10 Best Apps To Make Free Group Conference Calls

By | March 3, 2022

You probably know that there is no shortage of apps for making one-on-one video calls. But those looking for a conference calling app for video chats between multiple people also have plenty of options.

No one wants to worry about complicated services or paying money to join group calls. So next time you need to video chat with multiple people, check out these conference calling apps.

Whereby (formerly Appear.in) offers simple video conferencing for small gatherings. While it’s not as easy as it used to be, it’s still a quick tool for ad-hoc meetings.

First, you have to visit the site and register for an account. Once done, you can create a chat room with the URL of your choice. Just send the info to your friends via text, email or any other means and they can join you right away (without signing up themselves). There is no software to download and any modern browser will work fine, making this a no registration video call for the participants.

The free service allows up to four people in one room. You can “lock” the room if you’re the owner, which requires guests to “knock” when they visit the info. This lets you see who is trying to join and deny them if you want. Where also includes screen sharing and text chat features.

While other tools offer more functionality, Whereby is a solid choice for quick and simple meetings with no setup. It’s perfect for chatting with non-tech savvy people. You can subscribe to upgrade to the Pro plan, but that’s not necessary for most people.

While Google Hangouts is a good conferencing video calling app, we chose to highlight Duo here because it’s newer, sleeker, and a little easier to use. You just need to provide your phone number to start using it, instead of signing up for an entire Google account.

Google Duo is a very simple group calling app for chatting with up to eight people. It works via apps for Android or iOS, as well as Duo’s Web interface. This makes it very suitable if you want to start a group call of people on a different platform.

If you need power meeting features, it’s best to look elsewhere. But Duo makes video calling simple, which means it’s worth keeping.

Looking for a site like Gruveo that offers more features? True to its name, FreeConference offers powerful video conferencing calls at no cost. You’ll find more business-oriented features on this service than others, such as dial-in numbers for audio participants.

FreeConference lets you schedule meetings and send reminders automatically, but you can also start meetings instantly if you don’t need advance notice. Call screen sharing features as well as moderator controls to easily mute noisy callers. You can track your meetings with the mobile calling app.

The free plan is limited to 1,000 audio callers (with free international dial-in) and five users in online meetings. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to increase those numbers and add features like call recording, but you don’t need to use it for personal use.

Download: FreeConference.com for Android | iOS (Free)

One of the most popular messengers in the world also works as a free group video conferencing app. While its video calls only support four participants, WhatsApp’s ubiquity means you probably know a lot of people using it. There’s a point in being able to make calls without having to install a new app or sign up for anything.

Just start a video call with one contact, then you can bring additional people into the call. This feature only works on the mobile app, as WhatsApp Web does not support calls. Check out our guide to WhatsApp tips and tricks for more information.

There is no list of free conference calling apps that can be completed without Skype, if for no other reason many people you know are probably already using it. Using the mobile app for Android or iOS, the desktop app on Windows or Mac, or through the app Skype website, this service lets you connect with your friends for easy video calls. Screen sharing is also supported.

A maximum of 50 people can join the group chat. Note that Skype fair use policy states that a group video call can last only four hours. You should have no problem calling a few friends, as long as each has a strong internet connection.

If you need a more business-focused solution, Skype for Business Basic offers more. It covers the basics of the Skype for Business platform, such as Free/Busy status and meeting support. However, for most people, regular Skype should suffice.

Download: Skype for Business for Android | iOS (Free)

FaceTime was a one-on-one calling app until the release of iOS 12. Now you can use it to make group video calls with up to 32 people. Combined with the fact that FaceTime is pre-installed on all Apple devices, this makes it the best conference calling app for Apple users.

Of course, this is only a good choice if you’re looking to call a bunch of Apple fans. FaceTime isn’t available for Android or Windows, so anyone who doesn’t have an Apple device will be out of luck.

Download: FaceTime for iOS (Free)

Despite its close name, this tool is different from FreeConference (mentioned earlier). FreeConferenceCall boasts the largest number of attendees by far, with support for a staggering 1,000 people. Screen sharing is becoming standard, and the service offers several integrations and additional features to extend your experience as well.

FreeConferenceCall is one of the most professional video calling tools you’ll find for free. Features often reserved for paid users, such as annotations, switching presenter call center, screen recording, and even radio streaming, all come at no cost.

You’ll probably never have 1,000 people on a call, but this tool is totally worth a try if you’re serious about your meetings.

Download: FreeConferenceCall for Android | iOS (Free)

Did you know that the popular conference calling app GoToMeeting offers a free plan? It’s not as powerful as the paid offerings, but worth it if you get used to the service.

The free plan for GoToMeeting allows you to have a 40-minute meeting with up to three participants (not including you). It includes the features you’d expect, such as chat, screen sharing, and mobile support.

Its limitations might make it unusable for you, but it’s worth a try if you run into people who are expecting a popular group calling platform.

While Whereby has added a few extra steps and limitations early on, Talky still lives up to its promise of free video conferencing without signing up. Just enter the room name on the homepage, review your audio/video settings, and you’re good to go.

Once in a room, you can change your name, share your screen, use text chat, and invite people with a info. You can also lock your room with a password to keep out unwanted guests. And as a small bonus, while waiting for people to arrive, you can play a basic version of the classic Lunar Lander game.

Give Talky a try when you need to have a video conference with no one logging in. The app recommends a maximum of six people for best performance.

While it may not reach the level of Gruveo’s alternatives, Jitsi Meet offers a lot of value for a free video calling app. Like Talky, you just need to enter the name of the chat room and allow it to use your webcam and microphone. No account or detailed settings required.

Once signed in, you have access to handy features like raising your hand, live streaming, and recording. You can also take advantage of keyboard shortcuts and even integration with Slack and Google Calendar. This service has no stated user restrictions, making it perfect for semi-professional video meetings.

Best Group Video Calling App: No Need To Pay

These tools offer different feature sets for different user needs. If you just want to make a quick family call, it doesn’t get much easier than Talky. Skype is great because almost everyone uses it, while FreeConferenceCall and FreeConference bring business-level features to private calls for free.