10 Best Android Apps To Manage To-Do List

By | March 31, 2022

Most people juggle a lot of information and responsibilities, and it’s nearly impossible to get by keeping everything in your head. Thus, you can benefit from using a to-do list.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of to-do list apps for Android on the Play Store. Here are some of the best.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant really stands out from other companies’ smart assistants in terms of quality. You can use it to automate your home, create shopping lists, and more.

From a to-do list point of view, you can add tasks to your various lists with simple Google Assistant voice commands. And if you set IFTT appletAs appropriate, you can even automatically email yourself a new to-do list at the end of each day.


Todoist isn’t big on visuals. The interface is flat, white, and mostly bare.

This app offers a free version as well as Todoist Premium ($3/month). In the free version, you have the ability to organize tasks into projects, create sub-tasks, leave notes, and change priority levels.

The pro version adds labels and filters, automatic backups and reminders, attachable files, iCal sync, and productivity tracking tools.

Download: Todoist (Free, subscription available)

Google Keep

Sticky notes are one of the most trusted to-do list management methods around. Google Keep digitizes this approach into PC- and mobile-friendly forms.

You can write reminders on a single note or create a basic list with checkable items. If you don’t want to forget a certain task, you can tell Keep to notify you at a time of your choice.

Zenkit To Do

Zenkit To Do is a simple and efficient task and to-do list management app. Some of the standout features include folder support for list organization, the ability to mention other users, cross-device synchronization, and 2FA login.

The app will also appeal to anyone looking for a Wunderlist alternative; the once popular app finally closed for good in May 2020 after the 2015 purchase of Microsoft. You can move all your Wunderlist data to Zenkit To Do thanks to this special import tool.

And remember, Zenkit offers a range of recommended productivity apps, including Kanban boards and Gantt charts. Tasks you create in the app will be synced across all products.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft bought Wunderlist so it could integrate many of Wunderlist’s features into its to-do plan, Microsoft To Do.

Today, Microsoft To Do is three years old and better than ever. It’s the perfect Android to-do list app for anyone who uses Windows exclusively, thanks to its tight integration with the operating system and other Microsoft productivity apps.

Of course, many Wunderlist users argue that some of the best features of the old app are still missing. However, to Microsoft’s credit, the app is under active development, with new features rolling out almost every month.


TickTick is a newcomer, but has quickly become one of the to-do list apps for Android.

One of its standout features is the availability of smart lists. It can pull tasks from all your projects based on the parameters you choose. Other key features include separate notes and comments sections, support for attachments, calendar view, and recurring reminders.

The $28 per year pro plan introduces revision history, sub-task reminders, and calendar integration.

Download: TickTick (Free, subscription available)

Remember The Milk

Unlike TickTick, Remember The Milk is the oldest app on this list. All the features you’d expect such as labels and folder-based hierarchies are present. But it’s the app’s newest feature that allows it to compete with services like Todoist.

For example, there is integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote and more. You can also dig into the page Official IFTTT Remember The Milk to find applets that info Remember the Milk to other services.

The $40 per year pro version will get you colored tags, advanced sorting, file attachments, and new themes.

Google Tasks

Google got the second entry on the list thanks to Google Tasks. It offers a more traditional to-do list interface than Keep’s sticky notes approach. Think of it as Google’s answer to Microsoft To Do.

You get due dates, checklists, reminders, subtasks, and drag-and-drop task priorities. Google Tasks also integrates with the rest of the Google app universe. For example, you can use an app to create a task directly from an email or have your task appear as a reminder in Google Calendar.


Any.do has been one of the best to-do list apps for Android for years. It offers all the standard features of reminders, cross-device sync, and deadlines but the integrated calendar is where the app really shines.

Its inclusion means you only need one app to sync your to-dos and tasks. You can pull calendar data from Google, Slack, Salesforce, Alexa, and others.

Any.do also supports voice notes, location-based alerts, notes and file attachments, and even a family organizer.

Download: Any.do (Free, subscription available)


There is no “right way” to organize your to-do list; You have to do whatever works for you. If you find that regular task management apps aren’t for you, you can try a completely different approach to your note-taking and task management workflows.

The leading digital version of the Kanban method is Trello, which is available on Android.

Download: Trello (Free, subscription available)

Lots of To-Do Lists

Many other applications are worthy of honorable mention. For example, some people like all-in-one note-taking apps like OneNote and Evernote; others prefer the simplicity of a simple text file that you sync to your device via a service like Google Drive.