10 Best Games Played In Short Time

By | April 30, 2022

You might like epic games you can dig into, but life can get in the way. When things are busy, what you need is a digestible game that you can easily play.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of PC games that don’t take long to complete or are perfect to play for five minutes at a time. Active games!


If something beautiful is what you want, Abzu is the perfect choice. It’s a meditative underwater adventure that puts you in control of a diver, swimming among the hidden wonders of the ocean, and it’s one of the most fun games you can play.

There are multiple destinations, but they are relatively loose, and you can soak up the atmosphere while exploring the coral reefs and ancient ruins. Discover the variety of aquatic life and let the enchanting soundtrack draw you in. Abzu a total of several hours; You may find that you finish it in one sitting, emerging from its moving and stunning grip.

Lara Croft GO / Hitman GO

Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO are turn-based strategy games based around the two respective franchises. You have to engage your brain while defeating enemies and overcoming obstacles to reach the end of each level. They increase in difficulty as you progress, but make for perfect bite-sized play.

In Lara Croft GO, become Lara Croft as you explore lush forests and ancient tombs, using spears and guns to slay deadly animals. In Hitman GO, become Agent 47 in a stunning diorama-style world, sneak through halls and stealthily kill enemies. Each game offers a number of challenges and bonuses, helping them offer around six hours of gameplay each.


Take control of Henry, a man who has escaped his normal life to become a fire keeper in Wyoming. In this first person adventure, you need to keep your eyes out of smoking to keep everyone safe. Your only human contact is a woman named Delilah, accessible via walkie-talkie. But something is pulling you out of your watchtower, sending you deep into unknown and mysterious territory.

If you like engaging stories, driven by well-done dialogue, you can’t go wrong with Firewatch. While playing, you have to make choices. The decisions you make and how you respond to Delilah will shape the narrative. To make things even better, it’s all set against stunning and colorful environments that are fun to explore.

Rocket League

Rocket League is described as football with cars. Although, much more than that. It’s a fast-paced and exciting game that you can play online or with friends locally. Send your car racing across the track and flying through the air as everyone scrambles to slap a giant ball into the net.

Even though each match lasts only about five minutes, be careful that you don’t get attracted. The fun is addictive. Plus, there’s a hockey and basketball-inspired bonus mode, along with a number of cosmetic items to unlock. Rocket League is always being updated too, with new modes, arenas and cars, ensuring it will stay fresh for a long time. You can even get mods to improve Rocket League.

The Darkside Detective

The Darkside Detective is a classic-style adventure game with fun pixel art. Francis McQueen is an investigator in the police department who looks into demons, cults, and all things spooky. But this is not a scary game. In fact, he has a funny wit, and you’ll enjoy solving nine mess cases as you point and click your way to a solution.

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It’s designed to be light and airy and you can easily explore any of the cases in one sitting. While cases have elements that connect them, they can be enjoyed separately, meaning it doesn’t matter if it’s months before you get the chance to play again.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Despite the difficult title, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a truly fantastic game. You simultaneously transport two boys in a fairy tale world, guiding them through land, air and water as they desperately try to heal their dying father.

The scale is epic and the puzzles inventive, but this one is more about journey and emotions that are sure to move you. It’s not a difficult game, nor is it a lengthy one, but it makes it perfect for popping and sinking in this brilliant fantasy adventure.

A Way Out

A Way Out is a unique experience. It can only be played with other people, either locally or online, even if only one of you will need to buy the game. A Way Out follows Leo and Vincent, two prisoners on the run and on the run from the authorities. You choose to be the person you want to be and you and your partner must work together to advance through situations such as climbing an elevator shaft, dodging a police car, or smuggling something past security guards.

Sometimes the game will separate you, other times you will both be on the screen at the same time, but it works very smoothly. While the story is a little cliché at times, it’s tense, and you’ll find it an entertaining bonding experience. Clocking in at six hours in total, separated into chapters, it’s a great game to play when you and your friends are both free.

Two Point Hospital

If you’ve played Theme Hospital in those days, Two Point Hospital is the spiritual successor to it. In fact, many of the same people worked on both games. This simulation puts you in charge of building and managing your own hospital. That means creating clinics, researching treatments, decorating, keeping staff morale high, and more.

There’s a lot to dive into, but surprisingly easy to pick up and play. It helps that the campaign mode is divided into several levels, each with their own purpose. Also, don’t worry if the hospital game idea sounds clinical and depressing. Two Point Hospital is all about humor, as demonstrated by ailments such as turning into a mime or having a light bulb for the head.

Aviary Attorney

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to play a bird lawyer in 1840s France. Okay, maybe you haven’t, but thanks to Aviary Lawyers you really should. You play as lawyer Monsieur Jayjay Falcon, a literal bird, as he takes cases, investigates Paris crime scenes, and interviews witnesses. Together with your trusted apprentice, Sparrowson, you then take everything you’ve learned and fight it in court.

The artwork is drawn from 19th-century caricaturist JJ Grandville, and complements the comedic sophistication of a witty, biting script. The game is divided into four chapters, spanning several in-game days. That way, you can go in and out at a leisurely pace before preparing to take a stand.

Portal / Portal 2

When Valve released Portal in 2007, it took the world by storm thanks to its unique gameplay and clever writing. Set inside the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratory, you wield a gun that creates a portal. You need to use this to solve puzzles in the environment, move objects and yourself to reach the end. All the time you are being watched by ubiquitous robots with questionable morals

Valve followed that up four years later with a sequel, which expanded the scope and mechanics of the gameplay. It also includes a co-op story mode for online and local fun. Portal and Portal 2 are pure genius, as highlighted by the endless awards they’ve won.

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