10 Best Video Editing Apps For iOS and Android

By | March 21, 2022

While the mobile video editor can’t compete with heavy video editing suites like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, it does work for basic editing. At the very least, it works well for editing social videos or vlogging for posts to Instagram and TikTok. Then, it might as well surprise with its powerful features.

However, whatever your reasons for editing videos on the go, you are at the right place. In this article, I will select and discuss the best video editing apps for Android and iOS. Let’s check.


FilmoraGo is an impressive mobile video editor that helps to produce amazingly slick videos. It features the most basic editing tools like cut, trim, etc. That’s not all, it also supports reverse playback and editing sooner or later, surprisingly!

FilmoraGo allows you to import photos and videos, preview clips in real-time and share them on most social channels. In addition, there are tons of filters, music tracks, themes, and still and motion pictures available. Then, it has in-app purchases – effects and themes – if you are looking for more creativity.


  • Supports reverse playback and slow motion video editing.
  • Create aspect ready videos per target platform.


  • There is no support for multi-track editing and 4K video.
  • Added water clips; released by subscription.


Cyberlink ActionDirector features most of the basic functions for editing and customizing videos in its intuitive interface. What sets it apart from FilmoraGo is its support for editing and producing 4K videos with incredible clarity.

You can also record videos, add captions, and add music to create a soundtrack. You can change the video using complex action effects; for example, you can replay or rewind sections to highlight sections of the video. This feature to highlight important moments makes it unique from other apps including FilmoraGo.


  • Supports adding slow or fast motion effects and more.
  • Supports 4K video editing and creation, unlike FilmoraGo.


  • There is no support for filters and layers, unlike most other applications.
Download ActionDirector: Android Only.

Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is the sibling of Premiere Pro – one of the most powerful creative editing suites. It is an all-in-one cross-device video editing app with a built-in camera to create pro-quality videos on mobile devices.

If you’re a pro video maker, you’ll love the multi-track and cloud timeline editing capabilities, which are missing on FilmoraGo. On top of all the basic editing features, it provides motion graphics and auto-ducking effects. However, it limits export, rendering, or free sharing to three videos, unlike the others.


  • Supports export projects for Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Multi-track timeline editing features, unlike FilmoraGo.


  • There is no support for specifying the output video size.
  • There are no unlimited exports in this free plan, unlike FilmoraGo.


If you like creating lip-sync or music videos, Funimate is your ideal video editor on mobile devices. It offers all the major editing features like crop, merge, and crop as well as effects and filters, like most of those apps.

Unlike the editors mentioned above, Funimate has 100+ video effects. It also allows you to create your own effects, surprisingly! Once you make a video, you can share it privately on social networks or other apps like WhatsApp.


  • Features all basic video editing options and tools.
  • Allows creating your own effects, unlike most such applications.


  • Fewer transitions, filters and other effects than other apps.
  • Annoying users by reporting pro effects when saving videos.


KineMaster is an easy-to-use application for creating unique animated videos. Its intuitive interface lets you quickly import and perform basic editing functions. That’s not all, it packs a lot of powerful features.

KineMaster lets you add and control overs-voices, video layers, reverse videos, special effects, and more to create amazing videos. It also makes use of chroma key compositing – a feature used to compose two images or videos based on color hue, which is not present in all the apps mentioned above.


  • Supports handling of multiple layers in video, like no other.
  • Supports voice-over, voice changer, sound effects, and more.


  • Add watermark to video; released at the time of subscription.
  • Some advanced assets and tools require a subscription.


PowerDirector offers powerful video editing tools to create high definition videos with chroma key compositing. It features key editing functions in the timeline interface – rotate, split, crop, and various other tools. Oddly enough, it features multi-track timeline video editing, unlike most of the apps on this list.

It uses inbuilt video stabilizer to help you create smooth, stutter-free videos, i.e., you can fix shaky videos using this app. PowerDirector also provides a slow motion editor for creating slow-mo videos with various effects.


  • Supports slow motion video creation using effects.
  • Supports background editing, like KineMaster.


  • Support for Full HD and 4K video requires a subscription.
  • Displays ads and watermark in free version.
Download PowerDirector: Android only.


Quik – from the team behind GoPro – helps you quickly generate videos from your photos or video clips. It searches for memorable moments in your photos and videos and creates videos using them. Then, you can perform all the basic editing functions including adjusting filters and color effects.

What’s unique? Quik offers to allow you to customize everything before exporting the video. You can crop it smartly, add a GPS sticker, speed it up or over it, choose a format or resolution, and do a lot more. However, it’s not as powerful as Premiere Rush or PowerDirector, but it does work well for creating videos.


  • Auto-editing feature for multiple options for creating videos.
  • Supports GoPro Fusion when exported in OverCapture mode.


  • There is no support for 4K video, unlike some of the apps on this list.
  • Unfortunately, some users reported a lot of bugs in the app!


VivaVideo helps create short clips for social media sites – YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. It features all the essential functions including trimming, trimming, merging, or doing more with videos, just like Quik and KineMaster.

VivaVideo lets you load or import multiple clips and combine them. You can create memes and movies with transition effects using this app. Plus, it can help create music and photos or stitch videos. Lastly, the editor boasts of a huge library of 200+ filters along with support for fast/slow videos.


  • Supports exporting videos in Full HD and 4K sizes.
  • Features slow motion video maker and slideshow maker.


  • Added watermark and limited duration in free version.
  • Some users reported a bug when the app freezes.


ALIVE is a short video editing app that helps capture, distribute, and highlight moments, just like Quik and ActionDirector. With ALIVE, you can do the basics – cut or cut, paste or rearrange content, and adjust design filters.

Like PowerDirector and Premiere Rush, it offers powerful timeline editing. Its built-in functionality – filters, stickers and video effects – allows you to be creative in your videos. This app allows you to produce fun videos and interact socially with other creators for creative inspiration.


  • Timing editing features, unlike most of its competitors.


  • Add watermark to your videos in free version.
  • Limit the video duration to just 30 seconds.


Magisto is a handy app for creating short to medium videos. An artificial intelligence engine empowers apps to automatically create videos for you, such as FilmoraGo and Quik. It can select the best moments from your phone storage and create videos by combining effects and filters with some music.

You just need to choose your editing style, choose photos and videos, then choose the music for your video. And Magisto will take care of the rest, just like Quik. It also has a video stabilizer, like PowerDirector, allowing you to create smooth videos.


  • Export 2.5 minute videos in HD or Full HD quality.
  • Automatic conversion of your moments and videos to memory.


  • Limits free editing features including video length.