 hours, while using a custom backdrop. Video conferencing supports screen and file sharing, which makes collaborating with your team easy.

In addition, you can use Together Mode, which makes it appear as if all the participants are in a shared virtual background. Apart from that, there are standard chat and voice calling features.

Download: Microsoft Teams for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


Discord is a hangout place for teams, friends, and communities that aren’t all business. You can create closed group chats and videos with friends and family.

This app allows you, as well as all participants, to share your screen and stream media to other participants during a video meeting. This feature is very similar to Zoom screen sharing, although it only supports 25 participants at a time.

As one of the best social platforms for gamers, this app has another great feature that lets you collaborate seamlessly. Its servers allow you to create and manage workspaces and all participants from a single point, which makes it great for teams. It also includes third-party application integration.

Download: Discord for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi offers HD video and audio for great video conferencing. With it, you can create video conferencing meetings with up to 50 participants.

Jitsi supports screen sharing of multiple participants and even allows you to remotely control the participant’s desktop screen. Moreover, it offers end-to-end encryption for privacy.

With other functions, you can share meeting recordings or even live stream to YouTube. In addition, this application provides more security with a feature that only accepts participants by invitation.

Google Meet

If you’re a Gmail user, you can easily start a Google Meet video meeting right from the Gmail app. Google Meet allows teams to meet and collaborate efficiently.

You can share screens and send messages during a meeting. In addition, the app supports text and live streaming during conferences.

Moreover, it lets you record your video meetings and accommodates up to 250 participants in the meeting. You can easily hold meetings on Meet by creating a shareable info. It also lets you access meeting invitations by simply opening your invite info within the app.

Google Meet also enables voice calling, where participants join a meeting using a phone number.

Download: Google Meet for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

house party

As the name suggests, Houseparty is simply a place for fun connections. It lets you create group video calls of up to eight participants.

You can easily add friends directly from your contacts and start group calls seamlessly. Houseparty automatically notifies your friends when you are online and available for parties; You can change the settings if you don’t like this.

Also, you can play your favorite party games with friends inside the app. You can play games like trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac.

However, the app is not suitable for professional teams, unless they just want to party.

Download: Houseparty for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

More Video Call Options

Zoom has many great features and benefits, especially for businesses and professional teams. However, you can have more options with this alternative.

Depending on your calling needs and goals, different apps can offer more room for flexibility to get more work done or just have fun.