10 Best Mobile Apps To Easily Create Typography

By | March 1, 2022

Stringing words together in beautiful fonts was fun to do, and now it’s super easy to do it on your mobile device. There are tons of web typography tools and libraries that you can use for the same purpose but when it’s an app, which you can use anytime before you share on your social networks, come on, who doesn’t love that? for more you should first see our article about The Most Important Typographic Rules so that your good design is not damaged by Typography itself.

Here’s a mobile app that you can use to apply, edit and create cool typography on your photos or as images to share quickly and easily. The app is mostly available on iOS and Android, and is free unless otherwise specified. Know of any other apps that fit on this list? Tell us in the comments.


Typorama automatically generates text layouts in 35 typographic styles from hundreds of available fonts. Choose a background, type a few words, set your text and your typography is ready.

Play with 3D distortion, shadows, gradients, filters, and add ribbons, badges or ornaments to enrich your designs. You can then use the results to post on your Facebook, save as wallpaper, create flyers, and more. [Unduh Typorama: iOS]


PicLab is a photo editor with the ability to add beautiful typography and artwork. You can apply effects, filters, light FX, textures, borders, patterns and stickers on your photos and let your creativity shine with the best collection of fonts.

Rotate, resize, set opacity, add multiple text layers or add a drop shadow to your font. If you don’t like their watermark on your design, just pay $1 to have it removed. [Unduh PicLab: iOS | Android | Windows Phone]

Candy Fonts

Font Candy allows you to cover your photos with text or by adding text to your images with amazing handpicked fonts. You can choose artwork or use preset greetings to add to your photos, in style typography of course.

If you don’t have matching photos on your camera roll, there’s a built-in search feature to take pictures from Pixabay. [Unduh Font Candy: iOS]


Over allows everyone to get creative with over 800 illustrations and 300 fonts to give you amazing combinations. Create greeting cards, inspirational quotes, market your wares or imagine a light bulb you think happens to be, quickly and easily with Over

The app also pulls images from Unsplash and Pixabay via addons, and makes them easy to share on your favorite social networks [Unduh Over: iOS ($ 3,99)]


With Quick you can add text to your photos in an instant. Select a photo from your album, then add some text. As you scroll through the various fonts provided by the app, you get a quick view of how the type looks on your photos.

This makes choosing the right font so much easier. Customize the size, and color of your text and voa, which you read to share. [Unduh Quick: iOS ]


If you are tired of posting plain text on your social networks, Notegraphy can help you beautify your words with more than 40 templates and 120 different variations. You can share the results on popular social networks, or create a gallery first before sharing. Follow interesting users for inspiration.


Like many of the typography tools you can find on the web, WordSwag automatically designs the words you put on your photos. Wordswag basically puts some swag into your quote or caption, and if you don’t like what you see, just pick any alternative from the other 30 options. Then, save your design or share it with friends. [Unduh WordSwag : iOS ($ 4,99) dan Android ($ 4,99)]


Phonto is a simple app to add text to your images. There are more than 200 fonts available and you can add your own fonts too. Add text, then tap to modify the size, color, font face, letter spacing, line spacing, shadow and more. [Unduh Phonto : iOS dan Android]


Fontspiration lets you create custom typography with animation. There are over a hundred fonts available and plenty of inspiration to draw from via their feed featuring typographic art from designers around the world. What you create can be saved as an image, GIF, video or directly shared to Instagram. [Unduh Fontspiration : iOS]


Ampergram leverages Instagram photos to create cool typography. It works by browsing photos by mail on Instagram. These photos are marked with an #ampergram followed by the letter indicated (e.g. #A or #b). The images are then sent to you when you set a word through Ampergram. The result is a beautiful typographic composition created by Instagram mail photos.