10 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Manado That You Can’t Miss

By | May 12, 2022
Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park is a tourist attraction in Manado that makes this city known to the world. In 2005, UNESCO designated this marine park as a world heritage site. This is not surprising because the marine life that is here is extraordinarily rich. You can find various forms of coral reefs and fish with beautiful colors.

The underwater world here is a paradise for fans of diving, snorkeling and water photography. With 39 dive points available, of course you will feel at home diving here for a long time. If you can’t swim, you can still enjoy the beauty of this underwater tourist spot by using a specially designed submarine. The walls of the ship are transparent glass so you can see the incredible underwater scenery clearly.

You can come to dive at any time here, but the best time is between May – August. During this time, the water is clearer so visibility is better. In addition, the air temperature is also ideal for diving.

This tourist spot can be reached within 35 minutes by speed boat from Manado Harbor.

Sawangan Rafting
Diving less challenging for you? You should try Sawangan rafting. This river has a fairly swift current so for beginners, the role of a guide will be needed.

You will be invited to conquer the currents and rocks for approximately two hours. The length of the river path taken is 9 km. The journey will start at Resort River Park, Sawangan Village. While on the boat, you can enjoy the view of the lush trees on the river bank. If you are lucky, you can also see monkeys hanging from the trees.

To be able to enjoy this extreme sport, you need to spend 180,000 Rupiah.

Upper Kima Waterfall
Still related to water, this time another tourist spot in Manado that is worth a visit is Kima Atas Waterfall. As the name implies, this waterfall is located in Kima Atas Village, or about 15 km from downtown Manado.

There are many trees around the waterfall which makes the air in this tourist spot cool. This waterfall consists of three levels with a flow that is not too heavy so it is safe to swim in the water reservoir.

If you don’t want to play in the water, you can roll out a mat and sit back and relax while enjoying the culinary offerings on site. Still at this tourist spot, you can find an ATM machine so you don’t have to worry if you run out of cash.

Lake Tondano
Lake Tondano is a volcanic lake resulting from an ancient volcanic eruption. Like Lake Toba in North Sumatra, this tourist spot also has an island in the middle and is located in the highlands, which is 600 meters above sea level. The lake which has an area of ​​4,000 hectares is flanked by Mount Tampusu, Mount Kaweng, and Mount Masarang.

Here, you can see the activities of fishermen who catch fish using cages. If you want to take a closer look, please take a motorboat that can accommodate 10 people to get around the lake. Riding this motorboat, you are charged 50,000 Rupiah and have to wait until it is fully occupied by 10 passengers.

Satisfied walking around, you can enjoy culinary around the lake. Don’t forget to taste the processed betutu fish which is a typical fish in this lake. You can enjoy various processed freshwater fish in a row of stalls around this tourist spot.

Tandurusa Tourism Park
Tandurusa tourism park is located in Aertembaga District or about two hours drive from downtown Manado. In this tourist spot, you can find many typical Sulawesi animals ranging from babirusa, black monkeys, tarsiers and various types of birds.

The most interesting is of course the tarsier which has become an icon of North Sulawesi. This tarsier looks like a monkey but its body is no more than 15 cm. His arms and legs are longer than his body. One of his most striking features are his large round eyes and almost half the size of his face.

Love Hill
Apparently, the motto of society which says that all brothers are not mere words. This is evidenced by the existence of Bukit Kasih which is a symbol of religious harmony in Manado. Here, you can find houses of worship of the five official religions in Indonesia in one place.

Bukit Kasih is located in Kanonang Village or about 55 km from downtown Manado. Not far from the entrance, you will be greeted by a 22-meter-high monument called the Tolerance Monument. This monument is in the form of a pentagon with symbols of each religion on each side with quotes from the holy book.

Up to the top, there are five houses of worship, each of which is connected by winding steps. To be able to get around this tourist spot, you have to go up and down hundreds of stairs, so you should wear comfortable footwear.

In addition to the Tolerance Monument, there is a white cross tower with a height of 53 meters. This tower can even be seen from the boulevard area in downtown Manado.

North Sulawesi State Museum
The most practical way to get to know the culture of each region is to visit the museum. At the North Sulawesi State Museum, you can see the culture of the Minahasa tribe, which is the native tribe of this province.

Tourist attractions located on Jalan WR. Supratman has a variety of collections that describe the culture of the local community. You can find miniature traditional houses, traditional clothes, fishing tools, household utensils, to relics of local heroes. In total there are about 2,810 pieces of collection in this museum.

To be able to enter this tourist spot in Manado, you are only charged 1,000 Rupiah for adults and 250 Rupiah for children. The museum is open every day except Sundays and public holidays.

Boulevard . area
This boulevard area is located along Jalan Pierre Tendean. At first, this area was only a location for selling street vendors, until later the city government made it a landmark of the city of Manado.

In the afternoon, this tourist spot is crowded with residents to enjoy the sunset view. If you want to prove the beauty of the sunset here, it’s best to come before 5pm to get a bench to sit.

In the evening, this area becomes the culinary center in Manado. Not only Manado specialties are served here, but there are also many culinary delights from other regions of the archipelago. While enjoying the food, you can see the beauty of Manado Tua Island across the sea.

Tomohon Flower City
Slightly shifted from Manado, about 22 km there is the city of Tomohon which is known as the City of Flowers. Located at the foot of Mount Lokon, the land in Tomohon is very fertile and ideal for the cultivation of various types of flowers. Here, each house has a private garden filled with beautiful colorful flowers.

Between the months of June – August, there is usually an ornamental flower festival. You can see flower parades and various art performances along the city streets. If you are not satisfied with enjoying this city in one day, you don’t need to worry because there are many inns in Tomohon

Malalayang Beach
This beach is only 4 km from downtown Manado. This tourist spot also has an underwater natural beauty that is no less interesting. No need to worry if you forget to bring your diving equipment, here there is a diving equipment rental place.

The waves on this beach are relatively calm so you can play in the water on the black sand. In addition to diving and playing in the water, other interesting activities are enjoying the typical culinary of Malalayang Beach, namely fried bananas with dabu-dabu sauce. This tourist spot in Manado is known to have beautiful sunset views. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying this beautiful view with a plate of fried bananas plus Manadonese chili sauce.