10 Best Tools For Writers To Create Interesting Content

By | December 19, 2021

Want to write content that appeals to readers and keeps them engaged? Check out this helpful tool!

Today, writing is more than just composing. This also includes creating user-friendly and captivating content. The right type of content will get better visibility on the Internet.

In this article, we’ll highlight popular tools used by writers around the world that can make your content more engaging.

Even a professional writer makes grammatical and spelling mistakes during the first draft. Writing tools like Grammarly save you time by finding errors and suggesting correct ones.

This tool offers help in four different versions of English—English, American, Canadian, and Australian. It also helps you improve your writing by removing frequent mistakes. It also allows you to customize your content according to your target audience, platform and tone.

Creating compelling content means avoiding mistakes. With millions of content available online, your content needs to be informative and skimmable to keep readers hooked on it. Hemingway Editor helps you create short, clear content so people can read it easily. This fantastic resource is very useful for making your content easy for everyone to read.

Hemingway Editor analyzes the writing and marks sentences that are difficult for readers to read. The web version of this app is free to use for commercial or personal purposes. However, if you prefer desktop apps to web-based apps, you can purchase the paid version.

Creative writers sometimes tend to underestimate the importance of the legibility of their content. But as a writer, it would be better if you know the added value of readability to your content.

This tool lets you test the reading level of your content based on several popular readability formulas. It also shows you paragraph legibility, so if you need to make your content easier to read, you know where to start.

If you are a technical content writer, a good thesaurus should be your best friend. Especially when writing long content, you need to use a lot of synonyms and related terms. That way, you can keep your readers interested without making your content sound boring.

Power Thesaurus helps you find a long list of synonyms for any word, with one or two meanings for each synonym. This way, you can choose a synonym that fits your context. This comprehensive online thesaurus makes your writing rich and engaging for readers.

You may want to write about a topic with multiple subtopics. However, entering each subtopic will lead you to write a 5000 word post that readers don’t want to read.

Answer the Public is an online tool that lets you find out what people are searching for on your chosen topic. Enter any topic, and the tool will find questions people have asked about that topic. Information is presented in plain text or as a visual.

Choosing the right topic for your writing will help you create content that will attract more readers. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that lets you check all trending phrases and topics. While it’s intended to help advertisers, this tool is no less useful for content writers.

You can find out the monthly search volume of the topics you choose to write about. You can also modify your search further by changing the country or region to find trending local topics. This tool has a forecast feature that you can use to find out what could be the upcoming trending topics and prepare for them in advance.

Regular online searches can return a lot of dubious and false information. Using that information to support your content will only damage your credibility as a writer. Instead, you can use Google Scholar to find verified and authentic information on any topic.

It allows you to find research papers, citations, patents, and legal documents on your chosen topic. You can sort search results by relevance or date to quickly get the results you want.

Once you have finished writing after thorough research, it is important to properly cite the resource. In the content writing business, you should follow the style guide as your client suggests. However, when working on a personal blog, choose a writing style that is standard for the niche in which you are writing.

Citation Machine is an online tool that lets you cite your sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, and many other styles. It quickly formats your citations and saves you the risk of making mistakes when doing it manually.

When you post your content in simple text blocks, readers will not find it interesting. That’s why creative writers include featured images, infographics, and other interesting relevant illustrations in their blogs and articles. However, creating or acquiring such creative visuals on a free license can be a challenge.

Today, many writers hire graphic designers to source relevant and interesting images for their articles or blogs. However this practice increases your spending on content development and further reduces your profit from the project.

You can try Crello, a graphic design tool that anyone can use online for free. This tool offers a variety of editing features for images, illustrations, videos, animations, and audio. The best part is that most trending blog or article visuals are available as templates on Crello. You just need to edit it according to the brand you wrote about.

Stock images are also a great source of images that you can use in your writing. Pexels has millions of free stock images that you can use in your content.

The images available are completely free and come in a wide selection of sizes, including high-quality ones. Most of these images don’t require any attribution, which makes your job easier.

Creating Interesting Content

Using the above free tools, you can easily create engaging and engaging content. Using these tools helps you project yourself or your freelance gig as a professional and trustworthy brand. Deliver quality content without missing client deadlines with this tool.