10 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

By | March 28, 2022

Here are all the coolest Apple Watch tips and tricks to get the most out of the device you’re wearing.

Apple Watch introduces a fundamentally new way to interact with smartwatches. This means there are lots of new tricks to learn, of course.

While you may have come across some of these Apple Watch tips yourself, others might be completely new to you. So take a look at these cool Apple Watch features and hopefully you’ll find something you want to try.

Set Photo As Watch Face

For a great way to personalize your Apple Watch face, why not use a photo from your library? It only takes a minute for an image of your favorite pet, child or vacation spot to appear on your Watch.

Here’s how:

  • Launch the app Photos on your iPhone.
  • Open the specific image you want to set.
  • Tap the icon Share and select Create Watch Face.
  • choose Photos Watch Face. If you feel luxurious, give it a try Kaleidoscope Watch Face As a replacement.

Your watch should now rock a custom image on its face.

If you don’t see the changes taking effect, you’ll need to manually update your watch face. Swipe right until you find the face of your custom photo.

Save Music Locally to Apple Watch

Listening to music while you go to the gym or out for a run can be fun. But having to carry around your iPhone during such intense activities is not convenient.

Luckily, you can sync music from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Music is stored locally on your Watch, so you can leave your iPhone behind.

Here’s how to sync music:

  • Launch the app Watch on your iPhone.
  • choose Music.
  • Tap Add Music and select the playlist you want to sync.

Note that syncing starts only when you place the Watch on its charger. Wireless transfers take time, so be patient while the sync is complete.

When you’re done, you can play music locally on your Apple Watch by opening the Music app. Just insert your AirPods or Another great AirPods alternative.

Use Apple Watch To Find Your Misplaced iPhone

Just swipe up on your Apple Watch to open Control Center, then tap the . icon ping. Your iPhone should make a loud noise to help you find it. You can also long press the ping icon and your iPhone’s LED will flash briefly to help you find it in the dark.

Note that you need to long press the ping icon, not the Force Touch. This trick also works when your iPhone is in silent mode.

Get the Water Out of Apple Watch After Swimming

Apple Watch Series 2 and later have a water resistance rating of 50 meters, which means you can wear them while swimming. However, water may enter the speaker or microphone port, causing temporary damping or an inaccurate barometer height measurement.

Fortunately, newer versions of the watch come with features Water Lock which locks your screen automatically when you start swimming. Once done, unlock the screen by turning the Digital Crown. The screen will unlock and your watch will force water out of the speaker.

You can also remove the water manually. To do so, swipe up to access Control Center on your Apple Watch. Tap the icon water droplets to start the process.

Take Photos With Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch doesn’t come with a dedicated camera, but it can function as a remote for your iPhone’s camera. This remote capture feature is especially useful if your iPhone is mounted on a remote tripod. It can also be helpful if you want to take large group selfies and make sure everyone fits into the frame.

Open the app Camera on your Apple Watch and Camera will automatically open on your iPhone. If not, just open it manually.

Position iPhone and frame for the perfect shot. From there, tap the button shutter on your Watch to take pictures remotely. To give yourself time to prepare for the shot, you can tap to set a timer that will count down from three seconds.

You can see the image in the app Photos on your iPhone.

Set Your Apple Watch A Few Minutes Ahead

If you’re using an old-school trick to time your watch a few minutes early so you’re not late, Apple Watch has you covered.

Here’s how to quickly set up your Watch:

  • Open the app Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Here, you can choose to set the time up to 59 minutes ahead by turning the Digital Crown.
  • Tap Set when you’re done.

Note that events and reminders will still notify you in real time, rather than this “fast time”.

Get Time Without Looking

While you can obviously look at your Apple Watch to tell the time, there are some handy features to tell you the time without looking.

Hear Sound On The Clock

You can set your Watch to have birds chirping or bells ringing every hour:

  • open Settings and select clock.
  • Turn on the switch for Chimes.
  • Tap Sound and select Birds or Bells.

Feel the Time on the Hour

If you like getting beats on your wrist that your Apple Watch can give you, you can also receive beats for those times:

  • open Settings and select clock.
  • Tap Taptic Time.
  • Turn on the switch for Taptic Time then choose a style from Digits, Terse, or Morse Code.

Listen Any Time

Maybe you use a watch face like a flower or a butterfly, where seeing the exact time is not an option. If you want to set the time to one minute, you can have your Apple Watch announce it:

  • open Settings and select clock.
  • Turn on the switch for Speak Time.
  • You can choose from Control With Silent Mode or Always Speak.

To hear the time announced aloud, simply hold down two fingers on the front of your Watch.

Use Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch

You may want to charge your Apple Watch instead of wearing it while you sleep at night. And if you do, the wearable can double as an alarm clock in Nightstand Mode. To use it:

  • open Settings and select Nightstand Mode.
  • Turn on the switch for Nightstand Mode to turn it on.

Now when you charge your Watch, it will not only show the battery status, but also the time and date. Also, once you have set an alarm, you will see the time it was set as well.

If you place your Watch on its side, you can use the Digital Crown as a snooze button and a side button to turn off your alarm when you wake up.

Close To Silence Your Watch

This may be the simplest trick on the list, but many are not aware of the Cover to Mute feature.

If you’re sitting in a meeting or classroom and your Watch starts warning you with a loud noise, you can simply cover your face with your palms for three seconds to turn it off. To make sure it’s enabled:

  • open Settings and select Sounds & Haptics.
  • Turn on the switch for Cover to Mute to turn it on.

The next time you forget to mute your Watch and it sends a loud notification at the inopportune time, just cover it with the palm of your hand and you’ll receive a tap to confirm that you’ve silenced it.

Clear All Notifications With One Tap

Here’s another simple but incredibly useful Apple Watch tip: did you know you can quickly clear all your notifications at once?

If you see a small red dot at the top of your watch face, you know you have at least one notification. And once you see it, the red dot disappears, but the notifications don’t.

To clear all your alerts in one fell swoop, open your notifications, use Force Touch on the screen, and tap clear all.

More Tricks To Improve Your Apple Watch Game

Hopefully, you’ve learned some new Apple Watch tips and tricks that weren’t self-explanatory. There’s definitely a lot to unpack in this handy little device.