10 Apple Music Features to Use on Your iPhone

By | April 15, 2022

Apple Music is the best music streaming service for iPhone. It offers a robust music collection, and you can use it with Siri, as well as connected devices like the HomePod. But there’s a lot more to Apple Music than just curated playlists and an integrated ecosystem.

Apple Music has a variety of features to make streaming music easier and faster. However, you may not have taken advantage of it for various reasons. With this in mind, check out our list of Apple Music features to use on your iPhone.

Auto Download

The process of downloading a song or album in Apple Music is simple. First, tap on the Add button and wait for it to be added to your Library. Then, when the Add button changes to a Download button, tap it to start the download.

There is a way to make this process one tap shorter. If you turn on Automatic Downloads, anything you add to your Library will be downloaded to your iOS device instantly. This is especially useful if you’re just starting to build a collection on Apple Music.

To enable this feature, open the Settings app and go to the Music section. Then tap the switch next to Automatic Downloads. You must enable iCloud Music Library to use this feature. Now, you don’t have to worry about whether your favorite album is downloaded locally or not.

Subscribe to Apple Curated Playlists

While it’s no match for Spotify’s brilliant discovery engine, Apple Music’s curated playlists are definitely worth a try. The best thing about Apple’s playlists is the editorial curation. When you search for a genre or artist, you’re bound to come across a playlist called “Essentials”. This is the best place to start discovering new artists. The playlist will show all the most famous and popular tracks from the artist. When you want to get to know the artist better, select the “Deep Cuts” playlist.

Apple also has playlists curated to find eras of specific genres. For example, you’ll find playlists just for 90s indie hits and beyond. Go to Explore > Playlists and start browsing.

Save and Edit Apple Curated Playlists

As we talked above, Apple’s playlists are a great starting point. Be it about top songs from genres or from artists. But the problem is that all Apple curated playlists are dynamic. When you add a playlist to your library, you don’t actually add all the songs, you just bookmark the playlist in your library.

When the playlist is updated, and the editor removes the song, it will also disappear from your library. This can be frustrating.

To keep Apple’s curated playlists, you’ll need to add songs to your own playlists. Open an Apple playlist, tap the Menu button and select Add to Playlist. You can create new playlists or add to existing ones.

Limit Downloads to Optimize Storage

Enabling Automatic Downloads means you’ll be charging your iPhone pretty quickly. This is where the Apple Optimize Storage feature comes in. From Settings > Tap on music on Optimize Storage.

From here, you can ask Apple to only store a few gigabytes of songs on the device. You can choose from 4GB, 8GB, 32GB and so on. Apple Music will store at least that number of songs in your storage. More if you have the space. But if your iPhone runs out of storage space, it will automatically start deleting old songs that you haven’t played in a while.

Jump to Album or Artist from Now Playing

In iOS 12, you now have the option to jump directly to an album or artist from the Now Playing view. Tap on the Red text that reads artist and album and you will see a new menu. From here you can tap Go to Artist or Go to Album.

Find the Shuffle Button and Repeat

Since redesigning iOS 10, Apple has moved a lot of furniture. Which means Shuffle and Repeat are now hidden from view.

When you go to the Now Playing screen, you won’t find the familiar button at the bottom of the screen. You have to swipe up to reveal it (and of course, Apple doesn’t make this clear).

Read Lyrics for Songs

You don’t need a third party app to read song lyrics anymore. When you’re on the Now Playing screen, swipe up, and you’ll see the Lyrics section. If it’s not expanded, tap the Show button. The only downside? It’s just text. If you’re looking for lyrics that sync with your song, you should use a service like Musixmatch.

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Stream Music Using Your Mobile Data

The first time you try to stream music from Apple Music without a Wi-Fi connection, it won’t work. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a popup asking you to connect to Wi-Fi.

To stream music using your cellular data plan, go to Settings > Music > Cellular Data. If you want, you can opt for the High Quality Streaming feature as well.

Customize Library Screen

The Library screen is where most of your Apple Music interactions begin. By default, you will see the option to open Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, and Downloaded Music. You might want to save some space here and turn off one of these shortcuts.

Tap the Edit button and you can disable shortcuts or rearrange them using the handle icon on the right. You can also enable shortcuts like Genres and Music Videos.

Use Apple Music Shortcuts

Apple’s own Shortcuts app brings user-defined automation to the iPhone. Using the Shortcuts app, you can create a list of actions that start when you tap a shortcut from a widget, or when you say a phrase to Siri.

You can use Shortcuts to automate everyday tasks, including interacting with the Music app. The Shortcuts app displays various Music related actions and shortcuts. We’ll talk about the two most common shortcuts below.

Play Playlist from Shortcut Widget

You may play the same playlist or album over and over again. You can simply use Siri to start playback, but one of the fastest ways to do this is by using the Shortcuts widget from the Lock screen.

  • Open the Shortcuts app and go to the Gallery section.
  • Look for the Play Playlist shortcut and tap Get Shortcut.
  • On the next screen, tap Select and select a playlist.
  • Now go to the Library and tap on the Menu button for the shortcut you just created. Here, tap on the Settings button. Change the name and icon if you want. By default, the shortcut will appear in your widget.

Add a Shortcuts widget and, from the Lock screen, swipe right to reveal it. Tap on the shortcut and the playlist will start playing instantly.

Add Songs to Playlist from Shortcut Widget

How often has this happened to you? You’re listening to an Apple playlist or the radio and you find the perfect song to add to your driving or exercise playlist

Just download the Add to playlist shortcut and tap on it from the widget the next time you’re in this situation. You will be asked to select one of your playlists and the song will be added to the end of the playlist instantly.
Download: “Add to Playlist” Shortcut

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